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​After four years of development, my co-op adventure game is finally out!

A topic by It's Anecdotal created Apr 25, 2018 Views: 148 Replies: 5
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I've been working on 39 Days to mars in my spare time - and more recently full time - for over four years (it Kickstarted in 2014!). It's been quite the development journey, from a throw-away prototype through to the final version today.

Check it out on the store page here (plus it's 20% off for launch week!):

39 Days to Mars on

 And the trailer is here:

 I'm so very happy that it's finally out, and excited that everyone can now play it! I love discussing development, so questions & comments are more than welcome!

the trailer looks Fab!

Thank You!

Looking forward to playing this one cooperatively with my wife (when one day we finally both have the energy after getting the kids to bed...)   Congrats on the release!  :-)

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy playing it :).

I'm happy to announce that purchases here on Itch now come with a Steam key, for those achievement hunters and steam-controller users!