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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

A bunch of requests after some play around

A topic by Kronbits created Jul 10, 2017 Views: 182 Replies: 1
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Boosting the creation

- Allow  mouse wheel button for rotate the camera or switch if you want use: right-button or mouse wheel button

- Undo/Redo

- While "Control"  is pressed if you click on a object this one is cloned and picked to put in other site.

- If "Shift" is pressed move between 1.0 instead 0.1.

- "Paint mode" for tiling. I mean, if this option is selected and you click in a wall then on the editor if you hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse this wall  will be placed in all the grid blocks you pass over. Or again a key that if is pressed do that.

- The WASD is good but i prefer use some mouse button for it and release this 4 letters to use as hotkeys. Or for example to move in the blocks in the left, so less time the mousehaving to leave the editor tiling.

I said Control or Shift because is what i use for other programs but an option in configuration to set our keys as we want will be great.


Allow create our own set of blocks from the ones already have. I mean, for example in the aircraft set you have a wall, in the building you have a stair,etc... and you need to change again and again to find the correct one.

So, some way to create our favorites so we can have in one page/set all the blocks we going to use without switch.


For options if is possible use a system to see in one click all the options istead of click again and again to see which ones are available and select like the editor quality. On press on a quality the three ones will be visible and ready to click.