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Thanks, appreciate you playing it. Definitely needs more content! Team going to keep working on it slowly over the next month or so. Big plans and expectations about time and availability at the start of the jam were met swiftly by life and real responsibilities but it was fun even with this very small version.

Super fun, numbers get really wacky & off screen by the end with full factories but its a satisfying ride. The numbers and scaling mostly worked until near the end where I bought like the last 6 factories without having to think lol. 

Clever menus and such to handle the upgrades made it very playable. Well done, could see this having been an awesome actual gameboy game!

Game is looking really cool 

I saw your game on a stream recently, really cool I have to try it.
Anyway thanks! I think I probably should have had the ending be a bit less bombastic but end of jam brain though it was still a good idea.

Great concept, even better execution. Went ahead and picked up the high score. Really well done

Loved the visuals and the concept! Definitely top notch presentation

oh no, was it a bug or just got stuck? the game has the ability to skip levels that get you stuck with the enter key 

thanks for playing! really dug your team's jam games, hope you keep the streak alive again this year 

thanks for playing!

I had not seen Teeworlds before, looks like it would be lots of fun! thanks for the intro to that game :) glad you enjoyed Two Henries as well

Had a lot of fun. Struggled with the unpredictability of when the enemies would shoot and took a few tries to figure out the boss but that was a clever mechanic for a boss! The icon art caught my attention right away out of the submission queue!

Overall great job.

thanks for the feedback, definitely noted for the future

Very well done.  A surprising number of high quality levels and very polished!

I have heard Henry compared to a balloon as well lol I tried him heavier but he was much a harder to get swinging but that trade-off may have been worth it. Thanks for the feedback!

thanks for playing!

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Wow.. this is the one! Incredible for a 48 hr jam. Really cool use of the theme. The art was great, it played well, and the presentation was off the charts. Congrats on your absolute inclusion in the GMTK video. You heard it here first 🤣.

The only even possible negative was that it was very easy. Just keep the 4 person ship and eject only when you have another person coming in or as a dps bomb to destroy the boss. The balance of having the 4 person ship was just a bit off vs the slightly more nimble versions. Way way way easier to just wipe everything out with the 4 person than try to dodge with the smaller ones.

Anyway very very well done!

Very fun. Played all the way through. Only issues were occasional eaten inputs or clicking outside the window. Locking the cursor would have been a solution. Other suggestion would be to show how many hits you have left. Neither issue made a huge impact though and I had a good time with this one. Very well done!

Man these do two things at once games are brain busting! That said very well executed and polished. Very well done!

Enjoyable! I ended around 20k score cause I was just having a good time playing. It was satisfying to hit the blue blocks and even more so when you got to smack a yellow one!

Could have used some more art but you know, 48 jam and all so I get that. 

Well done.

My favorite so far of the "control two things at once" subgenre that has emerged in this jam. I had a surprising bit of fun trying to convince my brain to handle both cars at once. 

A good concept well executed!

A clever concept, good use of the theme! Wasn't able to fill the green bar but I had a good bit of fun trying!

Jeremy seems like a bit of a jerk eh? 😆

On a gameplay note, the shooting seemed to be weak enough to be mostly useless, the best way forward seemed to be just to pick Jeremy up and kite the enemies around, jumping over when needed. I think with a bit stronger shots there could have been more play with setting him down and picking him up.

All in all a nice short silly shooter game. Well done

Very cute art style. The icon grabbed my attention right away from the submissions list.

I ended up at a high score of 800 after a few attempts, the controls were a bit tricky to get a handle on and occasionally you would just have to smack it as hard as you can and hope for the best lol

Great art and well done!

Nice job, I ended up doing a wrecking ball mechanic too lol.  I think a bit of diversity on the enemies so you didn't just kite them into a big circle. I also spent much of the time just waiting for the next wave to spawn. Loved the juice and hit pause on the kills!

A concept I thought I would see more of tbh, but mostly well implemented. The edges were a bit touchy but that is kind of how it goes. Levels were pretty well designed (and very hard). Got through until the one where you press the button to make the bridge

Clever idea, pretty well executed. Would have liked to see more levels but you know, 48hrs. Good job!

Really fun, really funny, some nice touches like making the balls go toward holes without having to be super precise while dragging a player around on a cart. Just hit them and they just go in. Fun game!

Definitely hit the theme. A replay button would have gone a long way rather than page refreshes

Enjoyable action game. Felt a bit floaty with the movement. Very hectic. In all the action it was difficult to tell a corpse from a live enemy.

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Hard to control both at once. A bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. A cool concept tho! Only issue I had was a bit of graphical flickering. Gotta love a game about Two Bois

A simple idea well executed. Made the very simple assets look great!

Great style! The polish on the death between the animation and the scream is unforgettable 

Thanks for the feedback and your concern for Henry's wellbeing. Rest assured he is just fine, it's the walls that you should worry about!

Very cool concept, well implemented. The polish & feel of changing modes was really well done!

fair enough! jam time crunches are definitely a thing

Fun little 2048 style combination game but without the puzzle elements and time pressure instead.  I was able to get to a pair of the large deer like ones but they wouldn't combine, perhaps they were the ULTIMATE END BOSS but I wasnt sure. 

Very cool, making something with that much flavor in pico8 in 48hours is very impressive. Along with most of the other comments, I was intrigued by what there was to play but wish there was some more. 

Incredible art style and cool concept. Struggled a bit with the font/wobble and the game not accepting lots of words (like "PIE") but maybe I was just missing something.

The art & style were really good though and the general gameplay was well executed!

Cool concept and the graphics definitely stood out. Really liked the timing window helper of the paddle,  helped me get a feel for things. 

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I see you probably just updated the description of the controls,  totally understood the basic control scheme. The art was good and the implementation of Sokoban was solid, adding a second player is an interesting idea along with some of the other twists! Perhaps further in, the drag inventory item concept comes more into play, but at least through the first few, there didn't seem to be much strategy to it, just kind of put stuff on when you need it. 

In the future a restart level button would be super helpful! Especially when you have the opportunity to softlock yourself 😅