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This is the best set of platform art yet.
Love the detail and the animations. Makes it stand out among earlier tile sets. With art like this any package would be an easy buy.

Thank you for the reply. Your art work is really good. I look forward to future stuff. 

Are you by any chance available for paid contract work? I really liked your art and was wondering if you do freelancing work. I need some stuff done that matches your style of 16 by 16 art. I am mainly looking for a lava cavern system with a full sprite sheet like this asset. Probably 30 to 40 pieces if not more.

I am currently looking for dedicated pixel artists for a 2D Castlevania style game. There can be more than one artist. From the artists, I am looking for everything ranging from Tile Sets for the map, monsters, character, UI (Menus, Item Icons, and other UI elements), and attack effects.

This will be a revenue share project that will later be put on Kickstarter. For the idea of the game below is a short and quick rundown of the idea of the game. Since this project is to be a serious one I would prefer a contract for everyone that will be working on it. We will use BitBucket as a repo manager. This game will be a lengthy one, but I want a good game people can enjoy.

Title – Mystic Spelunker – Search for Immortality

Game Type – Metroidvania

Number of players – 1

Target audience age 13+

Target audience interests

- RPGs, Hard Combat, Exploration, Extra Quests

Tools being used

-The engine of choice is Unity. Unity has been working on some new 2D tools set recently that has added an abundance of potential for making 2D games. I been working heavily with the news tools and have become very comfortable with the new API for the 2D tools.

High Concept

- A 2D Metroidvania style game that takes place in a cave that has portals to other worlds. Featuring puzzles, side quests, and rewarding exploration.


Story – Your character is a young treasure hunter. He has had his fill with supernatural filled caverns and adventures. He is looking for the ultimate treasure, the fountain of youth. In his early years, he was searching for a golden vase. During his hunt, he was in an accident. This accident almost killed him and left a new fear engraved in him. To calm his new fear of death he decided to make himself immortal. After exploring many lands, he found a map that leaves to a gate inside a cave. When he found the gate and entered it, he is swallowed by a dark shadow. Once awake he sat in front of the grim reaper. Bored the grim reaper asks if he wants to play the ultimate game. Winner takes all. Accepting the challenge the grim reaper tells him the fountain lies within this cave, but the cave has rifts in space that lead to new lands. Only after conquering every land can he reach the fountain. If he makes it to the fountain, he gets one wish from the reaper plus permission to drink from it. If he loses, he is forced to reap the souls of the dead for all eternity. He must take the place of the grim reaper and carry out his duties until someone else agrees to take over his spot.


One of the main mechanics in the game is dimensional gems. They are gems you get by beating bosses in the game. Each gem uses MP once found. There are several types of gems.

Ice Gem – Freezes water allowing you to walk over it. It can also be used to cool lava and walk on it, but lava freezing is temporary.

Fire Gem – Melts certain objects. Also, can be used to burn stuff. Example is thick vines that have spikes. You cannot normally pass them without dying so you have to burn them.

Bomb gem – Can be used to blow certain walls up and other objects.

Wind Gem – Creates a vortex of wind of wind in any of the 8 cardinal directions. You can move certain objects with it. Later you can get a glider to make vortexes that can lift you to get over great distances.

Lightning Gem – Allows you to electric water and energize certain machines.

Earth Gem – Allows you to do various things in certain locations. This could make an earthen brined to walk over or make a spike step you can climb.

Light Gem – Lights dark areas and allows the user to go through certain puzzles. Example lining up an array of mirrors and having the light beam follow them to hit something and open a door.

Throughout the game, you get items for your item belt. These items can be found through the dungeon or gained by beating bosses.

Magic Rope – Allows you to create an infinite rope that goes as far as you want it to. Also, automatically returns to your belt when done with it. Sounds simple, but there can be some puzzle uses for it. I have some ideas about mirrors that take go to other mirrors in the room. Drop rope into it and the mirrors can exit sideways making the rope defy gravity and go to the side.

Grapple Hook – Allows you to grapple to certain areas with hooks or rock formations that can be hooked. Also, could be used to pull flying monsters down to you just be careful of their close attacks. With the Strength gloves, you can pull down certain objects to make new paths.

Strength Gloves - Allows you to move certain objects. You can push objects onto pressure plates to make doors open and much more.

Magnetic Gloves – These allows you to stick to metal surfaces. You can find iron ore in caves and hold onto them and much more.

The game will have a level system, combat system, magic spell system, and equipment to wear.

Level up system is something like you would expect from Castlevania.

Combat would also be like Castlevania, but you have the items in your tool belt and the gems to use.

