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Your comment warms my gamedesigner heart! Making the game addicting is always one on my goals. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and 64 is quite an honorable score =D

Otherwise, as I said to Mantarus : I kinda knew that the screen problem could append, the game minimum resolution had to be set to 960*960 otherwise the pixels get jammed into eachother (yeah, the engine is pretty bad). Maybe you can fix this by playing in fullscreen (F11)?

Thanks for your feedback =D
I know, the learning curve is quite challenging! But once you get used to the controls, you'll find yourself backflipping like a madman, I promise! =)

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Thanks a lot, I'm pretty proud having managed to find a core gameplay that's both original and fits with the theme, it's often the hardest!
Seems like you didn't managed to get past a score of 15, I'm a bit sad for you, the game a quite a lot to discover after that! =D

Thanks for your kind word, I'm trilled that you liked it!
I kinda knew that the screen problem could append, the game minimum resolution had to be set to 960*960 otherwise the pixels get jammed into eachother (yeah, the engine is pretty bad). Maybe you can fix this by playing in fullscreen (F11)?

Thanks a lot! 64 is a nice score =)
What did you like about it? Any idea of thing that can be enhanced? (apart from the learning curve, I know about it...)

Wew, nice game =D After 4 games I went up to 510 and died on the second taxation.

What I liked :
- Good concept, lots of ressources and a wide range of choice for the player to make
- The idea of having rounds works very well with the harvesting and events
- The general feeling of the game is quite good, I love seeing the faces change with their state, the unhappy lord, the village design, etc.
- Even though you didn't made it yourself, the music put me in a good mood =)
- Good integration of the theme. Taking Karma as a causality principle was a bold move, but you managed to make it work!

What I think could be improved :
- A bit more tolerence toward what the player can do. First game, harvested meat : woops, you have time but now you can't harvest beacause you miss every hit, you're dead. Second game, harvested a bit of everything : woops, now you can't pay everyone, you're dead. Etc. It felt to me more like searching the one and only way to survive instead of having a choice.
- Once something happens, ie. a round with only 10sec (almost not enough to even reach the villagers !), then every body is hunappy and it's an almost garanteed game over, you can't recover from that.
- A little detail, but different sized pixels in the art bothered me a bit =D

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Nice litte game =) I scored around 9100 I think.

What I liked :
- Nice idea, lot of room for a good feeling of being-the-overpowered-savior-of-the-whole-village
- Nice map layout, the bridge from which you can fall off is a good concept
- That hand-made (or rather mouth-made effects) gave me a good laugh! =D

What can be improved :
- Most of all, as said by Eriklelf: The Crosshair™!
- Having a start menu makes everything feels more finished and professionnal
- More diversity
    - In the wave (like only a big pack on one side then a lot of isolated individuals everywhere, ...)
    - In the enemies (like different classes ? bosses ? ...)
    - In what you can do (weapon type, turrets, movement, ...)
- Game balance : Making the game harder and harder without making it impossible, having progression in the long-term, making the Karma influence the gameplay
- And of course, the obvious ones : enemy animation, more details in the world, colors that works together in harmony, etc.

Keep up the good work anyway, that's a good start =D

Thanks a lot =D I only own a score at 251, the rest are mainly friends and family... of whose 2 engaged in a battle for who's gonna get the top place, inevitably resulting in a some very big scores =)

As I said in the discord, the https cert ended up being more stress and fear than hard or time-consuming!

I look forward to see your score climb up the ladder =D

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My point was more that if you didn't show there could be more objects, nobody would have ever known. In my opinion, it's often better to just scrap it (ie. the shop would have became simpler to use "trade 10 koins for a turret"), it makes the game feel more finished =)
But of course, that's a minor detail, don't focus too much on it, your game was still good =D

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Addictiveness was indeed one of my goals =D Thanks for your feedback, I'm happy to hear it worked for you!

Nice game! =D I managed to survive until wave 10

What I liked:
- The introduction, very professional
- The diegetic tutorial was awesome too! I love the interactive part where he asks your name and call you that way after.
- One of the best ambiance there! Very coherent mood, music, environment, character design, all of course integrated well in the theme
- The enemies holding suitcases x)

What I think could be better:
- The turret placement is a bit erratic, it's hard to put one during a quick emergency
- The reload for the spell is loooong! During the first waves you have to rely a lot on it, before earning enough Koins. I think it could be balance a bit
- Showing "Placeholder, content TBD" is good to let us know you may continue working on the game (awesome if its the case!) but for a jam, it surely makes me also feels like "oh, so it's missing something there" and "am I supposed to unlock the TBD-item to keep surviving from now on?"... not very positive =)

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Fun game =D I managed to go down to -23070! Maybe the lowest of all submission x)

What I liked:
- The music that ends on rhythm with the timer, spot on!
- Very relaxing gameplay and falling stuff sounds =)
- Nice balanced timer, right between "too much time on hand, just knocking things already on the floor" and "damn, nearly finished everything off"
- Very creative way of approaching the theme and the universe you created
- Nice and coherent cartoony low-poly graphics
- Did you made her pose in a sofa just for the thumbnail?

