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Haunted PokeCave - A horror game inspired by Pokemon

A topic by Isuru Edirisinghe created Apr 11, 2018 Views: 399 Replies: 9
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Synopsis : You wake up in a haunted cave with almost all your Pokemon gone missing. Will you be able to find them and escape this nightmare?

Link to the game :

Haunted PokeCave is a fan made horror game that is inspired by Pokemon. The goal of the game is to find all your missing Pokemon and exit the cave safely.  Hints :

  • Your Pokemon are too scared to fight ghosts.Find a way to identify ghosts and their true form
  • Your Pokemon will die when they lose a battle
  • One of the Pokemon has the ability to teleport you once to the last location you picked up an item, fleeing the battle

The game might contain some bugs. Let me know if you encounter any!

is this an adventure game?

Not exactly.. It's mostly a horror game

Horror survival, Sir ?

Yeah .. I kinda missed the Survival genre in game's page settings. It's updated now!

How do you make such Advanced games ?

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To be honest it is not advanced at all compared to most other games. As for me I mostly use Unity3D. There are tons of tutorials out there to help get started! I'd recommend YouTube tutorials on game development with Unity if you're a beginner to game development.

I try to write very simple games in Java, if you'd check my output

Will do. But plain Java is not a good way to get started making games. Not that it's impossible, but there are much easier tools out there to make your games come to life! :)

Thank You. I will try out your game and tell you what i think, if you would like to know