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Star Wars Episode Z: Return Of The Copyright Infringement

A topic by QuadCorps created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 10
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Hi everyone. I made a two player split-screen shooter linked above. This prototype only has one level and no single player campaign for now. I was looking for feedback as to where I'm going wrong, how I can improve etc. Technical issues, game design feedback and what have you. It's an Unreal Engine game so the min specs are probably a bit high. I've had a few views probably due to the tongue in cheek title. But feedback-wise so far I've got a single one star rating but no comments as to what was wrong, how I can make it better. 

the in game graphics look fab!

Thank you for checking it out!

Would you give feedback for my output, too?

Thanks !

Had a look at your latest output. Good Java based puzzle game. I reckon to take things to the next level using the Java language, check out Processing (a graphical sketchpad for creative coding, I've used it a bunch of times, you can make really neat stuff in it including 3D) or jMonkeyEngine(never used it myself but heard good things about it).

Yes, Thank You for that. I want to get into writing an Adventure game. Any suggestions, Please ?

I mean do you know any programs used in Adventure making ?

Thanks !

Maybe Unity with the Adventure Creator plugin? Or Unreal with the Not Yet Dialogue plugin.

Did you play Thimbleweed Park ?


New version uploaded with two new maps and some UI updates.