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Thank you. My works are not so advanced, but i would like a general feedback.

could you please check out my output?

the trailer looks Fab!

Did you play Thimbleweed Park ?

I mean do you know any programs used in Adventure making ?

Thanks !

Yes, Thank You for that. I want to get into writing an Adventure game. Any suggestions, Please ?

Would you give feedback for my output, too?

Thanks !

the in game graphics look fab!

Thank You. I will try out your game and tell you what i think, if you would like to know

I try to write very simple games in Java, if you'd check my output

How do you make such Advanced games ?

Horror survival, Sir ?

is this an adventure game?

hi. I am interested !

if i do that, would you return the favor?

Hello there.

I am an avid Java programmer from Turkey and i have coded projects available @

Please check my output and feel free to ask any questions.


Hello all. Are there any people who are Turkish just like me?

Have you checked my " Floating Numbers Base Converter " i was the only one from my country to have it as an applet when was functional.

Just cut-the-knot owner has such an applet. Not many have invested time on that subject.

That is the only language i can say i know apart from the old Fortran77. 

Java as a GUI featuring language and its ability to make objects and then even return objects back from a method, just amazes me.

How i see is you define your own objects to meet your needs...

Are there any platforms, you might suggest i try & learn.

I know i am no Carmack, and will not go near to making an Engine.

Thank you for your interest.

PS: Java did another strange thing before: it did not accept dot notation but comma notation in the input of doubles.

Also when it is Strings, and you do reference a String in a method. It remains unchanged when bacj from the method.

I cannot say deficiencies as i am a mere programmer. But Java has some let downs. I know...

So please bear with the Flickering. I know it is a no no in the game community to have defects in your game, but Java renders some limited resources.

When i tried to do it in one JFrame all weirdness happened from switching squares to unsteady behavior.

So apart from the Flickering, do you like the design, the idea of a timer and a visual guide?

I know it has been done before. I just tried to rewrite it in Java.

Have a Nice Day. Mr.

That is because each time a new JFrame opens. Otherwise you can not add a fully working ActionListener !

Thanks for trying, i will be back with more...

Sure Sir, you had criricized my embryonic games. You pleaded i make them clickable and graphicized.

I sure did that Sir. Please check these two Sir, please :)

Thanks very much in advance.

For the Last time, Sir. Please check out my new output.


Hello Mr. Vova, Would you help free in advertising my free output ?

Thank You !

I made it all clickable and graphey, please check !

Well Thanks :)

Sorry Sire, did not mean to violate any rules.

Pleeeaase, mod ! :))

Dear Moderator,

I have amended the puzzle games as you advised.

Is it possible now that you rate or comment on them by setting them up on your PC ?

Thank You,


Can anyone Please Comment ?

4 by 4 sliding puzzle

could you Please check out my new game for Feedback

Thanks !

click your way through to a sensible picture

sorry, i mistakenly chose for android. But it will run if you Have JRE on your machine. ( runs on Windows, should run on Linux )

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Mathematical operations often need some dedicated tools to be carried out with minimal efforts and with maximum precision. This is true not only for calculations, but also for the many types of numerical conversions.
When changing the base of a certain number becomes too hard for mental calculations, you can try a simple application like baseConvert. Especially designed to carry out this particular type of operation, the program is a breeze to use even for beginner users.
The plain and simple GUI of this utility is clearly built just for practical purposes. There are only 3 fields that can be filled in and one button, which will perform the conversion on the spot. A noticeable plus of baseConvert is the fact that it was designed as a cross-platform tool, completely written in Java.
Getting the app to work its magic is only a matter of choosing the source base, then the one into which you want to turn the number and finally you just have to type in the value. Pressing the 'Convert' button will result in the immediate conversion of the figure you provided.
An interesting thing about baseConvert is the ability to process numbers with decimals. This means that you can change the base for pretty much any value, fractionated or not, in just a couple of seconds.
Since using this software solution is a really easy job, it will get the attention of all users, especially those interested in getting the conversion done in no time. 

All Done and Ready. Sir ! :)

The Games are



What kind of problems are you confronting ?

Do you have the latest JRE & JDK, Sir ?

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Basically the same game as

Now in 4 by 4 Format

Start with random characters splattered on the grid