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Really really great entry, played for quite a while. Did manage to make it freeze at the end, but enjoyed the time. 
Not a D&D player at all, but started memorizing requirements pretty quickly!
Great job on the concept, visuals, sounds, basically everything

Neat concept, sort of a deckbuilder (dicebuilder?). It was unclear but seemed like it might go on forever . Vampire + Ice dice were crushing it

I really liked the presentation and the clever take on Sokoban. I struggled a lot though cause I am no good at Sokoban!

Really tough! Those enemies are fast and have a ton of HP. Loved the art, particularly the death screen

Managed to make it all the way through, didn't realize there were more cutscene items, and accidentally skipped over the big reveal! Whoops.

Nice entry!

Creative idea! Managed to shoot a 4 on 3-hits (the last hit just doesn't count against you if it goes in!). Obviously more content would be great, some quality of life upgrades maybe, but a really cool idea!

A really great concept, pretty well executed. Had a few bugs in fight transitions & the drag & drop was a little jank but overall a really cool idea and a very fun entry!

Made it all the way through. Spot on with the theme. Definitely found shield up to just be very strong to completely nullify opponents. Shield up then attack up, then attack, and ggs to all. Also, shield up & opponent attack down are seemingly equivalent (same for attack up vs shield down).

Good job, great entry!

A very simple game, but really fun art style and a great job with the legs and how they react to stuff getting moved or punched.

Great job

My new favorite top-down wave-based shooter in this jam. Seems to be a big genre for this one. Love the take here. Really well done on mechanics, polish, and design.
Incredible entry

simple in concept, but really well done in execution and puzzles, took like 4-5 puzzles for me to recognize this as a real hit.

Incredibly well done

really great idea & execution
The only negative was the spawning system only spawned 4 at a time so ended up just going with a balanced build and essentially going infinite
that said.. it is a really great concept & an awesome entry

I descended! Rolled a 13, which took 40 some seconds.
Great job!

Really clever idea, managed to get pars on most (that last level is tough!). Great job on this

visual style is great! had a tough time getting too far, kept shooting myself while trying to look up at stuff. It's a really clever idea & loved the decals on the wall tutorializing.

Definitely the most unique take on rolling dice I've seen 😂Rolling from within!
Great job!

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Graphics drew me in for sure. Also agree with others that the random rolls just made it kind of rough sometimes. Had to get a good roll to have a chance to take on a granny. Clever idea & great job on the game!

Really cool once I understood what was going on. Managed to win pretty lopsidedly. Not sure if CPU rolls are tuned down or if I was just getting great luck lol

Great job!

Found myself playing this one a bunch. I managed to get it on luck lvl 23. Had a fair few bugs, mostly with uncompletable levels (I think one of the spear guys zipped off-screen).

Anyway, a great job & a clever take on making the wave shooter thing work. Probably one of the more fun wave shooter entries I've played so far!

Great job getting something made for the jam! I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what was happening at first but I think I got it figured out in the end.

Random idea I had, would be cool to get a dice roll like yahtzee or something and then choose which path to take (or maybe be forced to reroll).

Anyway well done!

Neat take on the vampire survivor zeitgeist! I think it could do with some more notice when you get hit, its hard to tell without any sounds or major visual effects indicating it. Great job getting a ton of weapons in and cool idea on the reload by dodging thing! Well done!

A pretty fun little shooter, I did manage to get glitched out into the void of green.  Nice job!

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Really fun! Wonder if anyone can top the 52 high score 

Thanks, appreciate you playing it. Definitely needs more content! Team going to keep working on it slowly over the next month or so. Big plans and expectations about time and availability at the start of the jam were met swiftly by life and real responsibilities but it was fun even with this very small version.

Super fun, numbers get really wacky & off screen by the end with full factories but its a satisfying ride. The numbers and scaling mostly worked until near the end where I bought like the last 6 factories without having to think lol. 

Clever menus and such to handle the upgrades made it very playable. Well done, could see this having been an awesome actual gameboy game!

Game is looking really cool 

I saw your game on a stream recently, really cool I have to try it.
Anyway thanks! I think I probably should have had the ending be a bit less bombastic but end of jam brain though it was still a good idea.

Great concept, even better execution. Went ahead and picked up the high score. Really well done

Loved the visuals and the concept! Definitely top notch presentation

oh no, was it a bug or just got stuck? the game has the ability to skip levels that get you stuck with the enter key 

thanks for playing! really dug your team's jam games, hope you keep the streak alive again this year 

thanks for playing!

I had not seen Teeworlds before, looks like it would be lots of fun! thanks for the intro to that game :) glad you enjoyed Two Henries as well

Had a lot of fun. Struggled with the unpredictability of when the enemies would shoot and took a few tries to figure out the boss but that was a clever mechanic for a boss! The icon art caught my attention right away out of the submission queue!

Overall great job.

thanks for the feedback, definitely noted for the future

Very well done.  A surprising number of high quality levels and very polished!

I have heard Henry compared to a balloon as well lol I tried him heavier but he was much a harder to get swinging but that trade-off may have been worth it. Thanks for the feedback!

thanks for playing!

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Wow.. this is the one! Incredible for a 48 hr jam. Really cool use of the theme. The art was great, it played well, and the presentation was off the charts. Congrats on your absolute inclusion in the GMTK video. You heard it here first 🤣.

The only even possible negative was that it was very easy. Just keep the 4 person ship and eject only when you have another person coming in or as a dps bomb to destroy the boss. The balance of having the 4 person ship was just a bit off vs the slightly more nimble versions. Way way way easier to just wipe everything out with the 4 person than try to dodge with the smaller ones.

Anyway very very well done!

Very fun. Played all the way through. Only issues were occasional eaten inputs or clicking outside the window. Locking the cursor would have been a solution. Other suggestion would be to show how many hits you have left. Neither issue made a huge impact though and I had a good time with this one. Very well done!