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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Discussion: Ideas for New Block Categories

A topic by brick created Jun 27, 2017 Views: 1,000 Replies: 18
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Please use this thread as a central location to discuss and suggest new block categories for Assetforge.

Already mentioned in Discord discussion:

  • Factory/Industrial/Modern buildings
  • Crops & Foliage

Just to confirm; I'll be reading this thread and others to gather ideas for packs.

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I have a request for some additional primitives that I haven't seen in any of the screenshots:

  • Sphere
  • Hemi-sphere
  • Quarter-sphere
  • Eighth-sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Half cylinder
  • Cone
  • Rounded donut
  • Flat-top ring

Also, I have a feature request if it doesn't already exist. I saw that you can batch export stages. Can we also assign names to those stages? Thanks and I'm looking forward to when this comes out!


Thanks for your suggestions! I've added most of them to the primitives collection;

Currently it's not possible to name the stages, it could become a feature in a later version though.

Awesome, thanks! That should be enough to get me started. As long as the stages are consistently named, that could work as well, even if I can't name them myself.

Since no one else is making suggestions right now, I'll suggest a few other categories:

  • Sci-fi (along with sci-fi textures)
  • Rocks/asteroids/cliffs/craters
  • Hexagons
  • Gems/Ice/Crystals

Keep up the great work!


Just bought the deluxe version of this. Looks like a great new asset. This might be outside the scope of the project, but I'd love to see pieces that we can use to make people, animals, monsters and whatnot.


I got you covered! Will try to make varied blocks including those you mentioned.

please kenney, that would be a life saver

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My suggestion would be:

  • Body parts to build characters, animals, robots and monsters with simple shapes (even if it's unrigged)
  • Face parts like mouth, eyes, hairs to build characters head/face with simple shapes too

It's maybe already possible to some degree with the actual release, I haven't tried it yet.

Armaan Khan got the same idea, I was too slow :3

moved this topic to Feature requests

I'd really like to see some cool blocks for creating trees. I also like the idea of building my own rocks. 

+1 for hexagons. 


I'd love to see streets. I'm sure you can utilize assets Kenney already made, like streets.

Probably a resize would be enough to have them imported.

I love Assetforge but I think you should add lights, Like, place-able lights to point to an object or to use as showcase lighting.

That won't be a feature soon, we first want to stick the core mechanics.

Items: Weapons/Armors parts (e.g. handle, pommel)

Buildings: Gardens/Prisons/Bridges



Maybe there's a easy way for every user about a good categories ,     but I do think it will be very nice, if we can have a favori tab, 

,btw I know it will take lots of time, i just posted two quick idea....  hope i can explain them cleanly.

the purple  x, y, or x1, x2, y1, y2, :  defined by system, but  user can customize  them by drag&drop  form MORE tab.. 

the MORE tab: all of collection of our block.

the FAVORI  tab:  User user can customize  them by drag&drop  form  all the other tab to  that red heart icon.

Anyway,   this is a little bit of the topic, sorry for that. :P

It would be great if you added interiors for air/space craft, like sci-fi control panels and what not. (I put a discussion on this as well)


Somewhat echoing @allinlabs's post above, I'd like to see a set of modular animal parts.  Not realistic, mind you; low-poly, cartoonish bodies, legs, heads, tail, & decorations (eyes/ears/nose/mouth) that I can snap together to create frogs, dogs, cats, rats, etc.