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What kind of problems are you confronting ?

Dude, your other game is provided as a downloadable .jar file. This new one appears to be set as a browser-based game instead, except with no file to load in the browser OR download. Please double-check your settings. :)

All Done and Ready. Sir ! :)

For the Last time, Sir. Please check out my new output.


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You mean this one? The game page looks fine, that's all I can say.

Edit: and yes, the 3x3 version can be downloaded and runs just fine, too, but I could swear we've already discussed this months ago. In fact, we had a conversation about it in the game comments.

Sure Sir, you had criricized my embryonic games. You pleaded i make them clickable and graphicized.

I sure did that Sir. Please check these two Sir, please :)

Thanks very much in advance.

In both games, whenever I click a square, both windows flicker wildly several times before stopping. That makes it hard to tell if it works correctly otherwise.

That is because each time a new JFrame opens. Otherwise you can not add a fully working ActionListener !

Thanks for trying, i will be back with more...

So please bear with the Flickering. I know it is a no no in the game community to have defects in your game, but Java renders some limited resources.

When i tried to do it in one JFrame all weirdness happened from switching squares to unsteady behavior.

So apart from the Flickering, do you like the design, the idea of a timer and a visual guide?

I know it has been done before. I just tried to rewrite it in Java.

Have a Nice Day. Mr.

No offense, but Swing shouldn't cause such issues. Might want to check the documentation again. Mind if I ask why you chose Java in the first place?

That is the only language i can say i know apart from the old Fortran77. 

Java as a GUI featuring language and its ability to make objects and then even return objects back from a method, just amazes me.

How i see is you define your own objects to meet your needs...

Are there any platforms, you might suggest i try & learn.

I know i am no Carmack, and will not go near to making an Engine.

Thank you for your interest.

PS: Java did another strange thing before: it did not accept dot notation but comma notation in the input of doubles.

Also when it is Strings, and you do reference a String in a method. It remains unchanged when bacj from the method.

I cannot say deficiencies as i am a mere programmer. But Java has some let downs. I know...

Have you checked my " Floating Numbers Base Converter " i was the only one from my country to have it as an applet when was functional.

Just cut-the-knot owner has such an applet. Not many have invested time on that subject.