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I love the ps1 style! I am interested to see which direction this game will take 

I did enjoy this game i thought it was a nice and fresh! I do hope we get more of these

This was really interesting! I cant wait to see more :) Btw i did glitch out of the office at one point lol the outside looks amazing

I loved iti! i hope you make a part 2 to this? because i am interested! 

I thought this was really interesting! I love the 2d/3d mixture of it and the style! I do wish that we could pick the other dialogue with the cop but besides that i had a lot of fun! Love the creature

want to see more""

I liked the game! i hope you do continue it :) i definitely want more

I enjoyed this game! I hope you continue the project becasue i can see this going really far!

It was a mission but i wanna say i found the secert ending! lol but i most likely just found another ending! loll but i really did enjoy this game i cant wait for the full game! Everything about this is perfect!

For a 5 minute game i really enjoyed it! I love the VHS style, i feel this game makes you think! I hope you guys make a part 2? :)

That jumpscare really got me! loll I really enjoyed the game the idea is great! I cant wait for the full game! there was a small typo in the newletter unless i read it wrong lol but besides that i enjoyed it :)

Not a bad game! i enjoyed it! i loved the action figure to be used as defence! I hope you guys continue the game :)

This GAME!! is really what nightmares are made of! i think you did an amazing job at it! The field was the hardest but not a downfall! Well done!

I enjoyed the game! i think the idea is great :) The sounds are very creepy! lolll

When i saw this was a Pokemon horror game! I needed to try it! And you did not disappoint i really enjoyed the game :) Can't wait for more :D

I love the concept of the game! Anything to do with underwater really makes me panic!lol I like how you have 2 endings and the game really messes with your head lol Is it real? or is it fake?? Well done! :D

I dont kow how you do it but you keep on bringing out amazing games! This one i was so happy about i loved courage the cowardly dog and this ep was the scariest of them all!! lol I loved this game and it was alot harder which i loved! Well done!

I really liked this game! you guys need to expand this game it was alot of fun! the idea is great!

This game is on another level! i had alot of fun with this game. The Hash Slinging Slaher scared me a couple of times! Loll 

This game is somemthing else! I really enjoyed this game alot it scared me a couple of times loll