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For now i just have a community on gitter:

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Thanks!!! I'll try to configure payments on itch.
Your payments were pendding in paypal, i accepted one and refused the others, see if it appears in your library

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don't have any paid project ;-;
but i want to help the bundle

#BlackLivesMatter !!

Just download de linux version, extract the file and execute de "Dotgrid" file inside it.
If you want to use the terminal, open the folder in terminal and run "./Dotgrid"

Thanks! haha want to see your game! I love binding of isaac.

I got it, i won one time!! haha Congrats, bro, nice game! o/

Thank you all, guys! I rated all your games too :D

Wow, it's a really good game. It's like a Binding of Isaac with Zelda style haha. Good job, dude! o/

O jogo tem potencial! Vou ficar cobrando até tu terminar xD

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Yes, the browser version has some issues. But the downloadable versions are working fine (i hope). Later i will update this page, this was a test page, the official game page is on gamejolt (

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No, you can use as a personal challenge, but it's not a rule, maybe depending of how your game will be, it's important. But many games in the past jams don't have 8x8 grids. And the only rules you have to follow is the original jam rules. A good example is the games who won the gbjam3 and gbjam4, both are awesome, and they use more than 8x8px, maybe more than 16x16.

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Hahaha, it's getting really good already. I want to play when it's over :D

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Depende, se for fazendo colisão do zero, esse é um dos jeitos mais usados mesmo, é a box collision. Porém realmente tem outras maneiras mais eficientes. Mas só não entendi o porque de você estar testando para os blocos invisíveis. Não seriam os visíveis? E outra coisa, você tá falando em relação a construct? Ou alguma outra game engine que não tem colisão já pronta?

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Well, in first, was the first "playable" game that i made alone(except music, still don't know do this haha, but i'm trying) xD.

Hmm, and i just have experience with game engines, and on final of past year, i made my first game using a framework in c++(allegro), and i discover that i love do that hahaha. So, in this jam, i tried to use Love2D, but i had some issues in my code organization D: , then i remade the game in GameMaker. And I liked the final result xD.

And finally, I would like to congratulate all the persons who finish their games, really it's not easy o/.

Not yet, but the game is playable. Maybe today i will post here.

This is what i made in weekend:

Tileset added(generating random, i will change the algorithm):

Wave system and chests finally done! (Provisory title screen[and name, maybe]):

And "Y based depth" too! o/

(Don't know what happened with gif colors ;-;)

And collisions too! o//

Putz, cara, muito bom!! To ouvindo aqui, vendo se alguma se encaixa bem no meu jogo xD

Hmm, i liked the smooth camera. I tried to put on my game too, but not work with my idea. But in your game looks cool!

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This all my progress, for now e.e

EDIT: Oh, and some art too:

House (don't know where i will use it haha)

Tileset tests:

(Based on tileset organization) i suck on tilesets haha

And initial game mockup: