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♫♪♫ Music and SFX 8bit 4 your game ♫♪♫

A topic by pazuzu created Apr 01, 2016 Views: 722 Replies: 30
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If you need music and sfx 8bit for your game, talk to me!!!!!!!!!
here is my portfolio https://soundcloud.com/carlos-pazuzu


Oh damn, it's awesome !

thanks bro!!!!!!!!!


Awesome work!

I need a 8-bit cute cat music and a "meow" SFX for 64 Pixels of Cute, would you be interested? (This is how the game looks like)

Sure thing! I gtg right now, come back in few hours, and then I will make them 4 you ;)


Thank you! Though, I hope you haven't started yet, because another musician found the game last night and wanted to make the music. She was too eager to do it, so I felt like giving it to her.

If you have already started, I can let her know that you've already started and I don't want your effort to be wasted, though.

Wel!!!! No problem! I am happy you found someone to do it for you!!! Sorry I'm late about it hehehe


Putz, cara, muito bom!! To ouvindo aqui, vendo se alguma se encaixa bem no meu jogo xD

Na hora!!!!!!! xD


Hi Pazuzu!

If it is still actual, I would like to ask you for some music.

Here is the core loop of the game i'm making.

Basically you are Knight trapped in some strange temple. To free yourself you need to fight and kill all of the demons.

So I'm looking for some music when the player jumps between tiles. I'm thinking that music similar to this one [video below] would nicely highlight the situation in which the player is.

For fight scene, I would like to use one of your current songs:

What do you think Pazuzu?


Wow!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!
You are free to use my music if you want! Is it going to be at the "Flappy bird" alike part?
Anyway, Iit will be a pleasure to compose for your game! As soon as possible I will get my gear and try to do something lavender town alike!

Congratulations for your game!!! See you soon!

Submitted (Edited 4 times)

> You are free to use my music if you want! Is it going to be at the "Flappy bird" alike part?


If I'm not asking too much, maybe you could do a sound which last for like 2-3 sec, for scene when you slay demon or player has died. For player death this sound should be sad, for winning scene it could be something intense/epic, but not necessarily happy/humorous.

I want to thank you in advance for all of your work!

Please let me know how you want to be credited in game.

Composing it! Where do you want me to post the finished stuff?


Well, I don't mind if just post it here or on soundcloud. So just anywhere as you like it :)

(Edited 3 times)

There you are, mate:

Allowed the download option for you to get it.

Hope you enjoy. Now I will do the few other ones. Would you like me to do some SFX for your game as well? For the falling floors, monster, jump, etc?

P.S: I put a title in it, if u dont mind ;D

Here are all the other music you asked me and some SFX i did by myself, hope it have some use 4 you cya



Thank you very much Pazuzu! <3

Wouldn't be a problem for you, to prepare a version of temple of falling floor with lower bpm?

Please, tell me how you want to be credited in game? as Pazuzu or maybe real name? any links?

(Edited 1 time)

Here is it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y1wpp18g17wruj/LOWREZJAM%202016%20-%20Track%2001%20%28Temple%20of%20Falling%20Floors%29%2069%20BPM.wav?dl=0

EDIT: "Right Click and Save as"

It is at 69 BPM. Let me know if you want if even slower of faster.
You may credit me as my artistic name: "Carlos Pazuzu", and if you could put my soundcloud link that would be really nice ;D
Anyway, I would like to play the game when it is finished, loved it as I said before
cya bro ;*


Once again thank you! <3


Game is finished, you can go and play it :D



Hey, your chiptune stuff is awesome! Would you mind making some music for my game Tiny Dungeon? It's a top down dungeon crawler. I'll understand if this is kinda late notice, but if you could help it'd be much appreciated!

sure thing!!! Maybe some medieval tune? As soon as possible I will do it


Fantastic! That'd be awesome. Thanks, man!

(Edited 1 time)

Composing it ! Post here when finish it!

P.S: Where can I download it?? It looks awesome!


That's great! I can't wait to see what you come up with. A download is on the game's page now if you wanna check it out. Don't mind the filler music, it's something I threw together quick.

Its done but i am hvaing a hard time uploading it. As soon as possible i will post it

There you are friend, sorry for the delay



This is awesome.

Thank you, dude!!!!!!!


Dude, this is amazing! Sounds like something straight out of A Link to the Past or Zelda II. I'll update the game and post it now. I'll put your name in the credits and add a link to your page. Thanks again, man! Wonderful job!

I am glad you liked my work!!! Hope it fit in your game!!!
Thanks for credits!!!! cya!!!!!!!!

Beat it!!!! AMAZING WORK!!!! I had so much fun with this game!!!!!!!!