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I love your spin on disc room. You nailed the disco aesthetic. The timed gameplay reminds me of Crypt of the Necrodancer. Great job!

Beautiful art and effects! The mouse tracking is very snappy too. Excellent juice with the score card at the end and the impacts with the saws. With the coins dropping into the screen, it can be difficult to tell when they become interactable. Some audio would really make this game sing. Great job!

Great, single-button arcade game! The art style is clean-cut and beautiful with polish for days. Excellent job with sound effects and particles. They really drive home the impacts. The embedded webGL version did give me some issues when clicking "Again?" or the X (using Chome on Win10), but I know Unity's HTML5 builds can be wonky. Great work!

Very unique idea for management style simulation. It took me a while to figure our how the mechanics worked (how to rotate the rooms, how far patrons will walk to their needs, what each room fulfilled). An introduction or tutorial might make that easier to understand. I had the most fun once I filled all the rooms and was managing several guests as once. I was a little frustrated with how long it would take to rotate two or more rooms. Maybe button presses would make rotating rooms snappier. With some polish I bet this could be a fun micro-sim mobile game.

I love the concise concept and mechanics. The fluid movement animations lend well to the quick reflex-style gameplay. Some sound effects and music could really push this over the edge. The level transitions are on point. Well done! 

Very fun game. Perspective and pixel art reminds me of

The paddles were a good design decision to keep players from camping in corners. I do agree with Xiene that the player's movement speed feels a little too fast. Neat idea though to incorporate the game with pinball mechanics.

I really liked the risk/reward of firing more discs into the arena. Great design choice!

Hey, I'd love to use the 1st, 4th or 5th track for my game contagion.

Beautiful art and good color palette choices. The switching layers is very reminiscent of Xeodrifter. The layer switching could use some polish as you can warp into solid blocks and get stuck, but it's a cool idea and adds to the platformer elements. Good job!

The animation is nicely done and I like the light humor. I wish there were more rooms in the dungeon to escape from, but otherwise it's a fun game. Good job!

My favorite part was the varied dialogue from the other skulls. It gave the game character. The checkpoint system worked well too. Good job!

Great game! You nailed the early RPG battle system and all three characters felt unique in their designated fields. The music got a little repetitive after a few battles. Animations looked great and the screen flashes and screen shake on impacted hits really added to the game feel. Overall you did a great job. One of my favorite games this jam.

Fantastic game! The mechanics work wonderfully (I only had the banana hang up on a block once) The level design ramps up difficulty at a healthy pace and introduces new challenges without being overwhelming. The music and animation really gave off a Kirby/SMB2 vibe and it works wonderfully. Excellent gamefeel. Deaths were frequent but never felt cheap . The quick respawning and short level design made the game very easy to pickup and keep playing. Overall great job on this game!

Fun game, the mechanics are quick to pick up and well executed. Animations when you move would add to the game. The map function works really well and the indicators give great guidance. The choice to rapidly respawn after a death was a good move. I think it would've been a bit too frustrating if I had to restart from another room after each death. Good job!

The art looks beautiful for this game. I'm not really big on dating sims, but I respect how well put together this game is. The dialogue system runs smoothly and the day tracking makes it clear how you have to split up your interactions. Good job!

Great submission! The music is high energy and on point with the pace of the gameplay. The variety of shooting is fun and lets you experiment with what works best in certain situations. I do wish there was a background to show more movement. Controls are tight and responsive. The art is well down and the animations are fluid. I had a blast playing it!

Very fun game. Nice title screen, the character animations look smooth (that knight is awesome), fire and water effects look great. Each enemy offers enough variety to be conquered differently. The music stops after a fixed amount of time and SFX would be a nice touch. Overall, great job!

Controls felt responsive and natural. I'd like if the camera showed you a little bit further ahead of where you're going. Great music and the boss battle was the cherry on the top. Fantastic job!

The music fit the post-apocalyptic theme well and the intro gave some nice motivation and story to the game. Your AP meter seems to refill very slowly (I had to dash past the enemies in the last area to get to my daughter). I liked the fall-out style VATS system for targeting enemies too but I wasn't sure if I could actually target their body parts. Inventory and weapons menu worked great, but it was kind of a hassle to open up my inventory every time I picked up an item to see what it was. Overall, fun game and great job!

Nice art. I had some minor glitches when my spear would spawn behind me instead of in front. The music is great too, very high energy.

The shadow system looks awesome! Your movement seemed a little jerky and maybe too fast though. I liked the reticle corners lighting up for your charge attack, very nice, subtle design choice. Music was also great. I was rocking out, killing enemies the whole time!

I liked the upgrade system and varying environments. I wish you could shoot and move in different directions simultaneously though. Cool game and good job!

Neat little combo of match 3 and puzzle style games

Great tone and game feel. I loved the Dark Souls theme with the "You Died" screen and dodge and attack mechanics. The controls are simple but that's all that's needed. The mob enemies can kinda just be mowed through with spamming attack, but the dash mechanic was well utilized with the skeleton boss. The ominous background music fit well, but the rest of the sound could use some polish. Awesome game and I'd love to see this continue to get developed!

I like the growing and shrinking mechanic, it works well. The changing speed and jump height is a nice touch for each size iteration. Starting over from the beginning is a little grating though. I'm also a little confused on how to consistently kill enemies. It seems that some kill me regardless of my size or if I jump on them. Overall a fun concept that I'd definitely play with a little more polish.

I like the simple, easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master mechanics. I could definitely see myself playing this with some buddies at the next get together. Great concept and execution!

Neat pixel art. I wish there was some music or sound fx though

Great art and music. Text was difficult to read and individual character wrap was confusing. The pixel art and layout were fantastic though. The symbols made it clear what I was doing and most skills only took minor guessing and checking to figure them out. Overall a fun experience, good job!

Thanks for the feedback. I think procedural generation would be a great idea for this genre. If I had more time during the jam I certainly would've built that in along with some story elements. If enough people like the project, maybe I'll continue it and see what I can implement.

Dude, this is amazing! Sounds like something straight out of A Link to the Past or Zelda II. I'll update the game and post it now. I'll put your name in the credits and add a link to your page. Thanks again, man! Wonderful job!

That's great! I can't wait to see what you come up with. A download is on the game's page now if you wanna check it out. Don't mind the filler music, it's something I threw together quick.

Fantastic! That'd be awesome. Thanks, man!

Hey, your chiptune stuff is awesome! Would you mind making some music for my game Tiny Dungeon? It's a top down dungeon crawler. I'll understand if this is kinda late notice, but if you could help it'd be much appreciated!

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The short field of vision and sound design really deliver the horror theme. Definitely got a jump scare out of me when I was first attacked. Good job!