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It means a lot to me, so thank you that you wrote this comment. What you like the most about the game? It could help if  I ever wanted to expand idea of this game.

I really like the idea of the mechanics and way the ship changes to shield. Would love to see some particle effects and some screen shake :D.

I recommend you to watch this :)

Really like it! It's a polished entry. Big plus for making it in your own engine, keep it up :)

Although the game may not be perfect, I appreciate that you did this in webgl :). I need to upgrade my engine to webgl, for now i'm stuck with canvas renderer :P.

The execution of the game is excellent. I guess that, If you would have more time you would polish the game to its finest. The game learning curve is a bit to harsh, and thats the only thing that I would complain about.

Cool little game <3

Nice entry. In my opinion you should use less saturated backgrounds for this game, especially in forest zones. And oh the cherry, it should give some bonus points :D

Really well executed, looks like full blown game rather than game jam entry!

The games look really polished, espacially I love the idea that you return to game sliced in half :D.

Beautiful graphics! <3

If you willing to play more :D, I suggest you this order:

Go around the map and find out what is on the end of each path. Remember it. When the game restart the order will stay the same unitl you reload the browser.

1. Take sword

2. Take torch

3. Try to kill frog demon, because it is the hardest, maybe even too hard :/.

4. The rest of the demons are pretty easy with the sword, it's only 10 hits. Hitting in upper lift is a bit faster than the lower. So just spam up arrow when you can :D.

5. ....

6. Profit :D

Did you finish the game and got the gold bell in the bottom right corner :D?

Thank you.

The start over thing is just part of the game. I want that the player would feel that this isn't normal world, it collapsing, it is unstable ... like a dream. Perhaps the landing animation is too long :)

well you guessed my inspiration :), although undertale has much better story :D

Game is finished, you can go and play it :D

Once again thank you! <3

Thank you very much Pazuzu! <3

Wouldn't be a problem for you, to prepare a version of temple of falling floor with lower bpm?

Please, tell me how you want to be credited in game? as Pazuzu or maybe real name? any links?

Well, I don't mind if just post it here or on soundcloud. So just anywhere as you like it :)

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> You are free to use my music if you want! Is it going to be at the "Flappy bird" alike part?


If I'm not asking too much, maybe you could do a sound which last for like 2-3 sec, for scene when you slay demon or player has died. For player death this sound should be sad, for winning scene it could be something intense/epic, but not necessarily happy/humorous.

I want to thank you in advance for all of your work!

Please let me know how you want to be credited in game.

Hi Pazuzu!

If it is still actual, I would like to ask you for some music.

Here is the core loop of the game i'm making.

Basically you are Knight trapped in some strange temple. To free yourself you need to fight and kill all of the demons.

So I'm looking for some music when the player jumps between tiles. I'm thinking that music similar to this one [video below] would nicely highlight the situation in which the player is.

For fight scene, I would like to use one of your current songs:

What do you think Pazuzu?

The pattern of block will stay the same, although what you will find and the end of each path will be randomized. What you see here is just one part of the game, the fight system with the bosses will be like another minigame in this game (like in undertale).

Game is yet unnamed, but here are some sneak peaks.