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Fun game =D I managed to go down to -23070! Maybe the lowest of all submission x)

What I liked:
- The music that ends on rhythm with the timer, spot on!
- Very relaxing gameplay and falling stuff sounds =)
- Nice balanced timer, right between "too much time on hand, just knocking things already on the floor" and "damn, nearly finished everything off"
- Very creative way of approaching the theme and the universe you created
- Nice and coherent cartoony low-poly graphics
- Did you made her pose in a sofa just for the thumbnail?

What I think could be better:
- You can bump objects from the other side of the wall, but shhhh, it's my scoring secret!
- Maybe add a little diversity? Objects needing multiples hit? Things to avoid hitting (security agents? Grandma Betty's favorite cats!)? More choice to the player (bigger mall, having to make sacrifices?)
- English is not my native language, I didn't have the time to read the whole instructions on my first game =)


thank you for the feedback, yeah the pose was part of a opening cut-scene I  but ended up cutting it due to time, glad you enjoyed it that's really encouraging,  and yeah I agree I feel it needs a little something extra ill probably take another look at updating it soon.