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This is pretty awesome.

I've been working with a pack as well and matching alignment is something I didn't think about until part way in either.

I'll try in Blender but it may be that you can set your material names to match those of some of the default blocks to avoid making a bunch of new materials.

The materials as well as the names are the same when using them in Cinema 4D, the problem happens when exporting from Cinema 4D into the FBX format, then importing that in blender, and I'm not familiar enough with Blender to fix it there, nor do I have the patience for it unfortunately. 

I think I've worked something out for the Materials, I've got the first item (Barrel) to share the bluesteel material with the default pack.
See it here

If you get a chance hop on Discord and I'll explain the process.

You are a god among men! Great work!

My apologies, I logged off for the night right after my last reply. But I'd be happy to learn about it tonight if you have the time to spare (about 12 hours from when this was posted)

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I'm on the Pixeland Discord a lot of the time and my phone will alert me if I'm mentioned or get a PM. I have the same handle there.

I'll be on most of tomorrow as today has been deemed errand day by the wife.