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I love art, this is it

congrats on the placement! game deserved it!

well I just realized I restarted my machine & that stopped the automation. Turning it back on now. Sorry for all the confusion my fault

Nah reboot it 10 min after the tweet. It pulls them at start up but my automation to pull tweets and push them to the file it checks runs every 10 min

That tweet that says it takes a new build is outdated. I read the jam rules about build updates about an hour before the deadline and updated it to pull tweets when the game boots up. Should update after about 10 min! Real time would have been awesome but I couldn't get it set up in those last few minutes! 

it was a fun stream. thanks for playing it

This was great fun. The mechanic was simple, but the twist on it of being able to record your own pattern for others to deal with mixed it up really well! Totally made a huge difference. Highscore was 55.55.

Only negative was that the menus didnt work with my controller and that resetting a level meant getting kicked all the way back rather than offering a quick restart. Same for finishing a level not pushing to the next. These are minor gripes though & jam time crunch related I'd assume.

Overall, super good art, fun concept, and great execution. Good luck to those who run into my wonky pattern 😂

It was neat experience, I must have missed some clues along the way however and still don't know what I was saying except that it was inappropriate.

Pretty awesome that you had the opening story setup. I got very confused in the actual game and thought I had figured it out a few times but never put it all together. Agreeing with others, a little more guidance, even in text form on the page would help!

Good job regardless!

It was certainly enjoyable to start seeing those fish multiply, the second level in particular was just fun to see them all freak out in the tiny space on the left. Never 100% sure what was going on but kept me playing for all the levels though, good job!

Simple idea well executed. Could not make it through level 8. Difficulty ramped up quite a bit there.

Good job overall!

Hey good job getting a game done. I think there were a few simple things you could do to help give the player more interesting choices to make beyond the chaos of initial spawn in. As it stands I got to about 40 by just going in a circle. If you were to randomize the spawn locations of the new balls coming in as well as giving the player some indication where they were going to spawn in, you could force the player into more interesting & challenging situations imo. 

Additonally a little more time at the start to understand what was happening or a clue that the arrow keys moved you would have helped. I died about 10 times trying to move the mouse or WASD around before I tried the arrows. Even just posting that on the game page might be helpful.

Good job overall and hope you continue to work on your dev skills!

oh I think I missed that in the tutorial. I'll have to try to get it goin

I think GreenClovers summed it up well. I wanted to keep playing but wish I could have advanced rolls and such at will. Really cool idea, certainly out of control!

Had some fun with this one, got to 19 diamonds. Very simple but on point with the theme. Love the title/promo image! 

Liked the concept. Had trouble with the 3rd or 4th level where I could not see or place anything on the right. Tried dragging as well as a few other things. Anyway had some fun, well done!

Had a difficult time understanding what was going on but had some fun trying to figure it out. Never really got the hang of it or got too far in tbh but like I said I had some fun with it. Well done!

Simple game, but mostly well executed. Difficulty ramed quickly when the keys started changing mid level. Could not beat it at that point. Well done!

Enjoyed playing through a few levels. Well done! I did have some frustrations when an arrow key would get removed (particularly right because you always need that for levels). On my most successful runs I ended up just grabbing a few items early and then rushing past the rest to get to the boss and hope my arrows arent the thing to get removed. Never quite finished the boss. Still quite enjoyable!

Very cool concept, nailed it on the theme in my opinion. Puzzles were fun, really challenging. Ramped up in difficulty pretty quickly but its a jam. Overally really well done!

Enjoyed the game, presentation was really well done & everything just worked. Good job!

One of my favorites so far, have to admit I didn't realize I had to click after getting ot the door and sat in slow mo for a very long time. But overall the mechanic was fun, the art was fun, and I was compelled to play all the way through!

Thank you for the kind words! Mark's words on that def stuck with me.

Thanks for playing! Wish I could go back and fix the clipping. Found it right before the deadline 🙃. Bunch of people have gotten trapped in that first level. And I didn't realize I made K a shoot button either 😂 I thought it was just X.

Appreciate the feedback!

Loved the art & animations and the puzzle mechanics were pretty good. Made it all the way through (think I cheesed the end with two springs but I couldnt click fast enough to do the intended route). Dig the youtube channel as well :)

nice little platformer. my first playthrough was about 20 seconds though, maybe I got lucky :)

Neat take! I found myself wanting to fling them into the box but that never worked. Good stuff!

I also ended up outside the ship, found 9 cats first though!

I'm not sure at what point I decided to have a chicken with a gun arm in there, but it was a good call I think.

thanks for trying it

Thanks! I think it might get completely out of hand but maybe that's the fun of it...  🤔

Definitely ambitious! Didn't get as much time to work on it as I wanted but what are you gonna do. Thanks for trying it! Needs some more people to tweet with the hashtag right now to get some more levels in!

ah man I wish I could go back and fix stuff! If you do get soft locked though enter just skips the level. Thanks for playing

Probably want to take the "Press any key to start" out of the banner.

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Pretty neat game, got an error hitting the 3rd flag though:

action number 1
of  Step Event
for object obj_end:

Moving to next room after the last room.