The magic system is unique. When you get a gem, you unlock magic tree. When you get the gem, you learn one spell. When you kill enemies, you gain magic gems. These can be used to level up magic. Some gems can create dual magic trees. Fire + Earth = Lava

Note the attack spells do not interact with the environment as much as the actual gem uses do.

Process for making the game.

Starting with how the levels will be made. I would use the experimental tile map. It allows designer to make levels quickly without the mass items in the hierarchy. Since you can write your own tile brush scripts, you can make new brushes that do an assortment of things. One is animated tiles for water, trees, or anything you can think of.

I been using Unity's new contact system for making a custom character controller for very precise control over the character movement. This has become very hand for making swimming, climbing, and other character actions.

I have written an item, spell, and weapon database manager for easy inventory implementations. The databases are working through an editor extension script in Unity.

For more of the process shoot me an email or a private message.

Email =

Alright here is an update to the game. This one is decent size.

Below is the current changes to the game. Tommorow will have another update. The next update will include more parts of the world map and a new dungeon. Also a new town will be available with a new character inside if you do the right stuff.


- Removed the dev exit girl by the waterfall.

- Fixed some of the spell descriptions.

- Also fixed some of the collisions bugs

- Rad can now wear sabatons.

- Fixed Clair reappearing in the classroom.

- Cave behind the tent can be entered. Do note the caves in the Serene Forest will be updated tomorrow. They will be getting a map update. So any issues in the cave just ignore till tomorrow.

- Can now complete the Slime Jelly Quest

- Elisha now learns Nature vine correctly. This is under the special attack menu.


- Balanced the crit damages

- Balanced the knockback effect of some attacks.

- Added tons of new items.

Complete Additions

- Added Serene Forest as a playable dungeon now. This will add about half hour to an hour of game play.

- The forest has a lot of secrets so make sure you look everywhere.

- First boss battle is doable now. He is a tough one so come prepared.

- New Skills added.

Do note that the boss battle is the end of this current update. The stuff you can do after beating him will be added around Tuesday this week. This will include a new dungeon and an expansion of the Serene Forest.

At the moment I am not looking for music and sound effects. Mainly just been focusing on adding levels to the game with new quests.

On the first point the house will be part of the quest after the first boss. It will be heavily worked on once Serene Forest is done. The next update adds a fully playable dungeon with a boss battle.

On the second point yeah, that was kind of a dev exit until we finished Serene Forest. The whole forest has doubled in size. More detail and landscape has been added. It is out of the new update which should be processed in a couple hours. Once it is out the forest will be vastly expanded and a lot of stuff will be added included the fix to those two things.

Alright this will be the devlog for the RPG game that I am working on. The game is called

It is a CTB combat game. For anyone who doesn't know what CTB means it stands for Charge Turn Base. Think of Final Fantasy 10 combat system.

Here is the link to the game page. You can read more about it there. Just know this is not going to be a small project. I want a full game that takes hours to beat. The rest of this will be used as a normal devlog page.

The newest version of my project is 0.1.37. (0.1.0 - 0.1.36 was only published on GameJolt's website. This is the first build on

Bug fix list -

- Elisha and rad can no longer equip daggers.

- Fix the skill description and item help text being cut off in battle.

- Fixed missing item icons on menus.

- The items now have prices in shops and actually descriptions.

- Fixed not being able to equip certain types of armor for certain classes.

- Fixed several dialogue mistakes.

- Fix the missing rendered objects on map.

- Fixed some collision problems in the Serene School.

Improvements -

- I added more item's to Gerald's Shop in Serene Village. This way you can buy more items before going into the Serene Forest dungeon.

- Change the layout of some of the buildings. They look a lot better now.

- Made a simple tutorial first fight. More tutorials will be added later. Just wanted to get some of the bare bones done on how to fight in CTB combat.

- Removed general armor types. Now there is magic, light, and heavy armor.

- Lowered the cruel difficulty a lot, but still leave a good challenge.

Behind the scene stuff - These things won't be see able yet, but they help make updates much easier and faster down the line.

- Got all armor that will be in game made in the database. That is over 200 pieces. I got them assigned to the right armor type and equipment slot. So now I can easily just create a shop, treasure chest, mob drop, or item crafting method for obtaining them. This took several hours. So finishing this was a huge thing behind the scene.

- I also got all weapons to be assigned to the right weapon type. Again took hours do to the amount of weapons, so now since this is completed I can spend those hours on improving game play, map, and other stuff.

From here on out since I got the bugs that I was focusing on fixing done. i will be adding more maps and content. The first fews releases was fixing bugs in the database and UI code.

