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Very nice litte game! I managed to score 940 before finding an infinite exploit.

What I liked:
- Your take on the theme is breathtaking, that's a very awesome idea! The causality principle between current action and future consequence is perfectly represented
- Game mechanics are simple, and therefore very simple to understand, but works well
- That sound, when you're about to fall, is spot on =D
- Very ergonomic colors, it's quick to understand what's going on on the screen

What I think could be better:
- More diversity in the gameplay? Like, maybe, different enemies, timed event, etc.
- The game art feels very "dev-art", could use a bit more work (toward pixel-art like the faces, or toward flat modern like the geometrical shapes and sharp colors)
- Like I said, the game is exploitable. As I've recorded here. Basically you can make yourself invulnerable by finding a sweet spot that covers most of the screen while not hitting you. That could have been fighted with features like time-limited bullet-throwing, the pillar moving, previously proposed events requiring you to aim elsewhere, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback man! I definitely would have added more enemies and/or events to the game if I had more time, perhaps a boss enemy or something of that nature. Game art is another big weak point of mine as a programmer with little experience in 2D graphics. I'm gonna focus on that for next time, to at least imitate an art style. 

Good catch on the exploit! I somehow never discovered it in all my cumulative time playtesting, lol. Like you mentioned, there doesn't seem to be an easy fix for it besides a major change to the game mechanics, (although the moving pedestal idea sounds promising to me.)