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It does side views from four or eight angles and I believe there is a top view as well.

But you're logged in.. that's how you're posting this.
You'll have to get in contact with Itch support if you purchased anything under a different account that you no longer have access to.

Thanks, I did not know about that. I modified the original post with a new link.

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Here's Kenney's Modular Building set ( )all modified to work in Asset Forge. There are 108 blocks in this kit all re-named to make searching easier in the next update.

These blocks are really only subitable for quickly making building exteriors so while it may be faster to make a house or office building using these you'll need to make the interior using something else. Additionally these have not been modified to be fit seamlessly with built in kits so if roofs from the City or Castle kit fit that's an added bonus but not at all planned. As seen in my other posts here using this set it does mesh well with the road kit, of which I need to set tile names before it's ready, and with some tiles from other sets.
Due to the number of blocks in this kit it may take a second for the folder to load in Asset Forge the first time you use it. This set serves as a decent benchmark for Asset Forge's performance as far as generating thumbnails goes.
I think some of the tiles/blocks can use better names to help group them in the selection pannel better so if you find any that shoud be named something different please let me know.

Preview Image!

To add these blocks to Asset forge open the ZIP and copy the included "Buildings" directory to [Asset Forge Folder]/Collections .

Jam teams often have coordination or scheduling issues. Most of the time unless you can all be in the same physical space it's best to enter alone.

Kudos to you for participating and getting something out there. I hope you learned a lot and will join more jams.

If anyone who participated is making a blog post, Youtube video, or has an archived livestream about their experience with Kenney Jam please share it here. I've seen lots of comments along the lines of "This is the first game I finished" and would love to share those stories and any words you may have about what you've learned.

double check your assets, those enemies and I believe the trees are from someone else.

That looks right to me.

The Kenney-Pixeland  Monthly update is a short re-cap of the goings on in the official Pixeland Discord as well as with official Kenney productions such as asset packs, Kenney games, and  Asset Forge. Not surprisingly in the newest edition Asset Forge, being the major project of the past few months and having finally released, was heavily featured. This coverage extended to creations made by community members and shared right here on this board.

Read the post here to see what was said and to see other upcoming non-Asset Forge releases and events.

Nice set, I'm liking it.

On your next update check the material names and remove _(Instance) . All of your blocks share materials which is awesome and makes things easier, but that change will make them share materials with blocks placed from the Aircraft set.

I can't wait to see what gets made with these. Again, Good Job.

Keep this topic updated and if you have any examples of creative block uses please share them here.

Here's Keneny's Mini-Golf pack adapted for Asset Forge, with all parts tested and working in AF.  I did not make these, I just modified them to work with his tool.

There are a total of Fifty (50) objects in this kit which is everything from Kenney's kit on his site less the balls, clubs and most flags as I consider balls and clubs game objects and instances of flags can have the material swapped so you don't need three variations.

These mix and match with many built in Asset Forge sets allowing for an easy expansion and large variation of courses; you can easly make a vanilla mini golf set, a city course, and a castle course with just this pack and what's already included in Asset Forge.

I released this set on the Pixeland Discord in the #supporters channel long before now and will continue to do the same with other Kenney sets adapted for Asset Forge. If you want Kenney's Road Kit or Modular buildings kit for Asset Forge soon kick him a few bucks on Patreon and watch the Discord as those should be dropping there soon. (I'm doing this on my own without consulting or encouragement from him.)

Download The Mini Golf Kit Here

I managed a Pizza place with a red roof like that once upon a time.

What you're looking for is Here.
Additionally anyone can make their own blocks and add them.

Jebus that's a big model and gives me some ideas.

I've successfully run Asset Forge on some older office PCs on medium and lower settings without much issue at all. Kenney even moved from rendered and animated previews to pre-rendered static PNG images for previews to reduce some overhead.

 Your CPU being a low powered notebook unit with weaker integrated graphics is probably the issue here. You can't swap the chip and adding an external GPU is probably an expensive and technical endeavor. Your best bet for getting more power from that computer will be adding Ram but there's no guarantee that it will help with AF as your system likely has very limited graphics capability and GPU allotted memory. I've heard of someone with a Macbook Air having performance issues too. The Air is also based on a low power Atom CPU.

