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Vote &Suggest a smaller theme here! Sticky

A topic by CitybuilderStudios created Nov 27, 2018 Views: 363 Replies: 18
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Any ideas for a smaller theme on top of saving the environment

Please  up vote your favourite themes soon.

The Jam Smaller Theme will be announced after 21:00 GMT 26th Dec  and the Jam will begin at 00:00 GMT 27th Dec


Plastic Island


Happy New Year?


Something interesting would be "time" as a smaller theme. 
Just imagine a game where you actually see the impacts of your actions by skipping some years into the future.
Or you could be a time traveler. Traveling through time and space to help improve earth.
There could be so many possibilities with that theme.


i think time would be a good small theme


polar bears


The theme should be something broad I think, so its not too restricted and gives opportunity to use imagination. e.g "humanity", "destruction" or something


Vegan I think would be kinda funny / fun




Revenge of the Earth.  The earth isn't concerned with us humans who are trying to destroy, it's actually pretty pissed.  Ideas could be plants or animals vs humans, environment as enemy (too harsh to go out during the day, too little water) or maybe you play nature trying to beat back the consuming hordes of people.  


I really like the time idea, it could lead to many unexpected ending..










We could have a gun to kill the hunters and the wood-cutters.I know much about the nature because I live in Bangladesh.



the cloud

one step backward, two steps forward