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[Marketing] I'd love to bring some value to your project

A topic by vkyryllov created Feb 25, 2018 Views: 254 Replies: 6
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Hello fellow game enthusiasts! 

My name is Vova, and I'm experienced in Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. I'd love to jump on game marketing, because, well, I think it's awesome.
If you currently have a game project, and you want people to know about it, I'm here to help.
Right now I'm interested in any project, that is currently done or in late development. 

How can I help?

Create and run a Facebook page and an instagram page and build up some audience for your project
If your game is free, we can do it for free. It'll take much time and effort, but it is possible.
If your game is not free, we can run ads and make it happen faster.

If you're interested in such help, let me know  :)

Hello Vova, I looking for someone to take care of the commercial site of the games that I created. I think that I got a few games with possibilities to make some money from. I can not do that part of the business myself, I hate it! I hate forums and social networks but I know that they are essential to have some success, maybe even more important than the game itself.  Therefore I prefer to spend it out and share the profits. I published a few game here and if leave a link to  my site.  Maybe we can work something out. Thanks Davaro 

Hi Davaro,

I took a long look at your site. I'm not totally comfortable with the theme of some of your games. If you venture over toward more family-friendly games, please give me a shout!

Deleted post

Hello Burak. 

So what do you mean? Can you do the marketing of my games? 

Deleted post

Okay, no problem

Hello Mr. Vova, Would you help free in advertising my free output ?

Thank You !

I've made a free game called Watcher some time ago but I suck at marketing so pretty much nobody actually found the game.

I think it has potential for a certain community but I don't know how to get their attention.

It would be really nice if you could help me.