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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney


A topic by Teddyoh created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 3,739 Replies: 17
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So I'm partially ready to release the assetpack I've been working on for the last few days, most of it was just developed in a rush and I had a lot of frustrations with a lot of it, which in the end resulted in a bunch of small clipping issues and other bugs. I unfortunately don't have much time to work on this project for most of July due to to real life getting in the way, which is why I'm uploading this now, even with the bugs. 

Anyway, here is My AssetPack: Untracked

v1.21 Download - Full Credit for this update goes to Any_Key he did an amazing job at fixing a bunch of the issues with the pack!

Version 1.21

  • Fixed some issues with faces disappearing
  • Some new random unrelated assets were added. 
    • There is a duplicate hiding in here, will be fixed. 

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed some alignment issues -Courtesy of Any_Key

Version 1.1:

  • Fixed issue #1  Fixing the normals or "shiny" overlays on the tank models
  • Fixed Issue #3 Where all the models would create a whole lot of materials.

Again, all credit goes to Any_Key for this!

Example images:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Known bugs: 

  1. A few of the blocks have a tiny amount of clipping problems and are separated by less than a cm, resulting in a bit of uglyness (This was due to how I've rushed through the whole project. (Tank tracks suffer from Major clipping issues - This will get reworked eventually and new tracks will be made that includes rollers and gears [there are also plans for simplified tracks, as these ones are difficult to animate without the original spline])
  2. Track covers need to be scaled to fit with their tracks. 
  3. The models are centered differently from what Kenney's are, therefore making them connect can be a bit of a hassle at times. Some of them aren't even centered at all..
  4. The tank blocks don't line up with anything except themselves, this isn't a bug, this is just me being lazy.

Installation instructions

  1. Go to your AssetForge Folder
  2. Extract into Collections Or extract somewhere else and place the entire Untracked folder into /Collections

Go here for Kenney's official instructions, which make more sense.

This is pretty awesome.

I've been working with a pack as well and matching alignment is something I didn't think about until part way in either.

I'll try in Blender but it may be that you can set your material names to match those of some of the default blocks to avoid making a bunch of new materials.

The materials as well as the names are the same when using them in Cinema 4D, the problem happens when exporting from Cinema 4D into the FBX format, then importing that in blender, and I'm not familiar enough with Blender to fix it there, nor do I have the patience for it unfortunately. 

I think I've worked something out for the Materials, I've got the first item (Barrel) to share the bluesteel material with the default pack.
See it here

If you get a chance hop on Discord and I'll explain the process.

You are a god among men! Great work!

My apologies, I logged off for the night right after my last reply. But I'd be happy to learn about it tonight if you have the time to spare (about 12 hours from when this was posted)

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I'm on the Pixeland Discord a lot of the time and my phone will alert me if I'm mentioned or get a PM. I have the same handle there.

I'll be on most of tomorrow as today has been deemed errand day by the wife.

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Here's the whole pack with issues 1 & 3 resolved, no more shiny surfaces and the blocks share default materials with the built in packs. If you don't think you'll have the time to expand on this I'd be glad to work on alignment issues a bit over the weekend.

This is an awesome pack and really expands the vehicle selection. Thanks for taking the time to make and release it.

A .gif of vehicles of mixed packs sharing materials.

A .zip of the pack with only the above fixes.


Woah! That is amazing! Do you mind if I link this as version 1.1? (Giving full credit to you of course). If you want to fix the current issues of the pack it's not like I'm going to stop you, this was simply amazing and must have taken a lot of effort on your part, credit where credit is due! 

I am really glad you like it! I was hoping to be able to expand on it whenever I get some time off as well, I still have a few ideas that I want to add. IF you do get things aligned would it be possible to get a .fbx file with one of the cockpits? It would make it a lot easier for me to get things aligned from the get-go.

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The treads and the truck bedding is really cool, thanks for the models!

[ and thanks @Any_Key for your work as well! ]


I will release better tracks that will align a bit easier, as well as adding tracks that include rollers and etc. Can't give a precise date for this at the moment unfortunately, but it will be updated with lots more content when I have the time! 

I am very glad you like it!


I like your asset pack =)

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Wow, that is a truly awesome and unique way of using them! I have a small fix coming shortly that will fix the issues with the faces on that "bucket" , but this is awesome and giving me new ideas to work with! 

Thank you for your work! I'll enjoy a proper bucket! And maybe a steel wheel for the tracked stuff.

I have rollers in the works, it's just a royal pain to line them up semi-properly with the tracks.

Is it normal that some block as clipping issues ? Or did I do something wrong?

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This is actually fixed, last version of AssetForge messed witha  few of them, just haven't gotten around to uploading the fixed version. Due to the fact that I have a bunch of half-finished assets mixed in with my updated version, I am a messy person. I can upload a quick fix for you around tomorrow at some point if that would help?


Download This is a version with the clipping issues fixed (I think), and with a few things that haven't been worked on as much as I'd liked. 

can i use this pack commercially? 

Yes you can.  Special thanks to Teddyoh and the others who have worked on this asset!

From the license file:

 EVerything in his package is licensed CC0 as linked below.  

 License (Creative Commons Zero, CC0)
 Everything in this package is for both personal and commercial usage.
 Credit to the creator (Teddyoh) would always be appreciated, not a necesity though.
 The content was created for use with Kenney's ( AssetForge and for any product made
 in AssetForge would have to be in line with the License for AssetForge.