Hello everyone thought I would share with you gates of Elmeria. It is a RPG game with Charged Turn Base Combat. I wanted to do a combat system that that allows tactics. In Gates of Elmeria you have many options for stuff to do.

Page link

Quest System - The game will have many quests (currently only 6 since the game is pretty new). The game has a working quest log that way you don't have to worry about forgetting where the quests where and what you were doing for the quests.

Crafting - The game has crafting in it already. There is some recipes that can be used. The recipe count will be increased as the game development goes by.

Scaling Difficulty - The enemies level up with you so don't get comfortable in any area of the game. Some enemies actually learn new skills as they grow with you. So just because you beat them at one point does not mean you will be able to later. Each enemy does have a limit to how much they can grow though.

CTB - Instead of just taking turns wacking each other I wanted to have combat that could be tactical. In CTB combat the players are set on a timeline. Think about Final Fantasy 10. Your agility is used to position you on the timeline. As you attack and take actions you are sent to the back of the timeline. The thing about Gates of Elmeria there are skills that can knock characters back on the timeline or even bring them to the front. So if someone needs a heal and you are not sure they will survive a hit. you might be lucky enough to have a skill that brings people to the front of the timeline faster. Also weapons and armor will have weights that effect your movement on the timeline.

Choices - Your choices will effect the game. So make sure you choose wisely. Not saying anymore for not wanting to ruin story-line.

I hope you guys enjoy the game. It is in super early development. I just thought the sooner people see it, the sooner I can start collecting feedback.

Here is some images for you guys.

In combat Skill Menu

Main Menu in game - The circle and particles are animated.

Gates of Elmeria community · Created a new topic Ideas

Got any ideas for the game just post them here. This goes for a random quest idea to a random NPC. Why not add random peoples ideas to add more interactable stuff.

Gates of Elmeria community · Created a new topic Feedback

If you got any feedback I will be glad to listen to it. Be it be map decord, combat pace or anything else.

Gates of Elmeria community · Created a new topic Bugs

Hello this will be the board for reporting bugs. If you see anything you think might be a bug just leave a comment down below so we can fix it for you.

If you don't mind just tell us the map you found the bug on or if it was in combat. If you get an error message it would help a lot to know what it said.

All right sorry about the delay on the new update. College Final's came up so I have not had time to really work on it.

Here is the new update.

  1. There are orange blocks in game that spawns a fire flower that the player can pick up.
    1. If the player gets hit once he loses the power up.
    2. Future update will have a small fire particle effect on his tail to give feedback saying you can spit fire.
    3. You spit fire with the left mouse button.
  2. Fixed some collision bugs on some platforms.
    1. Fixed some platforms not being able to be jumped on from below it.
    2. Also fixed a collision glitch with the saw blades.
  3. Doubled the size of level 2.
  4. Start the set up of level 3
  5. Fixed a couple wrong sorting layer issues for sprites.
Thank you guys for taking your time to look at this post. If you enjoy the game please download it and leave some feedback.

Here is the link to the game page where you can download it from.

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Alright everyone quick update time.

So we changed out the old UI with some better images while adding a couple things.

  1. On the world map in the top right corner you can see a UI canvas that shows the current levels highscore and fastest time.
  2. We have added a small amount to level two for a couple testing reasons.
  3. and a new dev log for people to enjoy.

Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the game.

Here is the link to the community page where you can download it.

Quick update.

  1. I fixed a couple things people found slightly anoyying such as the spikes collider boxes.
  2. I also got an exit game button on the options menu which can be accessed by hitting the escape key and on the main menu.
  3. The mouse cursor now disappears when there in the game screen when there is no menu or dialogue. This way it will not get in the way of players.

This week was a little slow because we were getting a couple different things ready that will make a huge update to the game play. It should be done by the end of the week.

The new demo with the fixes are ready for download.

Even though it is not time for my weekly update. I thought I would share some news.

  1. I got enemies to hurt you on touch.
    1. They knock you back based on which direction they hit you from.
  2. The high-score and the fastest time to beat the levels are now saved in a .dat file.
  3. I am going to release a super early version of the project today.
    1. This is the first test level and the main menu with the world map.
The reason why I am giving a demo so early is because I want people to give me feedback right away. This allows me to make the game fun from the very beginning. Also it helps make debugging faster so I can fix any problems early on. I also will take any feedback, negative or positive. I think it is important for a developer to be able to receive negative feedback so he can fix any problems that the players my run into.

The project is going to be rapidly made from here out. That means updates every couple days. If anyone would like to contribute to project by feedback, bug reporting, or suggestions., maybe even donations to help the developers hot-pocket addiction, thank you.

