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A member registered Aug 17, 2014

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I finished my pathfinder system... I'm very bad with this (first time I tried this kind of system, it's on "Breadth First Search") and this is not perfect but I'm happy with it for now (I spend 3 days for this... I can't spend any more time on it).

These little bastards are too sticky ! I need a fonction to kill them all, NOW !!!

So, tomorrow, I'll start the combat system, and after the generation map and tileset.
I hope after I will have the time to add an skills, inventory and collectible items too.

It seems the parallax goes to the wrong side, isn't ?

Hey ! It reminds me the combat system from Resident Evil: Gaiden ! Good luck, I like monsters and gore project :)

Oh damn, it's awesome !

Thanks !

I don't know yet if I'll use your font or one of mine, because I prefer use 100% made by myself but yours is great and I like it. Hard choice...

It's pretty cool but the link is wrong I think (the page says " If you're looking for an image, it's probably been deleted or may not have existed at all.")

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Your mockup is great !

Here a gif of my project :

(Thanks Ansity Games for the tips !)

Very cute, I hope you will join this jam !