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Chappy's Adventure

A topic by Jonathan Westfall created Mar 31, 2016 Views: 328 Replies: 5
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Hello, everyone my name is Jonathan Westfall and I have been working on a 2d platforming/Puzzle game in the Unity3d engine. The game's name is Chappy's Adventure. Chappy's Adventure is about a green dragon named Chappy who is trying to find his friends who were separated from him during a storm. As Chappy, you must wander through forests, snow mountains, and castles to reunite with your friends.

Game Play

  • Old Style Platformer
  • Puzzles
  • Achievement System
  • Each level has hidden rooms and items to collect.
  • Challenging
  • Giant Mario style world map
  • Before public release coop system for multiplayer
  • Controller Support before release.

The game is in early development. I will be posting new stuff every week to show off the progress of the game.

Here are a couple links

itch main page

Community Boards Home Page

The community board has boards for

  • Public bug reports once the game is at a playable state.
  • Video logs of development
  • Development Board that say what the team plans on doing during the current week.
  • Feedback Board
  • And a list of donators for anyone that donates Which will be greatly appreciated.
For anyone wanting to subscribe to my dev log youtube channel here it is.

The controls for the game are as following

  • A, d, left arrow, right arrow to move left and right.
  • Up arrow and W to climb
  • Space to jump

Feel free to leave feeback.

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Alright time for my second devlog.

April 10 2016

So for the last week I have been writing binary formatters to create .dat files to save and load data to and from the game among other things.

  • I fixed 2 physics bugs.
    • When a moving platform squishes the character it used to fling the character. Now it ignores the collider and goes below the character.
    • Player does not get knocked back when it hits some them at an angle that is right beside the corner of the player's hit box.
  • Now there is a Mario style world map system.
    • Unlocked levels show up as a gold star.
    • locked levels show up as a black star.
    • Player can move around on the world map and select the levels.
  • Better Options menu now.
  • Made a debug mode for better testing in editor.

For the next week I will

  • Try to have the first three levels fully playable
  • Finished the options menu
  • Make the levels fastest time and high score also save to the data file.
  • Finish the enemies AI system.
  • Set up a downloadable exe for people to grab and test for them selves.

Here is a video showing some of the previously mentioned additions to the project.

Cheers mates and have a good day.

Even though it is not time for my weekly update. I thought I would share some news.

  1. I got enemies to hurt you on touch.
    1. They knock you back based on which direction they hit you from.
  2. The high-score and the fastest time to beat the levels are now saved in a .dat file.
  3. I am going to release a super early version of the project today.
    1. This is the first test level and the main menu with the world map.
The reason why I am giving a demo so early is because I want people to give me feedback right away. This allows me to make the game fun from the very beginning. Also it helps make debugging faster so I can fix any problems early on. I also will take any feedback, negative or positive. I think it is important for a developer to be able to receive negative feedback so he can fix any problems that the players my run into.

The project is going to be rapidly made from here out. That means updates every couple days. If anyone would like to contribute to project by feedback, bug reporting, or suggestions., maybe even donations to help the developers hot-pocket addiction, thank you.

The links to all the community board is in the first post of this thread.

Have a good day everyone.

Quick update.

  1. I fixed a couple things people found slightly anoyying such as the spikes collider boxes.
  2. I also got an exit game button on the options menu which can be accessed by hitting the escape key and on the main menu.
  3. The mouse cursor now disappears when there in the game screen when there is no menu or dialogue. This way it will not get in the way of players.

This week was a little slow because we were getting a couple different things ready that will make a huge update to the game play. It should be done by the end of the week.

The new demo with the fixes are ready for download.

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Alright everyone quick update time.

So we changed out the old UI with some better images while adding a couple things.

  1. On the world map in the top right corner you can see a UI canvas that shows the current levels highscore and fastest time.
  2. We have added a small amount to level two for a couple testing reasons.
  3. and a new dev log for people to enjoy.

Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the game.

Here is the link to the community page where you can download it.

All right sorry about the delay on the new update. College Final's came up so I have not had time to really work on it.

Here is the new update.

  1. There are orange blocks in game that spawns a fire flower that the player can pick up.
    1. If the player gets hit once he loses the power up.
    2. Future update will have a small fire particle effect on his tail to give feedback saying you can spit fire.
    3. You spit fire with the left mouse button.
  2. Fixed some collision bugs on some platforms.
    1. Fixed some platforms not being able to be jumped on from below it.
    2. Also fixed a collision glitch with the saw blades.
  3. Doubled the size of level 2.
  4. Start the set up of level 3
  5. Fixed a couple wrong sorting layer issues for sprites.
Thank you guys for taking your time to look at this post. If you enjoy the game please download it and leave some feedback.

Here is the link to the game page where you can download it from.