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Two other puzzle with errors:

Liberty (Structure)

Pine (Nature)

Thanks a lot for this quick answer 😃

Hello !

About the Steam key, what is the procedure to get it back ?
It's cool to have a DRM-free version, but if I can also have a Steam version, I really interested ! (For the automatic updates and because I like to collect these useless things we call "achievements"😓)

Pixross community · Created a new topic Errors in puzzle
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I just noticed at least one puzzle has an issue, the Tic Tac Toe (Miscellaneous category).

Quickly, we have this state:

    1   3 1 
    1 3 1 1 2
1 1 ■ x ■ x x
  3 x   ■ ■
3 1 ■ ■ ■ x ■
1 1 x ■ x
  2 x   ■   x

... and then, if I'm not wrong, you have two right possibilities.

  • 1st (the game one):
    1   3 1 
    1 3 1 1 2
1 1 ■ x ■ x x
  3 x ■ ■ ■ x
3 1 ■ ■ ■ x ■
1 1 x ■ x x ■
  2 x x ■ ■ x
  • 2th (wrong for the game):
    1   3 1 
    1 3 1 1 2
1 1 ■ x ■ x x
  3 x x ■ ■ ■
3 1 ■ ■ ■ x ■
1 1 x ■ x ■ x
  2 x ■ ■ x x

I'm just going through the game now, so maybe there are another ?

EDIT: I just saw there is already some reports in the suggestions topic. Sorry for the doubloon, but it is not really a suggestion too anyway 😅

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Hello !

I just launch Pixross for the first time. I was looking if I can change anything in "Style" and when I clicked on the "Background" section, the game instantly closes itself.
From that, I can't relaunch it :/

It say something like that (translated from the French, sorry):

Windows isn't able to access to the périphérique (I don't know how to translate this word), the path or the specified file.
Maybe you don't have the authorization to access to the element.

I'm on Windows10, if I can provide you any useful information, don't hesitate to ask !

EDIT: I unplugged my gamepad (Xbox360 controller) and I'm now able to relaunch the game :D I also can go in Style > Background and the game don't crash this time (with or without gamepad).

I finished my pathfinder system... I'm very bad with this (first time I tried this kind of system, it's on "Breadth First Search") and this is not perfect but I'm happy with it for now (I spend 3 days for this... I can't spend any more time on it).

These little bastards are too sticky ! I need a fonction to kill them all, NOW !!!

So, tomorrow, I'll start the combat system, and after the generation map and tileset.
I hope after I will have the time to add an skills, inventory and collectible items too.

It seems the parallax goes to the wrong side, isn't ?

Hey ! It reminds me the combat system from Resident Evil: Gaiden ! Good luck, I like monsters and gore project :)

Oh damn, it's awesome !

Thanks !

I don't know yet if I'll use your font or one of mine, because I prefer use 100% made by myself but yours is great and I like it. Hard choice...

It's pretty cool but the link is wrong I think (the page says " If you're looking for an image, it's probably been deleted or may not have existed at all.")

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Your mockup is great !

Here a gif of my project :

(Thanks Ansity Games for the tips !)

Very cute, I hope you will join this jam !