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Nice litte game =) I scored around 9100 I think.

What I liked :
- Nice idea, lot of room for a good feeling of being-the-overpowered-savior-of-the-whole-village
- Nice map layout, the bridge from which you can fall off is a good concept
- That hand-made (or rather mouth-made effects) gave me a good laugh! =D

What can be improved :
- Most of all, as said by Eriklelf: The Crosshair™!
- Having a start menu makes everything feels more finished and professionnal
- More diversity
    - In the wave (like only a big pack on one side then a lot of isolated individuals everywhere, ...)
    - In the enemies (like different classes ? bosses ? ...)
    - In what you can do (weapon type, turrets, movement, ...)
- Game balance : Making the game harder and harder without making it impossible, having progression in the long-term, making the Karma influence the gameplay
- And of course, the obvious ones : enemy animation, more details in the world, colors that works together in harmony, etc.

Keep up the good work anyway, that's a good start =D

Thanks for the feedback!