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[Pixel Artist needed for a Unity project]

A topic by Jonathan Westfall created Apr 02, 2016 Views: 344
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Hello everyone I am Jonathan Westfal. I am a programmer working on a 2D adventure/platformer/puzzle. I am currently looking for more people to work on project Chappy's Adventure. The members of the team are not just to do work they should be able to give their own input and freely step up and say if they think of an idea that might be interesting. This project is to be made by people that want to give their own ideas on the board. For the teams members I am looking for

Pixel Artists For The Following Based on 16 by 16 pixels Per Unit

  1. Tiles for level.
    1. Background props
    2. Environmental Traps/Obstacles
  2. Monsters - Some examples are
    1. Slime
    2. Goblin
    3. Skeleton Fish

UI Artist

  1. Options Menu
  2. Player HUD
  3. Main Menu
  4. Achievement Board

It would be nice if you could send some demos of what you have already done. For the project repo we are using BitBuckect and HG Tortoise. We are working in the Unity Engine. We also are using a tile-map editor for easy level designing

Chappy's Adventure will have some Mario feeling to it while having puzzle elements in it. There will be monsters and obstacles in it. These obstacles range from spikes, lava to rolling boulders. The puzzles will range from gate puzzles by pushing blocks over switches in precise orders to light being pushed into mirrors to open doors.

For those curious some of the projects code is already done. If you would like to see a video of what the project looks like so far you can contact me or go to the community boards and look at the progress videos

Chappy's Adventure Community

If you are interested please either start a private conversation with me or send me an email at