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I did also fix the camera inversion, I just didn't say so in the devlog because it seemed like so small of a point lol, Uploading the new build now. I might fix the pointer later!

I've fixed the camera controls now, just waiting for the voting period to finish! Thanks for the other feedback though, what you said makes a lot of sense! Even if I might not go back to fix this game the scale of momentum is a great tip for future projects! Thanks! That Mobile phone Idea does sound like some Monkey ball spinoff haha

I polished it today so once the rating period is over a much better build will be up to play

I went with both, and yeah I'll check out your game! I also added that shader thing so I'll comment another reply once the judging is over so you can see the improvements. I think it actually made the game WAY better.

Everything was so good! It was so creative and I loved piecing the mechanics together myself! Highly enjoyed!

Here's a question though, do you think the game would be better with the free 3d camera movement or a top down movement? I might make it toggle-able in a settings menu at the start

I think this would be one I'd actually update instead of an empty promise to myself! I will let you know for sure, but I think it will have to be after the rating period right?

or perhaps maybe look into shader graph so I could just make the player render it's silhouette when it's behind something like Mario Odyssey 

thanks, yeah I knew the camera was a problem but I barely scrounged up enough time to make 5 levels, I definitely should look into improved camera controls for my next 3d projects

I'm not in this jam but this game is great, looks great and plays great

Dang, I can't believe i forgot to loop the music🤦‍♂️

Yeah I plan on adding more stuff once the voting's over

This version is very scuffed, I'm going to be updating after the rating Period
Please try mine! It's a high score time based game!

Finger Frenzy
My Game is a time based high score survival game, hope you play it and enjoy!

I don't know if this really fits the theme, I couldn't see anything and the mouse sensitivity was cranked WAY too high. I'd also have used a different skybox than the default unity skybox

I liked how the robot just raged, Not much chaos in this game though, just laser eye-ing everything in your path 

Good Game! I liked having to multitask with all of the actions, I don't really get how the ball one worked, love the hand-drawn artstyle! It's like a little children's book

The game was fun, I did find a glitch where after you died you could still swing your knife. I'd suggest adding a bigger knife hitbox because it's almost impossible to hit the enemies without getting hit yourself

The Walking was extremely slow, so was the dialogue and the mouse sensitivity. Everything else was pretty good!

I love your Cover Art, instantly drew me into the game! One suggestion I'd have for the audio is to make it continue through levels instead of restarting each level... Also, if the different cats had their logos pertain to their action that would make it much more accessible and easier to remember what each do! Good Game!

yeah, I don't know why the web build decides to seppuku when you get hit by the Lazer lol, Glad you liked it!

Thanks! I really tried on the music, almost ran out of space on Bosca Ceoil! I was only able to get around 250, Glad you enjoyed it 😊

Yeah, for some reason the web build crashes at death, I'll try to fix that before the end of the judging period! The downloadable does not have this problem

I got a 3210 Very good idea for a simple game!

Haha yeah I just looked up your name on the ludum dare page, they gotta make it so you can just search for games smh

Where's the Ludum Dare Page? I wanted to rate this!

Thanks! I have a couple good ones lined up

I'd love it if you'd watch this devlog! If you have any devlogs you'd want to show off I'd be glad to watch yours too!

thanks man ☺️

That'd be pretty cool! Thanks for playing!

yo yo check out my monkey game! I heard most of the people who played it liked it (despite the obvious flaws haha)

thanks haha

Mobile could be good! Might port it over once I finish my current full-time game and might add more levels, definitely will fix those bugs haha. Really glad I got to see your reaction!

Yeah, that's why i added the restart button in the Pause UI. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

I'll try it again!

Ah i didn't... didn't see it in the game desc though...

Liked the music and art, the game was a little confusing! Good job! I did like the airhorn cubeling though!

Cute game, Loved the music, Didn't like how you couldn't let go of the pieces, or that you had to continue a single line. Other than that, loved it! hope you check mine out!

I think I found a glitch or leftover debug mode haha, if you press enter it clears the level. I like the game and the concept! Good game! Hope you check out mine!