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I got another error! 

" Data folder not found

Application folder:
There should be 'City Jumper_Data'
folder next to the executable


But I renamed The Mix and Game Jam_Data folder to City Jumper_Data, and it ran! Seems like the character moves really slowly though, maybe this is because of my hacky fix :) 

This was really fun! A few bugs here and there, but the core gameplay was tense but not too difficult. The Ice + push combo + spike was really satisfying to pull off, great combination!

dificil pero me gusta el arte

I'll be honest, I tend to not read the descriptions of jam games when I play them, so I found this one hysterical when I opened it up and was met with the chaos of bouncing shapes. This was fun though! And I liked how you kept it simple with all green theming. I did encounter a bug where I would go to sort a shape, and it would pass through the wall and not get counted. I do wonder what genres this mixed up though.

I feel like it's so hard to design open-ended puzzles like this - great work!

Looks and plays great! I think some of the UI was a little confusing -- unless there's some purpose I couldn't see, I think it would be helpful for the player to hide the counter and letters after the player has hit them. That's just nitpicking though, this was fun!

I died on the first round, because I was trying to face the enemies head on, but then I remembered that this wasn't just a top-down-shooter hybrid, it was a Zombies hybrid, and did pretty well after that. It scratches the same itch of building up a train of zombies, walking them past your towers, and then clearing them out. Later on, it nails the great aspects of TD games too, where I felt like I didn't need to run away as much because I could rely on my towers to protect me. Great execution on this combination!

Super cool - the ending of the song was so dramatic, made all the more climactic by hammering the notes in time. Great presentation and style of course, Something that might be interesting to experiment with is having the missiles at the bottom that you need to dodge be in lanes, with the player not able to move freely, but hop between them. I felt like I was floating around a lot, and wasn't too sure if I was going to be hit by a missile or not. Could reduce the experience though possibly, so I could see an argument for leaving it as-is.  Impressive game!

No way, the art felt simple and classy :) Yeah I meant some text pop up after you die them a couple times. It's totally possible it was there and I just missed it too, I was pretty sleep-deprived when I wrote this!

Thanks for playing! Totally agree with everything you said, and definitely the speed. We only got to really play-test in the last hour or so, and you can imagine how frustrated we were when we realized how slow the speed-up was :)

Thanks for playing! We realized that a slow tower with a couple upgrades and a lightning tower were pretty OP :) We're strongly considering working on this more in the future, so I really appreciate the feedback that you think there's more here you'd be interested in!

Thanks for playing, so glad you enjoyed it! Totally agree about the difficulty. I think for jams, it's better to trend towards it being easy, but we realized a little late that after a while, you can amass a wall of unbeatable towers. And enemies taking different pathways is probably way up on the list for things to do in a future version (which we hope to do!) Thanks again!

Such a cool concept and excellent execution. The art style was perfect for this as well. I definitely did find it a bit frustrating. I might also recommend a refresher for the player that the sharp notes kill you when you see the sharps for the first time, I didn't realize why I was dying, and figured I was doing something wrong

I really enjoyed this! I loved the aesthetic, and it matched the semi-relaxing puzzle gameplay quite well. Pretty fun, though I did get stuck, In the segment where it went off to the "left", after reloading the checkpoint, all my characters were locked behind the door ( Maybe I just missed the solution)

Cool combination of strategy and rhythm, I found it really hard to get into a headspace of thinking about staying on beat and executing your strategy, a cool and unique challenge though, so I appreciate that. Possibly I have very poor rhythm, But I could have done with the beat being a little more forgiving of hits, and maybe an easier opponent

This was cool, one thing I might want to see is more feedback that I was supposed to press the arrow key when the circle was in the outer circle of the letter, I thought it was when it finished, and I didn't understand why I wasn't moving. Other than that though, fun addition to a typing game.

Today I learned that I'm a poor reader, and a worse game dev ;) Awesome!

Neat, would be cool to see this expanded to more cooking game tropes (i.e, getting the right ingredients, letting them cook, bringing them elsewhere) I thought the art was just perfect as well

Ahh, I like this idea, though it was pretty hard for me. I think being able to decelerate would have been helpful, to make me feel more comfortable trying to find the right asteroid type (though I get why you wouldn't include it, to be faithful to the original.) Great job overall!

Not sure if it's something on my end, but I couldn't jump as high as in the screenshots, which made it pretty hard. Other than that, I like the art and sounds a lot, and saving up my orbs to attack was neat

This is awesome! Crazy high production value, excellent sounds + music. I'm biased because I love golf games but this was cool. Glad more levels are on the way. Bonk!

I love the art style! The game itself is pretty tough for me, I couldn't beat level 2. It felt like a lot of the time you'd lose all your sheep right away

When I try to run City Jumper.exe, I get the error: "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found Reinstalling the program may fix this problem". I think you might need to include UnityPlayer.dll in a zip with the exe!

When I run Blobxotolotl.exe, I get an error: "Failed to load mono"

I bet you think you're so clever with this title, and having this maze shooter take place in a maize maze :) I like how you've used the mazes to make reloading a real challenge instead of just pressing 'R'. And it created some great moments where I was scrambling to solve the maze as 2 pieces of corn were chasing after me! 

With all these tight corners, it would have been interesting to see this as a horror game. Neat!

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Great polish on this, the knockback from the spikes felt very weighty and it was really satisfying to block the shots. Simple, cool concept that's fun and greatly presented!

Really nicely put together, dig the overall aesthetic, very chill.

Excellently polished and super fun! My only recommendation is to consider implementing "Coyote Time" Something that was suggested to me when I made a platformer in another jam - the basic idea is to give the player a little extra time after leaving the ground to jump. A ton of games use this, and it helps makes things feel more responsive to the player, as unintuitive as that seems!

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Love the art in this one. As others mentioned, the details could use some work, but I can tell there was a lot of ambition in this project with the different mechanics you've included, pretty cool :)

Nice, I get major "Adventure" vibes from this one - hope you can port it to gameboy, always cool to see people getting stuff running on those old consoles.

I'll chime in with my enjoyment as well - I liked the "a-ha!" moment of realizing I can walk on the turrets, but maybe another indication that they can be stepped on as well would have been a good addition. Overall just a great example of a simple concept executed perfectly, and I hope I can take this lesson with me into my next game jam!

Nice job on the brawler - pretty tough, I found myself running away alot! Pretty cool lore as well :)

I liked the art style a lot (especially the background) It was fun, if a little short - but of course it's to be expected!

This was cool, It felt very tense and exciting moving through the ship, feeling like enemies would pop out at any second. But at 10 points a kill, and 1000 points per serum, it felt like it would take forever to make any progress. It's tough to make an fps game for a jam though, so well done overall!

This game was really beautiful, I love the art style. I found the controls to be a little frustrating, It felt like sometimes I had no control when I was in the air, and then other times, I would send myself flying the wrong way mid-jump.

Great start to what seems like an exciting adventure. One piece of feedback that I can give is that the controls are a little cumbersome - It was difficult for me to keep switching between the arrow keys, space, and the mouse button

Those rock crash sounds were so crunchy and satisfying ( if just a little loud! ) Fun and rather addictive, despite being hard I had to see it through to the end.

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, we had some plans for other mechanics and levels that would've incorporated the desync more, but time. Thanks for playing!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) Superhot was our other inspiration, so It's good to hear we hit that similar feeling. Thanks for playing!

I had a lot of fun, thanks!