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Great little game, loved it!

The web creation is cool + nice art and polish, the controls can get a bit finicky.

Thanks for the heads-up about the web input in Godot 3.4! We weren't aware of the issue. 

Thanks for your generous feedback! We love to hear these positive comments. The level design could definitely use a couple more passes :D

Thanks for the kind words! Getting crushed is a lot less common when playing with a controller, with mouse and keyboard the movement input comes in big bursts which makes small movements difficult :)

Simple but good. Really enjoyed it. Music is thumbs up. 

I think it's mostly the speed and jump strength vs the size of the levels. I feel like every move propels me too much for how much space there is to move around in. It's probably something you get used to over time, but it felt like I was using the borders of the levels to compensate for how fast I moved around. 

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Love the sound/graphics, but had trouble playing because the star field and bullets look so much alike and the background movement updates smoothly but the ship movement stutters. The art design of the game is super super nice though.

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Your game's pretty cool, it's too bad that most of it is happening off screen and you kinda resort to playing just on the mini map. I love the ship design and hit effects!

Nice shading and clear color palette.  Great solo project. 

Hey, you're doing some clever design things with a cool palette and art, but the character controller does not feel great imo, which dampens the mood on this otherwise clever game. 

Nice concept and great palette/art!

Nice idea for a puzzle game, got a bit confused in the beginning. 

Pick the magnus they said, casting spells is fun they said. (Cast 2 spells in the whole game to play it through lol)

Love it! Had lots of fun replaying the challenging first couple of minutes.