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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Asset Forge 1.2.0 released

A topic by Kenney created Jul 13, 2017 Views: 3,502 Replies: 37
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The first major update adding features, content and fixing issues. Changelog here.

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huge update! great work!

edit: My imports seem to be working great with textures, nice!

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Hello Kenney! I lost the email to my account and i cant login! How am i supposed to update my asset forge without logging in?!  Photo is to prove i have assetforge


But you're logged in.. that's how you're posting this.
You'll have to get in contact with Itch support if you purchased anything under a different account that you no longer have access to.

Is this still being updated?
Hoping for improved 2D sprite export features at some point.

Absolutely! We're working on a content update which should hit soon, and the next will be a complete rendition of the whole program adding numerous of features.

Sounds awesome - looking forward to the update.

Keep up the good work!

Great work

is the project still going ?


Certainly is, will publish news on the next version soon!

Great to hear that
keep up the great work ;)

Any updates?


We've recently had to work (and finish) a project due to EU regulations, we're ready to get back to Asset Forge. We'll be publishing frequent updates on progress, Twitter is the best place to keep an eye on.

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lol.  yeah.  I had a student get highly offended at me one day for using that term.  Lesson learned.

Just knocking the dust off this post.  Is version 1.3 around the corner?  I have models I want to use, but am unable to due to no true movement camera.


We're working on version 2.0 which will be a huge update. The whole program is written from scratch and adds numerous new features and improves on every single option. There's no release date yet but will soon set-up a special page about that. It'll be a free update.


Can't wait!

Would love a feature list teaser, like first-person camera, etc. =)

You can check out a feature list here, it's constantly updated :)

oops.  Meant to delete this post.  Thanks!  I ran across the page the other day.

Hi Kenney, when I export files to ue4, they're too small! How can I scale them or import them correctly? Thank you.

By importing them to a different scale.


How's it coming along?

I'm really pleased about this purchase. I won't use it for my game as now.. I hope the 2.0 will come soon! Good luck to developers!

I just downloaded assetforge. I've used professional 3D software as well but this is a nice medium to just have fun creating blocks and simple objects! Looking forward to the updates. 

This is a great tool!
Is the project still going? Its been a while since there has been any updates. Updates on v2.0 will be much appreciated. 


Yep absolutely, working hard on 2.0. It's taking long because it's a complete remake of the software which will ensure more frequent, and better updates in the future. Stay tuned, 2.0 should be out this year.

That's great to hear! Can't wait. 


Any news? I was really looking forward to the weekly updates.


Still super eager for 2.0!

Any news on the update still happening in 2018?

Release delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Add a month or 2 I'd say.

Any good news on your hard drive? 

Unfortunately not, they couldn't recover any idea. No worries though, I already started working on it again and making good progress - I'll keep everything updated ofcourse!

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I just lost my drive two nights ago so I was hoping you would have some good news at least. Here's hoping my drive is OK. Good to hear your back at it. Are you putting anything in that wasn't in it before?

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Any news today?

Is there any new news lately. That is the only thing I have a problem with, it's the updates on what's happening as you did say you would update us weekly on what's going on.  Hope I don't sound like an a$$.

I completely understand Jay! The best thing to do and to get (nearly) daily news is join our Discord server and look at the #assetforge channel. I've very recently been putting a lot of hours in and plans are to release an early preview version of 2.0 just to cover the gap of the full release. See you there (?)