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Gates of Elmeria - Current Build 0.1.37 - Built on 11-30-2016

A topic by Jonathan Westfall created Nov 30, 2016 Views: 346 Replies: 4
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Alright this will be the devlog for the RPG game that I am working on. The game is called

It is a CTB combat game. For anyone who doesn't know what CTB means it stands for Charge Turn Base. Think of Final Fantasy 10 combat system.

Here is the link to the game page. You can read more about it there. Just know this is not going to be a small project. I want a full game that takes hours to beat. The rest of this will be used as a normal devlog page.

The newest version of my project is 0.1.37. (0.1.0 - 0.1.36 was only published on GameJolt's website. This is the first build on

Bug fix list -

- Elisha and rad can no longer equip daggers.

- Fix the skill description and item help text being cut off in battle.

- Fixed missing item icons on menus.

- The items now have prices in shops and actually descriptions.

- Fixed not being able to equip certain types of armor for certain classes.

- Fixed several dialogue mistakes.

- Fix the missing rendered objects on map.

- Fixed some collision problems in the Serene School.

Improvements -

- I added more item's to Gerald's Shop in Serene Village. This way you can buy more items before going into the Serene Forest dungeon.

- Change the layout of some of the buildings. They look a lot better now.

- Made a simple tutorial first fight. More tutorials will be added later. Just wanted to get some of the bare bones done on how to fight in CTB combat.

- Removed general armor types. Now there is magic, light, and heavy armor.

- Lowered the cruel difficulty a lot, but still leave a good challenge.

Behind the scene stuff - These things won't be see able yet, but they help make updates much easier and faster down the line.

- Got all armor that will be in game made in the database. That is over 200 pieces. I got them assigned to the right armor type and equipment slot. So now I can easily just create a shop, treasure chest, mob drop, or item crafting method for obtaining them. This took several hours. So finishing this was a huge thing behind the scene.

- I also got all weapons to be assigned to the right weapon type. Again took hours do to the amount of weapons, so now since this is completed I can spend those hours on improving game play, map, and other stuff.

From here on out since I got the bugs that I was focusing on fixing done. i will be adding more maps and content. The first fews releases was fixing bugs in the database and UI code.

Hey, the game looks pretty cool, will you be needing more music for it? If so I would love to help out, you can check out my portfolio here

At the moment I am not looking for music and sound effects. Mainly just been focusing on adding levels to the game with new quests.

Ok that's cool. Well when it's time to add music, can you keep me in mind? Thanks!

Alright here is an update to the game. This one is decent size.

Below is the current changes to the game. Tommorow will have another update. The next update will include more parts of the world map and a new dungeon. Also a new town will be available with a new character inside if you do the right stuff.


- Removed the dev exit girl by the waterfall.

- Fixed some of the spell descriptions.

- Also fixed some of the collisions bugs

- Rad can now wear sabatons.

- Fixed Clair reappearing in the classroom.

- Cave behind the tent can be entered. Do note the caves in the Serene Forest will be updated tomorrow. They will be getting a map update. So any issues in the cave just ignore till tomorrow.

- Can now complete the Slime Jelly Quest

- Elisha now learns Nature vine correctly. This is under the special attack menu.


- Balanced the crit damages

- Balanced the knockback effect of some attacks.

- Added tons of new items.

Complete Additions

- Added Serene Forest as a playable dungeon now. This will add about half hour to an hour of game play.

- The forest has a lot of secrets so make sure you look everywhere.

- First boss battle is doable now. He is a tough one so come prepared.

- New Skills added.

Do note that the boss battle is the end of this current update. The stuff you can do after beating him will be added around Tuesday this week. This will include a new dungeon and an expansion of the Serene Forest.