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Thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely add more look ahead to the camera if I keep working on this.

Thanks for playing! I liked your take on the idea as well!

Glad you had fun! Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it! Balance is definitely something I would have worked on more with a bit more time. Thanks for your feedback!

Really glad you liked it, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

this is a spooky

Super cool, I like your interpretation of the theme. My one suggestion is to make the hitbox for the turret just a bit smaller to give the player one last second of frantic clicking before they lose. I found myself being surprised by how far away the zombies were able to hit me.

Super nice work well done!

Super impressive, it's incredible you were able to make all of that during two days. Well done!

Not sure if I missed something but the puzzle with all the light switches on those generator lights seemed a bit harsh that you had to restart the level if you messed up.

Really nice job, well done!!

Really cool! Nice job with the art and I love how the music changes as you get more dogs. I would be cool to have some sort of penalty for going off the path to add some challenge.

Super well done, congrats on a fun little game!

Super fun! Creative and well executed. I think it would be nice to have a little countdown for when the controls are going to change, and maybe some visuals or sound to make it really obvious when they do change. Some keys were also a little hard to read with the small font, I think they could be made huge.

Really well done!

Very cool, you came up with a very neat concept.

Really makes you feel like spiderman!

Well done!

Awesome idea, very well done! It might be nice to have some indicator of where the guy will walk after the red carpet, because I found it very hard to put things in the right spot from the top down perspective.

Great game, well done!

This is awesome! Great example of taking a simple concept and making it into a great game. 

My high score was 85

Well done!

A really interesting take on a stealth game! I really enjoyed playing this, there's a lot of really great puzzles in here and the mechanics are explored very well.

Nicely done!

Wow! This is super polished and I'm getting some awesome hollow knight vibes. I love that you were able to get a boss fight in and that he telegraphs his attacks with voice lines! Although the voice lines did get a little repetitive after a while. 

The main suggestion that I have is that the boss move where he spawns more enemies seems a little difficult, I found my success in the fight was more tied to how many times he used that move and not how well I was actually doing. 

Overall a fantastic game, well done!!

Super cool, I love your interpretation of the theme. It was really clever to have the different characters have different ways of being controlled.

My one suggestion is to have the enemies telegraph their attacks a bit more.

Nice art and very well done!

Very exciting to play, I enjoyed your game a lot! There's a lot of potential with this mechanic. I was a little confused why I would want to swing the sword myself, since it seemed like I wanted to avoid hitting people?

Anyway, great job!

Awesome, this is a really interesting take on Snake! The art and music are impressive as well. Nicely done!

Awesome! This game really creates some nice intense moments! I also really love the art and music.

My one suggestion would be to experiment a bit more with the map design, since the narrow corridors can feel a bit unfair as enemies can shoot you from off screen and there's no way to dodge them in the narrow bits of the map.  The open areas offer a lot more options for startegy and work better with the other mechanics, especially when losing your engine can sometimes be an immediate death sentence.

Really well done, this is a great game with a lot of polish!

Cool! Neat idea, the puzzles are very clever. It did take me a long time to figure out the controls and mechanics, but once I did, it was a lot of fun!

Cool! This is a fun game, nicely done!

Lovely game, really captures that corona vibe

Thanks so much!

Really incredible experience, well done! The puzzles are intuitive and the story is well executed. Nice work on this!

Wow, not what I expected!  Very well done, challenging and entertaining! 

Wow! Your game is exremely polished. The game feels fantastic to  play with the fantastic controls and tons of juice.

The gameplay and visuals are top notch!

Thanks for playing and streaming!! Glad you had fun

Keep making games!

Awesome game!  There's a lot of really cool mechanics in here, well done!

Thanks for playing!

Really awesome! It's incredible you were able to get so many features and so much polish in such a short time!

This is a really well-designed puzzle game, nice job! I really like the color scheme and the sprites are excellent.

Love your videos btw!

Super awesome game, with some more work this could be an awesome mobile game or something. 

One thing I would reccomend is maybe moving level 9 before level 8 because by the time I saw the green thing for the first time, I had forgotten what to do with it. Or maybe a button prompt?

Well done!

Glad you liked it!

Very cool game, I was also a little confused at first but ended up really enjoying it. Nicely done!

The art and music is awesome btw!

Cool game! I really liked the art and the gameplay was frantic and fun! It would be nice to be able to skip the intro to retry the second part though.

Nice work!

Very well done, I enjoyed playing this game a lot! I love the simple but beautiful visuals. My one suggestion is that the random firing of the gun was a bit too difficult to plan for so I would find myself just hitting random buttons and hoping for the best.

Great work!

Very original concept and well executed. I had a lot of fun!

My one suggestion is that the enemies all kind of encouraged me to move in the same way (backing up/circle strafing). It would be cool to have some enemies that ask you to move in different patterns.

Well done!