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Thanks! Yeah we didn't have enough time to add in game music lol.

But no, hints would ruin the entire idea of a puzzle game. Instead I think I need to make the introduction to a few mechanics more obvious then throw people into more challenging levels.

About halfway through the jam we began seeing our submission as a proof of concept.

I deleted the project files a while ago and a few days ago started work on a commercial release with the losers.

Completely from scratch, so from scratch even that I'm using C# this time instead of GDScript.

Liked it a lot, but despised how it paused me when it was talking. Threw off pacing.

k i guess

Idk how it fits the theme much. The camera made me sick.

It was pretty fun, though.

submission to... 3 jams... 26 days before the deadline.....

Very polished, very fun entry!

I love this take on the theme, while failure is essential, but it is still in the end FAILURE, so you aren't immortal and can still lose if you fail enough.

VERY refreshing to play a 3D game!

The player felt nice, the game was graphically pretty, combat was fun although the attack range was weird.

I would like to see more UI elements like a health meter and more just overall polish to the UI, a better dialogue system rather than just in the level, and some QOL changes.

Worked well with WINE 6.0 on Linux (Doesn't work with WINE 5.x)

yeah we didn't have enough time to fix the spikes 😅

It's just too simple, it's pretty but basically no gameplay.

did you hit an almost invisible spike or something haha, but thanks :)

If only there was sound, this was so cool. Nailed the visuals!

(1 edit)

Love the visuals. Kind of confusing though.
Movement was great but gravity wasn't (peak velocity was too slow and got there too fast)

I really like this concept a lot! Started slow and boring but got chaotic and fun.

Thanks :)

Sound looping is pretty easy, it's just in the sound material. Fellow godotter here :)

found this in my to-play list but I'm days late.

Cool concept that I loved! It was very fun :)

But the ground texture had a watermark on it and otherwise, it wasn't graphically impressive.

Fit the theme, played well :)

Loved it! But:
- Lacked sounds aside from 1 song

- Song did not loop

- Jumping felt unresponsive. Add coyote time?

great game loved killing small children

Felt amazing to play with, that main menu was very interesting!

A good twist on a very overused concept this jam. Liked it :)

Jumping felt a bit weird and floaty, and the death sound was just awful. 

Pretty cool :)

Cool idea. Lacks animation which hurts it... a lot. Gravity feels off, as well.

Lacks a lot, and I mean, a lot of polish.

One of the biggest issues however is the level design. What could be executed well with decent levels was not executed well. One thing I advise against is that whole thing at the start of levels where I had to kill myself several times to be able to make it past the first obstacle. That part felt like a 30 second chore and threw off the pacing a lot.

Overall? Pretty cool.

Feels like a proof of concept, but I would LOVE to see a bigger version of this!

Pretty cool and fun but took a while to understand. When I did I loved it.

A much much more unique take on the generic leave-platform-on-death style game. I liked that.

However, it isn't without issues.
- The movement does not feel good. Variable jump height would serve this game well, and in general, this lacks a lot of feel-good things about movement. Jonas made a good video on this.

- Camera cannot reset once you pass one boundary. I got permanently stuck at one point because of this and had to restart the whole game.

- The game does a poor job showing where I'm supposed to go. It took me several minutes to find out I was supposed to go to the right side of the screen instead of that being an impassable barrier.

- Music resets when you change scenes.

Yeah I agree with that statement, 8 levels with this basic set of mechanics was pushing it. Thanks for the idea, I'll look into it. Feedback is appreciated 😄

Yes!!! TYSM this makes my day 🙂


Well at least I got to play yours  through this, enjoyed it :)

Your game was cool! Your turn...

I recommend downloading instead of playing the bugged WebGL.

Fun :)

Cool concept, idk how the theme works.

And I wish I could turn around.

Hi, it's your turn ;)

This concept is generic but the theming is not. I love this! Sounds are excellent, the game feels impactful, the soundtrack was cute, the movement was clean, just all-around good fun :)

However, some of the levels weren't that great... Roof-heavy levels are kind of annoying.

In my first jam, my thumbnail was nothing special, vs my artist's take this time. Needless to say, I'm doing better this time around.


Good thumbnails are the difference between 3 and 300 plays.

Mario with a rocket launcher sounds great haha.

But yeah, platformers need to feel good. Coyote time and jump checking are important.

