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Aww thats very kind of you to say. Dont tempt Bruins, he will 100% put it on steam with the slightest of pushes

Liked the balance between shooting and moving. Felt like I had to use my brain

Lovely polished experience. Some of the mechanics I could cheese but the presentation and some of the puzzles made me feel very smart haha. Well done for the video ending.

The difficulty pivot was a nice touch to an already interesting mechanic. Well done :)!

I wont be updating anytime soon Im sorry!

:D Thanks. I'm actually nearly finished with the post-jam version with all the fixes in place.

I like the concept. Intially didnt know how to control the game. I would say have the mouse indicator change when over enemies just so you can tell the player its a target. But very good potential for something more :D Well done

Was my first time getting webgl to work correctly. Canvas scaler messed up on some screen resolutions sadly. :D Will try get it fixed for the next build!

I actually had a tutorial complete and ready to go but in webgl the game crashed everytime on scene change so I had to remove it 2hrs before deadline D:

The collider bugs are being fixed for post jam build :)

Thanks for playing Hank :D  There are alot of collider bugs and issues that I wasnt able to resolve during the jam but deffo going to update it to address most of these issues soon :)

Hey hey would love more feedback aswell :)

Very fun short game. The bosses are super well designed I'd love to see the dev log for creating them. Did you start with an rpg idea and then make the bullet hell as the start is random haha!

Good polish but I kinda got bored with reoccurring mechanics. Has alot of potential to be something great though :)

A seriously amazing entry to the jam. So much polish. Gameplay systems. Narrative. It has it all Pierre did an amazing job! No negative feedback.

Super short but random generation doesnt change the game too much if im honest.  Overall good potential to be added too in the future. Good level design and enemy design would ++ it so much. Good work :D

This is very very very clever but super challenging. Probably the most unique game in the jam if im being honest. Theres not much in the way of hints so I couldn't finish it on stream but the game was fun!

SUPER CREATIVE AND INTERESTING MECHANIC! Played on stream and very much enjoyed it. Very short but has potential to be developed further and has a neat base concept and art direction with the 2D/3D shifting

Very simple and has alot of potential for mechanics and level design. 

Painful having to restart after each mistake but the game is very fun and has a charm to it.  You need to add the pck file for the windows version to work aswell. Anyhow very good rat game :D

Very good polished game! Super enjoyed it when I played on stream. Asset usage was kinda basic but the gameplay and audio was great so well done :D Super super fun with the transitions and overall game. 

Really liked it. The Ai soldiers kinda do nothing but the game and boss fights are fun. Good polish. I'd recommend the post processing lowered and for it not to affect UI as it makes stuff hard to see/read!

Super polished and clean to play. Controls super well. Not super interesting but fun none the less :D

Really simple but good game. The controls for attacking are a little bit awkward but the game works and runs fine. Good entry :)

Nice simple mechanic that has so much potential. Very cool and polished but lacking content overall. Still a very good concept :D

Very good conceptually but a little bit clunky. Definetly could be polished a bit nicer with the level design but overall a great game entry :D!

This was just a fun little time.  Kept me engaged and wanting to beat my time. Challenge wasnt too hard but there was some of the room generations that caught me out which was good :D

Very tight mechanics wise. Really fun and challenging MAYBE TOO CHALLENGING! If you make a single mistake its very hard to progress hahaha. Good work Breo :D

Hey you just uploaded a windows.exe and no other data. Game cant be played sadly!

Mechanics feel tight. Game bugged out for me after the switches were pressed and the second time again aswell. Couldnt progress but the overall gamefeel is great :)

Yeah I was using the sprites on the tilemap as a collider, I shouldve manually done it or used a solid square sprite without transparencies as the collider uses mesh data which leads to the issues with game objects clipping places. Deffo going to fix it after the jam :D  The goblin ai currently doesnt update targets if the enemy isnt moving which causes issues but I have a fix for it aswell hahaha.  I very much appreciate you playing it so much! 

Added to the list :

added to the list :

Took a few times to get the hang of the gameplay but I very much enjoyed it. Does the bottom beats change randomly or is it set on each round? Deffo could see you taking this further with a boss round or something. Great entry :D

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**Post Stream Note: I've finished the stream however I'll be still playing and reviewing games when I can :)

Hey everyone,

I'll be going through jam games on stream with my viewers and playing and rating them. If you'd like me to play your game to give feedback on stream I'd be more than happy to take a look :D if ya post them here.

Stream is at 6pm GMT +1

link to stream

Haha balancing is an issue I agree. But its doable some of my twitch peeps were able to do it after a few attempts. 

The collision issues (tilemap collider sucks) I'm fixing in the post jam build as well as goblins attacking AI! (Atm they dont attack new targets after killing their own target which adds to the difficulty sadly)/

Appreciate the play <3

Goblin King is about controlling your goblin kin who arent the smartest bunch.

This was hella fun to make. Theres a tutorial in the offline build but I couldnt get it to work on webgl for some reason. If ya have time I'd love for you guys to check it out.

I have over 20 hrs of footage so I want to piece it together and make a nice devlog out of it but its not gonna be done till end of next week probably

Development will be continued at some stage. This is like the first part of the story.

average is 15 if you did all the investigating, pretty quick if you just walk through it.