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I'm doing this also. I found that removing the time for spaces between words to appear is better. It seems smoother !

Keep it up !

This is awesome.

Nice ! Controls, camera, goal understanding... Neat, except this is all blurry for me :[ (Safari 9.0.1 / MacOSX 10.11.1)

Thx !

I'm a little ashamed to use the word Tamagotchi... There will be no challenge. The concept is : the more time spent with Tina, the bigger the plant grows. And that's it.

Just leave Tina.App open somewhere, to hear her say things, and do stuff.

It would be cool to "feed" the plant or something like that, but I didn't find a simple way to do it... yet.

Excellent idea !

Where are you on your project ? Do you need help to draw some pokemmmoooons ? I'd be glad to help !

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I'm making a little Tamagotchi Girl, inspired by Mountain (a no-interaction game by David O'Reilly)

You'll have to listen, and help her grow a little plant, becoming eventually a nice tree.


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It's super great ! I like the colors and the little fuel sign over there.

You can add a radio, some trees and houses to look at...