What I think could be better:
- You can bump objects from the other side of the wall, but shhhh, it's my scoring secret!
- Maybe add a little diversity? Objects needing multiples hit? Things to avoid hitting (security agents? Grandma Betty's favorite cats!)? More choice to the player (bigger mall, having to make sacrifices?)
- English is not my native language, I didn't have the time to read the whole instructions on my first game =)

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Nice game =D I managed to score 4400 and reach the max level, before being a bit bored and going full thief on all the villagers.

What I liked:
- Giving the player the choice to play how he wants (good vs bad)
- The Logo is a real drawn and designed on, not just text. It make a world of difference! <3
- The 3d modeling are coherent. I had a good laught at the thieves running animation with gold falling off them! =D
- Multiple-axis gameplay, with both flies and money being ressources add a nice complexity

What I think could be better:
- The background music... needs... to... be... longer! My head, I can still hear it!
- General polishing, add a bit of vegetation here and there (useless decoration is still good!), make the main character head bob as he walk, hide the grass behing the city border, etc.
- Small bug (?) when you reach max karma, the counter value actually still goes up but you can't see it. It took me a while to get back down where the counter is actually descreasing ^^
- The game became sortof infinite one you get it, the timer keeps going up and up as you give money back
- Playing the bad guy actually seems to have no advantage (does the money influence the score? I didn't notice it)

Very nice litte game! I managed to score 940 before finding an infinite exploit.

What I liked:
- Your take on the theme is breathtaking, that's a very awesome idea! The causality principle between current action and future consequence is perfectly represented
- Game mechanics are simple, and therefore very simple to understand, but works well
- That sound, when you're about to fall, is spot on =D
- Very ergonomic colors, it's quick to understand what's going on on the screen

What I think could be better:
- More diversity in the gameplay? Like, maybe, different enemies, timed event, etc.
- The game art feels very "dev-art", could use a bit more work (toward pixel-art like the faces, or toward flat modern like the geometrical shapes and sharp colors)
- Like I said, the game is exploitable. As I've recorded here. Basically you can make yourself invulnerable by finding a sweet spot that covers most of the screen while not hitting you. That could have been fighted with features like time-limited bullet-throwing, the pillar moving, previously proposed events requiring you to aim elsewhere, etc.

Nice little game =D Managed to score around a thousand I think.
I liked :
- Nice opressing athmosphere
- Very nice houses, and globally nice 3d modeling
- Quite a professional look to the main menu, with the depth, perspective and side blur!
- Did you record the "hurt" sound yourself? x)
If I have to find improvable things, I'd say :
- I had a bit of difficulty to get what I could do. Can I hit the white guys? Can I deflect the enemy's attacks? What is the sword reach? Why is my score going up? Wait, no, why is it going down?
- UI was a bit hard to read, I often found myself searching in the corner and focusing to read the number representing my life. I think life bar would have been better.
- The sword curse often came in moments that really got me in troubles. Could have I done something to alter this?
- The gameplay really called me to kill everything, jump everywhere and make cool fight moves. Yet it always felt more calm than expected. Maybe add more game juice? (and gravity... are we playing on the moon? =D)

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Nice little game =D Managed to score the current first place with 195!

I liked :
- Classic gameplay that is a good choice for a scoring game
- Graphics are cute
- Music that although being a bit repetitive, doesn't gets to your head too much
- Good implementation of the theme as a causality principle, that wasn't easy =)

If I have to find improvable things, I'd say :
- The colision with the bottom of the platforms killed me more than once. I'd expect them to be solid only when falling on them from above
- How far you'll go depends a bit too much on the luck you have with the level generation. Too much platforms to the right of each other and to much duck spawning on their left? You're dead. A wise man once said me "procedural generation is a replacement for game designing. A good procedural generation should take as good decision as would a good game designer" =)
- The game could use a overall polishing. Using default fonts to write text as in the leaderboard often give a feeling of quickly-made (not that is isn't normal for a 72h gamejam, but it can be fought)

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As Raivk said, you should be really proud to have produced such a well polished game in 72 hours =D
I find that in gamejams, there are often two kind of games :
- Games finished quickly
- Finished games done quickly
Yours fall in the second category =)

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The used file from windows is the one for DirectX9, so I exported a version with DX8 and it's way better I hope this won't trigger your anti-virus anymore ^^

The HTML5 exporter for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is buggy as hell and many stuff won't work anymore if I do that =x

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Nice little game =D My best score is 993 ^^ so close to the thousand!

