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Gates of Elmeria a new RPG in development.

A topic by Jonathan Westfall created Nov 23, 2016 Views: 146
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Hello everyone thought I would share with you gates of Elmeria. It is a RPG game with Charged Turn Base Combat. I wanted to do a combat system that that allows tactics. In Gates of Elmeria you have many options for stuff to do.

Page link

Quest System - The game will have many quests (currently only 6 since the game is pretty new). The game has a working quest log that way you don't have to worry about forgetting where the quests where and what you were doing for the quests.

Crafting - The game has crafting in it already. There is some recipes that can be used. The recipe count will be increased as the game development goes by.

Scaling Difficulty - The enemies level up with you so don't get comfortable in any area of the game. Some enemies actually learn new skills as they grow with you. So just because you beat them at one point does not mean you will be able to later. Each enemy does have a limit to how much they can grow though.

CTB - Instead of just taking turns wacking each other I wanted to have combat that could be tactical. In CTB combat the players are set on a timeline. Think about Final Fantasy 10. Your agility is used to position you on the timeline. As you attack and take actions you are sent to the back of the timeline. The thing about Gates of Elmeria there are skills that can knock characters back on the timeline or even bring them to the front. So if someone needs a heal and you are not sure they will survive a hit. you might be lucky enough to have a skill that brings people to the front of the timeline faster. Also weapons and armor will have weights that effect your movement on the timeline.

Choices - Your choices will effect the game. So make sure you choose wisely. Not saying anymore for not wanting to ruin story-line.

I hope you guys enjoy the game. It is in super early development. I just thought the sooner people see it, the sooner I can start collecting feedback.

Here is some images for you guys.

In combat Skill Menu

Main Menu in game - The circle and particles are animated.