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Really like the presentation and the bombcrew quotes. That intro scroll made me chuckle. Really like the presentation, tutorial wasn't bad too. As others have said, hiragana ones were a bit shitty, would have been good if they didn't punish you (I had 4 really fast). I like being able to tab between lanes but then I just got sad I couldn't shift-tab to go back a lane :/ Nice work though, I love Typing of the Dead style games.

I like the idea of a Giant Bomb themed beat em up, but I had some weird issues with getting hit by seemingly nothing a lot. Also a nice improvement would have been to give the projectiles some sort of visual clue. Good work though!

From the screenshots I wasn't expecting a physicsy game like this, so that was a nice surprise. Liked the way it played, even if the gameplay was simple and a bit short.

Lighting was nice, I liked the Xbox/Playstation screens facing off but as others have said it's lacking audio. Gameplay was simple but mostly worked, found it a little easy though. Zombies could have been more aggressive rather than walking on a fixed path, but I did get caught a few times.

I'm genuinely struggling to find some constructive feedback I can give this other than it's bloody excellent. The only things I can think of are: The controls disappear too quickly, I didn't realise I could switch weapon for ages and round round with no ammo; and that it's really hard to tell what you can walk through and what is solid.

Art is gorgeous, love the character designs. Love you can customise your look. Love the weapons (GAL GUN) and gameplay felt great, if a bit too easy. I got to Wave 11 and decided I probably was never going to die so had to give up I'm afraid haha. Really good work.

In Unity the axis for analogue triggers are different on 360 and Xbox One (although there is one they share) so I struggled to play this with an Xbox One controller :(

I really liked the visual effects though, they worked well. Rotating to adjust was confusing at first - I thought it was up and down to zoom in and out. Also it would have been nice if the button reference top left said what each setting you were on did.

Actual useful feedback: Liked the sound and look of it, fit the theme well. I don't think the gameplay is particularly invigorating (I genuinely have no idea how to do well still) but that's fine because I just liked choosing the options that made me laugh the most and seeing what happens.

I lost half my user base by making an anime. 10/10

I assume the visual style was a design choice, because apart from being super distracting it looked dope as shit. Found a bug where you can die after you win but I guess "Nobody Wins" means you get an extra point for Giant Bombedness.

Nice simple design well executed! Art is cute, music is great. Shame each character didn't have a unique ability to make it more exciting though.

The random events were really funny and I enjoyed that I could theme the different items and think "Yeah, this duder would want to buy that!"

That said, the car movement speed was really slow, and that caused the game to drag a bit. If you're doing a clicker the "auto-clicking" type stuff needs to get going faster cause spamming click in between stops gets tiring. Also, at the stops it would have been nice to be able to trade in lots of stuff for cash quicker.

Enjoyed it though!

The intro was fantastic, really liked the way it looked and sounded. I liked the feel of using the ice blocks to speed up a lot, definitely made it more challenging. However I think overall the game was a little too punishing, restarting completely is tough to cope with even in a short game! Maybe would have been better for each level to have a separate time limit, and then score the player as a sum of their time remaining on each level.

Also triple jump is a weird mechanic :P Maybe just have double jump but make it higher, or a jetpack-type mechanic with recharging fuel?

@LCom Thank you so much for the feedback, it made the team's day! Glad you got some enjoyment out of it!