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Wew, nice game =D After 4 games I went up to 510 and died on the second taxation.

What I liked :
- Good concept, lots of ressources and a wide range of choice for the player to make
- The idea of having rounds works very well with the harvesting and events
- The general feeling of the game is quite good, I love seeing the faces change with their state, the unhappy lord, the village design, etc.
- Even though you didn't made it yourself, the music put me in a good mood =)
- Good integration of the theme. Taking Karma as a causality principle was a bold move, but you managed to make it work!

What I think could be improved :
- A bit more tolerence toward what the player can do. First game, harvested meat : woops, you have time but now you can't harvest beacause you miss every hit, you're dead. Second game, harvested a bit of everything : woops, now you can't pay everyone, you're dead. Etc. It felt to me more like searching the one and only way to survive instead of having a choice.
- Once something happens, ie. a round with only 10sec (almost not enough to even reach the villagers !), then every body is hunappy and it's an almost garanteed game over, you can't recover from that.
- A little detail, but different sized pixels in the art bothered me a bit =D