Try this [Techium Eclipse] it's a Game Jam entry by Kenney that also uses Unity as the engine and assets built with some of the Asset Forge pipeline before it was Asset Forge.

I know this is probably not what you want to hear but a "new" PC may be in order. Really the requirements for Unity and Asset Forge are not that heavy so there are plenty of older PCs that can run it if you're not willing/able to build/buy a new PC for this task. Pick a processor, type it into ebay, then choose Desktop and All-in-ones and you'll find plenty of prebuilt systems. Don't get an Ultra Small Form Factor and try for a tower if possible because it will be easier to find a GPU if you need one later.

This isn't a bug per-se but a small thing to address: with the use of thumbnail previews the orientation of a block matters a lot for the asset preview panel. There are a few default blocks that should be rotated to show the notable face. The one That I recall offhand is the factory roof in the city pack, rotating 180 will show the roof angle and Windows.

I think videos like yours are great promotion for the tool.

you only see each face of the cube from one side so that's the direction of the normal, in your case you can see the back of each face too but without a normal pointing back light only reflects off of the outside.

I uninstalled SketchUp so I can't check your SketchUp file but I could probably build a working obj or fbx in Blender if you don't understand.

You need to make a sub directory within the Collections folder, so /Collections/Interior/chair.obj will load into Asset Forge under a new category of Interior, but /Collections/chair.obj will not load

You only have a single face per side with the normal pointing outward, you need some faces with the normal pointing in as well.

That is correct, it eight views from three isometric angles, a direct top down and (I think) eight views from a straight on angle (Front, left, back, right and all the in betweens).

Kenney is also adding a snapshot feature, but that's not really placing the camera and exporting for yourself as it still has a background.

By and large Asset Forge was made for people like you, so fear not.

Chances are you won't have to make or import custom 3D blocks. There are some incredible examples made 100% with default blocks arranged in creative ways. If you do find yourself needing a custom block there may be something very like it out there in a custom pack by the time you need it, and if that doesn't work there are tons of tutorials out there for 3D modeling software. What's "easy" for one person may not be easy for another but there are entire Youtube channels dedicated to teaching Blender or Sketchup or Rhino or... you get the idea.

No, you can not import 2D objects. There's a somewhat hacky way of importing a PNG as a texture on a material but that's out of scope for this. If you buy the program and really need this functionality and Kenney hasn't added custom textures at that point ask here again and I'll show you how to do that.

Custom textures are in the works but as of now (V1.1) there is not a direct way through the Asset Forge interface. Soon

Right now Asset Forge essentially takes a picture of your 3D asset from any number of angles and exports that as an PNG for your 2D asset, so if your asset is not built in a pixel art style your PNG will not be. 

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I'm here to teach you how to make your custom blocks use the default materials from Asset Forge instead of making a new set of materials for each custom block you create and import. This is especially useful if you're building a set and want consistency across your pieces instead of having to change properties on each block.

The first thing to know is that Asset Forge will automatically use a material if the name already exists, otherwise it will create a new material. If you're making a set and want all of your parts to share some materials make sure you use a consistent name when naming the materials.
The second thing to know is that Asset Forge has a number of built in Materials. If you're building a block set that should integrate with the Vehicle pack, for example, you'll want to use the same material names and properties. Having the same names means that you'll share materials with the default assets, and having the same properties means you won't overwrite any of the default settings should you place your block first. Asset Forge takes the properties of the first material with a name and makes that material, all subsequent assets placed using that material name will inherent the properties of the existing material.
Below is a list of some of the default materials and their common usage. There are probably more that I've not yet found.
  _defaultMat  -  The default white material
  tire  -  Used on tires, roof racks, and many grey/black blocks
  blueSteel  -  The blue material applied to the majority of vehicle and aircraft parts
  orangeSteel  -  The tops of cars and hood/bonnet covers
  glass  -  It's glass
  wood  -  Used mostly in the buildings packs
The easiest way to make sure you're using the same matrials is to check the materials in your 3D modeling program of choice. Sometimes when importing an object the modeler will like to append to the material name so you'll get something like _defaultMat.001  Just change the material name.
A surefire way to ensure you have the same material name and properties is to open your .mtl file and copy/paste the default proterties used in Asset Forge. The properties of the above materials are below:

