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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it aside from the bugs!

Thank you! Hopefully we'll be able to take care of the bugs after the jam!

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, the bugs were unfortunate.

Thank you so much!

I tried to include it in my original comment but obviously it didn't attach properly XD 

It was kind of hard to see some of the images in the doors but overall a nice game with decent difficulty

Nice game, movement just feels slow.

Very different. A cute little visual novel.

Interesting idea. The mindgames around the clues as to which door were interesting.

Some kind of tutorial would have been nice, I went in and had no idea how to do anything, got stuck because I clicked on a stone (I think) and got surrounded by enemies.

Unique idea! The shop was kind of confusing, I never quite understood how it worked but definitely an interesting game!

It's a little confusing but otherwise an interesting game.

Very atmospheric. I liked the art of the backyard!

Really interesting, the puzzles were nice too. I'm glad the puzzles were fairly forgiving.

The audio is definitely a little loud but otherwise is a very fun, silly game.

Very unique! I tried murdering people initially and struggled to stay alive so I kind of just spoke to everyone.

Cool idea, short but fun!

Super cute! As someone who has always loved dress-up type games, a door dress-up was new but very enjoyable :D 

Really really good!

Thank you for playing! :D

Very glad you liked it! :D Unfortunately the phone bug appeared after we made the build and so we didn't have time to fix it but we definitely will after the jam! Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Many doors.

Cool idea. Seemed kind of slow

Skybox was cool. There were many floating orbs. Door didn't open on day 2

Cool take on the theme. The door room was pretty cool to look at

Fun! Interesting idea!

Cool game, it did sometimes feel like the key would swing randomly and made getting through small corridors difficult but otherwise fun

Silly game and pretty fun

The way the doors open are cool although the controls are so slidey, I ended up lost in the doors a few times

Solving the riddles was really fun!

Cute. The control scheme was a little weird to me.

Kind of confusing to play, audio was cool though

Some kind of feedback would be nice, especially when fighting the skeletons, I had no idea where my health was sitting or anything like that. Also past a certain point, the chests stopped giving me things.

Very cute! I don't really know what else to say.

Super cute! The puzzles were a lot of fun!

Cool idea, felt a little janky at times.

Very cool game. A silly idea executed pretty well!

Really cool. I always like investigation-style games and this one is a new one :D

Cool idea. It was very very hard to see and it would sometimes feel like enemies would get stuck to the back of the player and just spin with you.