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Awesome game! I like the different challenges you've added to it

thank you!

thank you!

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for this awesome asset pack. This would certainly help out to Prototype FPS games much faster..

Hi @WildRozen , thank you for trying it out.. I'm glad you enjoyed my game!

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for the review.. Glad you liked it!

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Thank you for the review! Yeah that's a known bug of the game which I never figured out a way to fix sadly..

Thanks mate , much appreciated! <3

A global pandemic is imminent!

A global pandemic has started and the government of your country has decided to take aggressive measures necessary in controlling it. And so forth, you find yourself in a super market complex grasping to every possible item that remains prior to the incoming enforcement of the curfew law. And for the worse, the complex is swarmed by the very organisms that are responsible for the pandemic

Link to the game page :


  • Press R to Restart
  • Press Backspace to go to Main Menu

  • Goto options menu for [H]elp window, which has information on game mechanics
  • There may be minor bugs, please report if you find any
  • Feedback and donations are highly appreciated as it motivates me to work on more awesome games!

haha! It's a visualization based on actual updated statistics. Not a game.

Did you try posting this on f95zone and /r/lewdgames? You might find some publicity there..

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I was thinking of a similar game concept for Christmas but never really managed to put it together.. and I gotta say that you've executed it perfectly.. I absolutely loved it!

Hey , sorry for the late reply. Try getting the latest version of WinRAR and see if that helps. If that fails as well , I'll do a reupload and send you the link!

Hi MadButler, try using the Dropbox link?

Love it! It's amazing how such a simple game can be so much enjoyable!

This is a nice concept , I enjoyed it !

Get the game from here!

As a spy of the Allied Forces, you manage to successfully infiltrate a building that is believed to be the  current HQ of the Nazi's. And as hoped you,discover the Nazi leader himself inside and must now eliminate him by any means necessary. Will it be as easy of a task as it sounds like?


Credits are shown on the game page

Boy oh boy another gameplay with glitches! xD  I think you're playing version 3. Most bugs are fixed in version 5 .. Either way, awesome gameplay! I enjoyed it a lot .. Thank you! 

A RAR file with the Unity build.. A web implementation would work too! :)

Good game! But you should really consider removing that installer.Why put players through so much trouble to access the game?

Hey milkandsockstv.. Thanks for the awesome review! I really enjoyed it. I will look into the bugs you encountered ASAP. 

Thank you for the review!  Oh man you indeed broke the game.. I actually didn't think anyone would run into that situation where you run into a Pokeball and a ghost at the same time.. Will fix that soon! And about the names.. I had them altered in an early version.. I guess I forgot to rename them back.. Thanks again!

haha Totally! Thanks for the review fam <3

Hi leafo, yeah it's finally up. Thank you!

Will do. But plain Java is not a good way to get started making games. Not that it's impossible, but there are much easier tools out there to make your games come to life! :)

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To be honest it is not advanced at all compared to most other games. As for me I mostly use Unity3D. There are tons of tutorials out there to help get started! I'd recommend YouTube tutorials on game development with Unity if you're a beginner to game development.

I have no idea either.. Let me know when you try it out!

Yeah .. I kinda missed the Survival genre in game's page settings. It's updated now!

Not exactly.. It's mostly a horror game

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Synopsis : You wake up in a haunted cave with almost all your Pokemon gone missing. Will you be able to find them and escape this nightmare?

Link to the game :

Haunted PokeCave is a fan made horror game that is inspired by Pokemon. The goal of the game is to find all your missing Pokemon and exit the cave safely.  Hints :

  • Your Pokemon are too scared to fight ghosts.Find a way to identify ghosts and their true form
  • Your Pokemon will die when they lose a battle
  • One of the Pokemon has the ability to teleport you once to the last location you picked up an item, fleeing the battle

The game might contain some bugs. Let me know if you encounter any!

I have the same issue from my game published a few hours back!

Hi,please check out the download in this link and see if it works!