newmtl _defaultMat
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 1 1 1 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
newmtl tire
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 0.2980392 0.3137255 0.3647059 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
newmtl blueSteel
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 0.02745098 0.4 0.6941177 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
newmtl orangeSteel
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 1 0.6117647 0.3529412 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
newmtl glass
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 0.2980392 0.3137255 0.3647059 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
newmtl wood
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 
Kd 0.7843137 0.6156863 0.5176471 
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000

If you had different material names you will need to open the .obj in a text editor and modify the "usemat ..." line i.e "usemtl _defaultMat.001" -> "usemtl _defaultMat"

Help, my blocks are shiny!
Your faces are probably sharp, or that's what I've experienced.
In Blender do the following:
    Import your obj, delete the default cube if necessary
Right Click to select the obj
Press [TAB] to enter edit mode
In the left pane select the "Shading/UVs" tab
Click the button labeled "Flat" under the Faces: heading
Export your fixed model.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this process please leave a reply below or pop on over to the Discord and I'll try to help.

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Hey all, Any_Key here with an odd custom block for all of you.

My palette block allows you to save and load custom pallets that by default will overwrite six of the default materials so you can achieve a consistent color and texture style across your new Asset Forge assets. This block is somewhat hacky and originally was conceived to exploit a bug that Kenney has now fixed, but here's what I've got so far:

- Download and extract the palette folder into /Collections/
- There are two blocks included by default, one that has the default palette applied and one that has a custom palette.
Making a Palette
    - To make a custom palette build your model and get it looking all pretty like and SAVE the model. 
    - Once you're happy place a block in your scene and it should take the properties of some of the materials you've edited.
    - Apply any materials you want to save that weren't already put on the block to a face.
    - Delete everything but the palette block.
    - Move the palette block to 0, 0, 0 and Export the 3D project as .obj to /Collections/Palette
Using a Palette
- Start a new project and place the Palette you want as your first block.
- Done

The materials used in a Palette, in the order they appear in the Materials selection, are:
  Default - The white color used in many blocks
  Tire - Used on tires, roof racks, and many grey/black blocks
  blueSteel - The blue material applied to the majority of vehicle and aircraft parts
  orangeSteel - The tops of cars and hood/bonnet covers
  glass - It's glass
  wood - Used mostly in the buildings packs

Download it here!

In 1.0 clicking Open added the model to the project but now it's been fixed to wipe the project clean then open the model so there are no odd block sitting around.

With a project I'm working on the old method works better, and with the added ability to select multiple parts of a project being able to import a model, move it, then import another will make taking in-app screenshots of complete projects much easier for showcasing projects.

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I'm on the Pixeland Discord a lot of the time and my phone will alert me if I'm mentioned or get a PM. I have the same handle there.

I'll be on most of tomorrow as today has been deemed errand day by the wife.

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Here's the whole pack with issues 1 & 3 resolved, no more shiny surfaces and the blocks share default materials with the built in packs. If you don't think you'll have the time to expand on this I'd be glad to work on alignment issues a bit over the weekend.

This is an awesome pack and really expands the vehicle selection. Thanks for taking the time to make and release it.

A .gif of vehicles of mixed packs sharing materials.

A .zip of the pack with only the above fixes.

I think I've worked something out for the Materials, I've got the first item (Barrel) to share the bluesteel material with the default pack.
See it here

If you get a chance hop on Discord and I'll explain the process.

This is pretty awesome.

I've been working with a pack as well and matching alignment is something I didn't think about until part way in either.

I'll try in Blender but it may be that you can set your material names to match those of some of the default blocks to avoid making a bunch of new materials.