The links to all the community board is in the first post of this thread.

Have a good day everyone.

I second this idea. It would be nice to know what the replay value of our game is.

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Alright time for my second devlog.

April 10 2016

So for the last week I have been writing binary formatters to create .dat files to save and load data to and from the game among other things.

  • I fixed 2 physics bugs.
    • When a moving platform squishes the character it used to fling the character. Now it ignores the collider and goes below the character.
    • Player does not get knocked back when it hits some them at an angle that is right beside the corner of the player's hit box.
  • Now there is a Mario style world map system.
    • Unlocked levels show up as a gold star.
    • locked levels show up as a black star.
    • Player can move around on the world map and select the levels.
  • Better Options menu now.
  • Made a debug mode for better testing in editor.

For the next week I will

  • Try to have the first three levels fully playable
  • Finished the options menu
  • Make the levels fastest time and high score also save to the data file.
  • Finish the enemies AI system.
  • Set up a downloadable exe for people to grab and test for them selves.

Here is a video showing some of the previously mentioned additions to the project.

Cheers mates and have a good day.

Hello everyone I am Jonathan Westfal. I am a programmer working on a 2D adventure/platformer/puzzle. I am currently looking for more people to work on project Chappy's Adventure. The members of the team are not just to do work they should be able to give their own input and freely step up and say if they think of an idea that might be interesting. This project is to be made by people that want to give their own ideas on the board. For the teams members I am looking for

Pixel Artists For The Following Based on 16 by 16 pixels Per Unit

  1. Tiles for level.
    1. Background props
    2. Environmental Traps/Obstacles
  2. Monsters - Some examples are
    1. Slime
    2. Goblin
    3. Skeleton Fish

UI Artist

  1. Options Menu
  2. Player HUD
  3. Main Menu
  4. Achievement Board

It would be nice if you could send some demos of what you have already done. For the project repo we are using BitBuckect and HG Tortoise. We are working in the Unity Engine. We also are using a tile-map editor for easy level designing

Chappy's Adventure will have some Mario feeling to it while having puzzle elements in it. There will be monsters and obstacles in it. These obstacles range from spikes, lava to rolling boulders. The puzzles will range from gate puzzles by pushing blocks over switches in precise orders to light being pushed into mirrors to open doors.

For those curious some of the projects code is already done. If you would like to see a video of what the project looks like so far you can contact me or go to the community boards and look at the progress videos

Chappy's Adventure Community

If you are interested please either start a private conversation with me or send me an email at

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Hello my name is Jonathan Westfall. I am currently working on a pixel art platformer/puzzle. The name of the project is Chappy's Adventure.

Chappy's Adventure is about a Kid named Chappy that was traveling with his friends and was separated from them by a storm. When he wakes up after the storm he notices he has been transformed into a monster and is in an unknown land. You find out your friends have been captured by other creatures and you must rescue them. As you travel through the game you can collect power-ups for him that he will use to find his friends.

Here is the idea of the game

Chappy's Comunity Page

Here is the Community Boards so you can see what we are doing.

Chappy's Community Boards

The project has a descent amount of code finished. I have a good amount of pixel art that is 16 by 16 based, but I am looking for more.


  • Monsters
  • Tiles
  • Background props
  • UI art

If you are interested in the project you can Email me at

Thank you for your time.

Hello, everyone my name is Jonathan Westfall and I have been working on a 2d platforming/Puzzle game in the Unity3d engine. The game's name is Chappy's Adventure. Chappy's Adventure is about a green dragon named Chappy who is trying to find his friends who were separated from him during a storm. As Chappy, you must wander through forests, snow mountains, and castles to reunite with your friends.

Game Play

  • Old Style Platformer
  • Puzzles
  • Achievement System
  • Each level has hidden rooms and items to collect.
  • Challenging
  • Giant Mario style world map
  • Before public release coop system for multiplayer
  • Controller Support before release.

The game is in early development. I will be posting new stuff every week to show off the progress of the game.

Here are a couple links

itch main page

Community Boards Home Page

The community board has boards for

  • Public bug reports once the game is at a playable state.
  • Video logs of development
  • Development Board that say what the team plans on doing during the current week.
  • Feedback Board
  • And a list of donators for anyone that donates Which will be greatly appreciated.
For anyone wanting to subscribe to my dev log youtube channel here it is.

The controls for the game are as following

  • A, d, left arrow, right arrow to move left and right.
  • Up arrow and W to climb
  • Space to jump

Feel free to leave feeback.