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The tension of realizing you've gone a little too deep and trying to race up while watching my oxygen meter drop lower and lower with each refill, until eventually riight before I hit zero it starts filling back up again was amazing. Really fun and satisfying progression which is well balanced. Nice job!

I got a score of 84,982,128 on a photo thanks to a x836 distance to camera multiplier! I love how the different values factor into the score and overall the gameplay loop is really fun. I also had fun just swimming around exploring the map and I'd love to see deeper and deeper locations with more gameplay elements in the future

Hi, absolutely, thanks! And please share it when you release it :)

Love that little flame so much! The game is deceptively cute for how hard it is lol.

Thanks so much for your kind words fellow dwarf game dev :)

This is a really fun game! And even though the art is pretty minimal, I actually really like the aesthetic you went for. One quality of life thing I wanted was a button to restart the run after I screwed up instead of having to alt+f4. I got a sub 30s run!

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The game overall is really cool, atmospheric, and grabbed me immediately which is amazing. I love the concept, but I had to give up because the puzzle was too hard for me trying to read the text and think was giving me a headache. It sounds like others were able to get further into the game, I think I'm just a low skill player :)

A lot of fun and has some great art as well. Some of the sound mixing was too loud for me (the enemy death sound) but I liked the effects. I think I soft-locked myself on the third level. I didn't explore the entire top-most section but I mined out the blocks which would have let me jump up there, and I'm unable to find another route or enough loot to fill the quota. Despite this I think the levels are well designed to be engaging to explore

Crimson Dunes and Utopena are both incredibly fun and addicting to play. Dreamweaver Clinic is so so so charming

This game is a ton of fun. The enemies feel varied and exciting to face. The movement and shooting feels responsive and the recoil mechanic adds a lot to the platforming segments. Love the upgrades too. I just want to play more honestly, nice job

This is a really fun and addicting game. I only wish there was some kind of animation or delay when fish hit the side and turn around because I would accidentally catch them there pretty often. Besides that though I think it strikes a good balance of not too challenging but still engaging to play and the progression system is really clear and engaging.

I had a giant smile on my face the entire time playing this game. It's charming, wholesome and beautiful. The music was simple but watching her play her song was such a lovely moment and I think you did an amazing job for your first time composing music. Super super impressive!

This game is so slick and fun to play! I love the interpretation of the theme too, the menu theming and all the art looks really stylish. The controls definitely took time to get used to, and I tried many times but couldn't beat the boss fight, but likely a skill issue :)

The music, sounds and art are all great. A lot of lovely underwater music tracks this jam but I think this one is my favorite. It did take me a second to realize how the delay worked, I thought the heart was just moving toward my mouse cursor every once in a while. And because I was jumping to a spot and then stopping, it would move and then stop over and over. Once I realized it was on a delay though, the game went great. Would be curious to see other ways to play with this delayed mouse follow mechanic

I wish I was better at speed-runny games like this because I feel like this game would be a lot of fun to optimize your route through. The mechanics are cool and the art is really nice and minimalist. Nice job!

I'd love to see you expand on this. A game where the player only interacts with the world through a screen abstracting the data is a really fun premise. Great choice of sounds which made for a lovely vibe. A CRT shader effect would have been a neat addition to the screens!

The levels of polish you fit into this game is crazy! It's super fun to play. The progression curve is really well balanced imo and encouraged me to start making the choice of ignoring earlier fish to progress faster. I love how you paced the story and intertwined it with the mechanical progression as well. The art is so charming and suits everything perfectly. The audio and visual changes as the story progressed are so awesome and exciting as a player -- I think that this game does everything it needs to do perfectly as a short and simple game.

