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Agreed lol, it was just some music I pulled last minute from the internet :) Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks! I think I ran into that issue once in testing but didn't know what caused it, sorry about that.

I think this could be a great idea if expanded with different items you need to pick up at different times as an interesting management game. Different weapons for different enemies, building materials, water, etc.

Nice take on the "one shot" concept. It needs to be greatly expanded however because the tasks right now are very simple, but it's a good foundation.

Cool game! Well polished and challenging. However, I didn't really feel the whole "one-button" thing because you could just spam click to change the other direction. It would have been more interesting if maybe you could only change direction once and then would have to wait a "beat" to change direction again. That way you would have to think ahead which direction you are facing. As of right now, you can turn the other way just by pressing the button 3 times, making the one-button more an annoyance where I just want to use keyboard instead than a gameplay enhancer, which it could be with some tweaks.