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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Ship Parts 1.6 - Updated July 8

A topic by waffleghost created Aug 06, 2017 Views: 4,604 Replies: 37
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145 parts - Updated July 8

Tiny update, It's been sooooo long that I can't remember what's truly new.

Download 1.6

9x Canards, 4x Torus', 4x Cylinders, 3x Domes, 1x Platform , 60x Hull Pieces, 26x Engines, 14x Cockpits, 3x Bridge, 6x Pylons, 3x Antenna, 3x Weapons, 5x Cores, 3x Tank, 5x Hangars



Nice work :-)

I don't think people say thank you enough to people who spend their time to give us these types of resources.

I'm going to have fun with these, after i've finished this damned castle i'm working on.

Cheers mate.


thanks, let me know if you notice any bugs

Hey, there's an extra block in the pack that isn't mentioned in your contents list.

Are you aware of this?

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Yup, I threw it in at the last second.


Completely agree with pancake here thankyou!

hope you enjoy, I'm using this as a way to learn Blender after using 3ds max for ages.

Nice set, I'm liking it.

On your next update check the material names and remove _(Instance) . All of your blocks share materials which is awesome and makes things easier, but that change will make them share materials with blocks placed from the Aircraft set.

I can't wait to see what gets made with these. Again, Good Job.

Thanks I'll look into that.

Are they free to use? also as commercial?


I added a license text file in the new release. Use the blocks how you want.

I love this!

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Thanks. This is one of the first few times I literally can't stop modeling.

This is awesome, thank you! How would you approach larger scale ships? I get the basic shapes but how would you model exhausts, compartments and battle station like in this picture?


Not sure if this answers anything. Larger ships I'd use one major block as a base and scaled up to the size you want with small ones added in for greebling. Since the app is much more limited than professional modeling software such as (Blender, Maya,3Ds Max, Modo) you'd have to get pretty creative using blocks in other ways to get the shapes you want. Or wait till there's blocks that suit your needs (I do take suggested block types). Here's a larger ship from an older update.

Hey! How do I install these?

Just extract the "ShipParts" folder to the Asset Forge Collections folder

hey i have the normal version will this still work

I don't see why not.


I love this so much!! So I decided to make a quick scene in ue4 hope you enjoy!!

Nice, thanks for sharing

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I really love your work. I have an idea. Maybe modular hangar blocks. So you can design bigger ships with hangars. :) But that´s a really nice collection :)

I'll look into that. Sadly since I started my current job I haven't had the time to continue modeling more parts.

okay, yeah i understand that :)


Oddly enough I did make a few hangar entrances but never updated the pack.

Thank you so much!

Your welcome.


Good Job And looks really good, I really like how you kept to the theme of standard asset forge blocks!


Thanks, I'm hoping to return to this pack just don't know when.

This set is rad!


Amazing designs you got there.

This set looks great.  Can't wait to see some actual games rocking assets made from it!

Wonderful - thanks!


Strangely enough... these pieces ALSO go good as architecture elements for the fantasy/medieval crowd... imagine if you will the wings upright and sticking out of some gnarly temple pillars as nasty blades. Or even the torus(es) as the boundary of circular and oval pools or fountains. This set is more powerful than even I thought of at first.


Like so... I just made me a new altar/save-point, using some primitives and the ship parts.


Damn now you're giving me ideas.


Thanks a lot mate !