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average is 15 if you did all the investigating, pretty quick if you just walk through it.

Fills me with so much joy hearing that Hamlic <3 Glad you liked it

Amazing work guys! Glad I could help out !

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Hey Luna, where is it crashing for you? :s the only place there is an intended crash is at the very very end.

It may have been addressed in the update as the  loop variable is now set to 1 and loops fine?

Just realized the issue. I had saved previous sprites as a gif! when you load a gif sprite into it it adds a blue hue color to it. Just tested it there with both a png and a gif with multiple sprites and all the gif sprites (even if they're single frame) turn blue when loaded in!

Just tested this with swapping the first layer also. As soon as the sprite is loaded in, a blue hue is applied to it. This isnt the palette function or anything either!

New sprites loaded in have a default blue hue to them? Cant seem to change it either.

yeah tried that, still doesnt loop correclty even if I set the time of the wave to the same time as render etc. makes it jitter still in the last frame.

Also noticed in the CMD window that loop is set to 0? I assume that means false. Is there a way to change it in a ini file or anywhere in the software?

Hey just rendered out something and gif doesnt loop as it should. trying to use the wind effect but it jumps suddenly at the end of the last frame!

No problemo! Really like the software regardless. Super great for my workflow so keep up the great stuff!

Hey there, so just opened as normal. With the default Sprite in. Clicked second layer load Sprite. Hid the first layer only so that the second was visible. When clicking render to export it. Nothing appears nor does it export any images or gifs with actually content. Just blank

Trying to currently render a layer (2) but doesnt appear in renderer unless I have layer 1 active also, (two different sprites)

Glad you like it! We're starting development of the actual Detect Occult game during summer so stay tuned!

Hey Cj, what did you do to fix this? I'm having this issue aswell where it opens cmd but doesnt export

Hi! Glad you had lots of fun! We're planning on starting work on a full detect occult game starting August 2019, we're currently in college full time in our 4th year so its very busy! But if you follow the game updates or even follow my itch you will get updated when its released or beign worked on!

Glad you had a good time and even more glad to hear you want to play more of ours!

Hi hows it going?

Thanks for your interest but sadly I don't have the project files for this game any longer!

Hi folks, a little over 6 months ago I released Detect Occult but never really promoted it on Itch (usually through Twitter). 

The game itself is a side-scrolling detective horror game where you must decipher clues to understand the story. The design decision to wrap the story up in clues was to give players a reason to actually investigate! We're currently in the  process of starting work on the second part in the series!

 All feedback is very much appreciated also and I hope you enjoy it if you have a chance to play it!

Link to the Game!

Supports Windows, OSX, and Linux!

Below are some screenshots of Detect Occult, I hope you guys can check it out :)!

It's very much appreciated :)

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oh you didn't have to buy , but thank you so much! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed it!

Hey PublicNuisance, sorry it took so long but Linux support has been added :) Hope you enjoy!

I'll get Phil to make up a build this evening for you :D!

Really glad you liked it :) We're currently doing internships for College so we've taken a break but we do hope to continue with a part 2!

I'm really glad you liked it! We have plans to but currently we're busy with college/internships :) We will let you know when theres a second one out!

Really glad you enjoyed it let alone loved it :D! We want to make a continuation eventually but at the moment we're off from Uni so we want to chill for a bit. Thanks a bunch for playing ^_^

Hey there, really sorry for the late reply I've been away. I'll fix that right now ^_^

Bahaha you can click on objects ya realize?

Adored this lets play, very nice editing :D! Also thanks for finding that bug bahahaha, we forgot a collider.... So embarrased!

If you need any help testing features/bug testing give me a shout ^_^ I'd be happy to help out with it as its such an awesome tool.

+1 this :D I've some generic things that would save me duping, like dialog for certain things

Bahaha your choice of words we're grand.  Twas nothing at all, glad you played it :D

Glad to hear :D

Was very enjoyable to watch you play :D Tss a good commentary you got there! The game doesnt crash at the end btw, its a forced quit ^_^ THANKS FOR PLAYING! <3

Really loved your narration and your feedback at the end, The original game was suppous to be longer but we decided to use the game for a College project so, alot of things got cut due to bugs/time constraints. Thank you so much for playing though!

Much appreciated. We might be doing something during the summer :D Find me on twitter for updates @kalobrienz !