Testing for difficulty is important. Also, don't try to  make a hardcore game... it's a big jam not everyone is God and you will not succeed if you do that.

Source? Experience lmao

Oh yeah definitely. 4K textures and such take up lots of space! I saw your download size and just went,


On top of that, they have a large performance cost!

Many jam players have potato PCs. I recommend making sure as many as possible can run your game.

👍 Thanks :)

It's good advice to get all your content done on the second day and spend the 3rd on bug fixes and polish, I agree.

I didn't have enough time on day 2 to add levels, and so half of day 3 was spent on that, leaving some game-breaking bugs in.

I did a poor job making dart traps noticeable, that was what was killing you.

Honestly? Thank you for the feedback, this is refreshing and I am taking notes :)

Ghosts not picking up boxes was... a bug. There were lots of those and not enough time to fix them 😅.

Internally for the full release, we've already changed the colors of the spikes based on feedback.

If you would like to discuss further please contact my discord couchlyntt#0348

Thank you so much!

Here is a dump of my most important.


Linux, Windows, Mac, and if you can, WebGL.

"Linux has like 2 us-" Not for game devs. Programmers are significantly more likely to use Linux than the average person, and some Unity games require to go through hell and back to play with WINE for Windows-exclusives on Linux and Mac.

Also, I'm not downloading your game 99% of the time, I have better things to do than wait for it to install and risk viruses that don't apply for me because you didn't build for Linux (god damn it!).
For some games, WebGL is not an option. That makes sense, in this case, make sure you are building for all platforms. 

Make sure you're careful with WebGL. Due to an oversight, WebGL for our game runs terribly because I forgot to optimize it for it.

"But GMS2 costs lots of money to export to htm-" I don't recommend GMS for jams. This is a personal preference, but I don't wanna rewrite features available out of the box on every other engine for a 3 day challenge. You may feel different and in general, GMS is an excellent engine, I just hate it for jams. Godot, Unity, and UE4 (although - UE4 is a bloated mess and sucks for anything relating to 2D) allow for building to the web for free. GMS is overpriced.


Good thumbnails -> More people click -> More plays.

My game this time around had a high CTR compared to my previous jam submission, because of the thumbnails. A lot goes into a good thumbnail and this is an oversimplification, but make sure they are simple and not just modified screenshots, and display the title well. Look at some steam top sellers for good ideas on what makes you click.

Anyway, let's look at some real-world examples.

This thumbnail scales well without looking ugly or blocked out. There is quality art behind it instead of just taking a screenshot. The character shows an interesting design and do I need to explain further?

But with all art forms there, if you want to succeed, you need to have some degree of originality.

... Speaking of originality, you guys made over fifty platformers where the main gimmick is you can jump on corpses. This concept was one of 5 on my death list.

.. what is a death list?
Basically, spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming ideas. Look at that paper, take all of them, highlight the most interesting, and then throw the paper away and make sure never to use any of those. Who cares if one of them has a yellow background. Then come up with an idea not listed on there. You will have more unique ideas than if you just went with your first.

Again on originality, let's go back to art.
Simple colored shape games are so generic and overused. Sure, they're pretty and quick to make, but you get tired of them.

Take a look at Hinoken's art, this exceptional submission had a good thumbnail if you want to go back to that, also it is unique although I can't confirm how they got their idea, and has great graphics that are refreshing after Boxes With Bloom Repetition 5345

This submission did incredibly and it's just a fun game and I absolutely love it.

But what if you can't draw?

I can't. I got into a Team™. Although many prefer it solo, working with teams allows you to make something better than 1 person can.

My artists drew and animated much better than I ever could! No friends? Jonas's server has some people more than willing :)

You can also use other people's assets. Not a bad thing - assets can look great if matched well.

Then there's the generic quality over quantity which yeah we're not playing your game for 30 minutes, we're playing it for five and that's if it has a good hook.

Not an advertising board. This is for actual tips for jams and I will remove self-plugging, no matter how great the game.

You can use screenshots and such, but no links of "chhkec out my game!!!!"

They're both? All forms of death in my game can be used to your advantage as the main mechanic is recording actions and having your ghost repeat them alongside you to solve puzzles.

In the level below, they just kill you. Bye bye.

Meanwhile in the level below this one, they are important for summoning your ghost to complete part of the puzzle.