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[Gamemaker][Collaboration]Looking for other Hobbyists

A topic by fromhelll created Apr 11, 2018 Views: 169 Replies: 3
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Hi, I've been messing around with Gamemaker, Unreal Engine for a couple of years now, I usually try to make every single thing in my game myself (graphics, programming), I'm no expert, I did take some programming and web dev classes, it doesn't necessarily translate to game development, but I'm capable. 

I haven't done anything big, mostly I've done remakes of old games like Pong, Pac Man, platformers, top down shooters, black jack, the things you usually do while learning. I've worked on my own games, mostly trying to learn  game mechanics, controls, and different aspects of the development process.

I'm looking for other hobbyists to collaborate with on game jams, there's always one going around somewhere, so it would be hard to find new opportunities to make something, I'm not trying to make MMOs, or any big projects, just simple things we can actually finish. I've tried to make bigger games, but it's somewhat time consuming, so I rather concentrate on creating games based on specific things we could learn rather than one huge project that would require us to learn everything as we work on it

Currently I'm working on a card game (on Gamemaker, vs CPU only), the current working game is Elements, it's nothing big, mostly I'm  doing it to learn what goes into making a card game, building/saving a decks, turns, battle system, balance, etc, but i would like to make it something presentable, I haven't completed much,  I made a couple card frames,  I'm currently working on the board and writing a detailed description of the game and basic game structure/mechanics, at least enough as to have an idea of how the game would work and start from there.

If you are interested or have any questions leave a comment or message me.

hi. I am interested !

Hey! im interested as well!


I use ue4 and I'm interested