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I love this art style, very much fits the spooky dive vibes well. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if you amped up the horror element a bit as the tension gradually fell away for me until the ending but it was still a cool and ominous experience

This is a fun FPS with some great trippy visuals. I think you nailed the movement and feeling of shooting the gun to feel really satisfying. The vibes hit perfectly with all the assets combined here. Some parts of the level design I liked -- the checkerboard art and the weird abstract geometry just floating in dream space is cool and fun to play in, but there was definitely some awkward moments where I could just shoot a bunch of the enemies from far away without any consequences. And having to restart from the beginning after dying is so brutal!

Really fun to explore around underwater. I think all the different options I had to work with were really cool. It feels tense as you get deeper and start wondering whether there are monsters around. I like the art, especially the environment art and the ship. The sound and audio are also great and immersive. Overall a really great game!

I like this interpretation of the theme and the unique gameplay of hunting through web pages to find dark secrets. The occult mystery was too obscure for me to fully solve but 2/3 aint bad :) This is a cool project!

The art is really cute, especially the top hat on that frog :) The gameplay reminds me of those warp puzzles from the team rocket base in pokemon, which is cool and fun.

This game is so incredibly stylish and polished, I adore the way the walls morph around your character as you approach them. I love the way the tears sound hollow and squishy. I now understand the sensation Stanley Yelnats and Zero must have felt eating those onions at the end of Holes. It's a genuinely inspiring game jam entry to play

Really beautiful art style, the ambient sounds are great and it's really fun to play. I love having to drop the harpoon to drag around different items.

Beautiful art and fun to play, the tab menu and the different resources is a smart way to adopt the survivor game format for a game jam project. Love the music too!

Amazing graphics and audio! I had fun with this game once I got used to it. I couldn't find one last biscuit piece on level 2 but I appreciated the level select so I could just jump to level 3 anyway

Really neat idea and I think you nailed the vibe with the music and sound. Love that I can see the other crew members running around in the earlier runs which gave me hints as to where I was supposed to start running to when I played as them later.

This is really fun to play through! First few runs were challenging but eventualy broke past floor 8 and got to 99 health before stopping. Love the concept and the art choices look great.

This game is simple but it's fun and has a lot of personality, I think you did a great job of setting the tone through the art style and audio, nice job!

What an amazing mystery game! Really pretty and having the short little platforming segments to break things up and allow you to explore is a brilliant idea. I wish I was a little smarter or had a retry solving the mystery option because I totally got it wrong lol

I love the art, especially the aliens being all freaky and fun looking. It's also really fun and I picked up the mechanic really quickly thanks to the tutorial. Great polish overall! I'd be curious to see how this would play as a more traditional puzzle platformer with this mechanic too. I was in the mindset of try and go fast and far because infinite runner game but the harpoon mechanic kinda encourages me to take my time.

I don't know what I can say that 100+ people haven't already covered but the vibes of this game are lovely! The amazing shading of the low poly environments, the inky enemies, the sounds -- everything was combined really lovingly to make a game which is ultimately hopeful in spite of a difficult inner world.

I really love the concept and I think the art looks great! I think the mechanic of linking light and all the different puzzles you could create out of it while exploring a tomb would make for a really amazing full game

Really impressed by all the art - the models and animations and the environment art design especially showed me how a little bit can go a long way

I love the music, sound, and the color palette and art style in this game.  I think the puzzle design was overall well done, though a few of the stars I had to give up on as I couldn't figure them out. Also that main menu level rotation showing off the level design and art is beautiful

This reminds me of if you took and combined it with the shrinking circle of death from Battle Royale games which is cool! I think it would be interesting if I had a more clear reason to get bigger, I'm not sure if it mattered or not how big I was at the end?

I think you did a great job of translating terraria and mining games like it into a format with a discrete end goal which is satisfying to play for the whole stretch of the game.  The level generation made mining and exploration fun and I think having chests and gems be visible was a great choice to give me an idea of where to mine towards next.

I think the game is pretty fun but too hard for me! When a good thought and a bad thought are coming from the same direction at different speeds it's brutal :) Very fun and silly story and voice acting too

Omg this made my day, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much -- will do!

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, Poop Dollar