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Sketch Up model not importing well

A topic by cdodge89 created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 254 Replies: 7
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I'm trying to import a hexagonal cylinder made in sketch up, but when I import it, it looks like this, where the edges don't show up until I rotate. I just put a polygon on the ground and extruded it. Any ideas why this might be happening? Here is the skp file.

Anyone who can help with this? It is probably user error, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

You only have a single face per side with the normal pointing outward, you need some faces with the normal pointing in as well.

So having a front and back side to a face isn't enough? Do I make the object twice and then orient the second object with its faces inwards?

I downloaded the example cube provided by kenny and it looks to me like it just has a front and back of one face.

you only see each face of the cube from one side so that's the direction of the normal, in your case you can see the back of each face too but without a normal pointing back light only reflects off of the outside.

I uninstalled SketchUp so I can't check your SketchUp file but I could probably build a working obj or fbx in Blender if you don't understand.

From a theoretical perspective, I understand. Normals and planes, and all that. What I don't see is how to add another normal to the backside of my face in sketchup. Google isn't really helping me out either. I appreciate the offer to make one, but I would like to understand how to make it work for myself.

Hey @cdodge89, I figured out the problem I think you were having when I was creating my own hexagon object.

Anyways, I uploaded a hexagon object in this thread here, and in that thread, I also share the solution that I used in Blender to fix the same problem I was having.