I liked :
- Pixely graphics are the best kind of graphics. Your choice of vibrant color is well made.
- 8bity music is the best kind of music =)
- Very nice application of a scoring concept, would have been fun to try-hard

What I think could be better :
- Balancing? I felt like plateform height jump, even with wall jumping, became more and more impossible. I don't think there's funnier way to make a game difficult (ie: needing more reflexes (speed, precision, etc.))
- Only three double jump is pretty frustrating (and "use them when the generation is too coarse" feels like "this is not a bug, it's a feature" =D Maybe make jump-refill fall from the ceiling that the player has to try to reach ?
- Linked with the precedent, procedurally generated levels are very nice, but it seems like you can create impossible levels (too many spiked plateform, to many small plateform on the same side
- The wall jump feels akward when you can't control the second jump (it forces you far out of the wall)

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Very nice and well Polished game =D I enjoyed it a lot (and managed my way to the third place, hehe)!

I liked :
- The visuals, very very nice. Those glowing pixels are gorgeous.
- The sounds, funny voicover, enjoyable shooting, and nice background music
- The humor! I had a good laugh at "bankrekt" x)
- The feeling. Poping those poor souls into a cloud of banknotes is awesome. The "world" setup is very well made
- Having the choice to build and play more-or-less as you want

What I think could be better :
- Only one thing : Balancing. I've the feeling that it's harder to die in the end-game rather than at the beginning. Shouldn't it be the opposite? For a scoring game, I don't think you should be able to reach the immortality point. When I had enough, I had to let the game run for something like 3 whole metros, to finally die.

It's always the case with Clickteam fusion exported games... I don't really know what to do against it.
Do you have the software ? I can send you the sources if you want to play =/

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Went to 3700 =D Nice little game =)

What I liked :
- The player have to make compromises, it's good. I love seeing two path with ores, little time left, and having to take a decision
- Toon-y graphics, feels smooth
- Feet noises =D

What I think could be better :
- Make the player die when in contact with lava, obviously =)
- The game don't give me my cursor back after a game, I had to restart it to click on the play button again
- At first, I felt like the head movement on camera was a bit too high and felt nauseous =/
- Static level would make the scoring competition a game of who-knows-it-by-heart-the-best, consider procedural generation?
- The interface could be a little more polished. The use of basic font and classic flat buttons give a impression of quikly-made (not that it's wrong for a 72h game, but you see what I mean ^^)

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Wow, very nice and well polished game there! Managed to take the third palce with 6155 and thought it was good enough =D

I liked :
- The Felling! With the speed increase, it became so intense I often realised post-mortem I was in apnea while playing ^^
- The toon-y graphics
- The music, very fitting
- The character design. Chickens? Brilliant.

What I think could be better :
- Not much... Maybe make the coins pop at a regular pace ? I often found that I was building speed non-proportionnally to my score, because coins didn't want to appear often. It create a little bit of unfairness
- The tilting animation is a bit slow, it seems that the game only look if the key is pressed to dodge obstacles, but my eyes tells me that "i'm not yet fully tilted". Or worse : I often released the key thinking "I can anticipate it a little, it takes time for the cart to go back down" and instead hurted myself on the rocks under me.
- The "up" (all key released) position is useless =)

Overall, very very very solid entry there, gg!

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Yay, I beat it! =D

I liked :
- Classic controls, yet still a little curve to get used to them
- Coherent graphisms, give a nice athmosphere
- Nice feeling watching this drill dive beneath the surface at the start, it feels powerful

What could be better :
- Having to die twice on paths (ie: at -80) where the straight path is a trap (though I wasn't fooled the second time ^^)
- Preset progression and finish-ability is not the best if streamers play your game afterward, you won't be able to distinguish between them (apart from a few milliseconds of difference?). Consider procedural generation? =D
- Maybe make the hitbox a bit smaller ? I had the feeling they were a bit hard on me sometime.

I'm discovering that I'm forced to rate the sounds... I hope it wont affect some kind of average note.

Nice game =D I went to 1756 before my feets failed me and I joined the zombies on their quest to take on the world ^^

I liked :
- Simple game mechanics are the best
- 3D walls... a bit overkill, maybe, but esthetically very pleasing =D
- Having the choice of gameplay (what stat to level up)
- The music was nice, not too repetitive, with its little light mood

What I think could be better :
- Balancing the game so that dying is a direct consequence of player actions, not because the game just became too hard (ex: dying of a bad build is not fun, dying of stepping in the wrong corner is)
- More diversity in enemies? Attack style?
- Don't spawn enemies too close to the player, nor inside walls. I even think that enemies could appear out-of-screen and it would be nice.