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Yeah, I programmed this very quickly. I might redo some parts

Maravilloso ❄️

¡Gracias por el comentario! Con respecto a la duda: la dificultad no disminuye al fallar, lo que disminuye es el dado que usas cada vez que lo gastas. Por ejemplo si haces una tirada de Dureza con 1d8, la siguiente vez que hagas una tirada de dureza lanzarás 1d6 en su lugar. Y después 1d4. Esto lo puedes devolver a su máximo (1d8 en este caso) cuando usas la acción ¡POR MORIA!.

Tengo planes para ampliar y hacer una nueva maquetación para el manual (además de correcciones al texto). Además incluiré notas y un ejemplo de aventura también. Mientras tanto no dudes en contarme qué tal fue la prueba 😄.

A post 👍

The music is our strong point XD but yeah, movement and combat was hard to get and still has a lot of room to improvement

Thanks! @jubezenit made a great job with the music

Shooting select a new random bullet and you can shoot the men with cloaks

Though it is pretty buggy, the concept is interesting and the game pixelart looks charming

Though it is pretty buggy, the concept is interesting and the game pixelart looks charming

It got me laughing XD really good narration and hard questions

A great job by @jubezenit, @akumoid and @migui_81. The three made these in 2 hours, impressive

Banana monkey sounds

No tengo pensado ampliar sobre este juego, pero sí retomaré la temática en otro estilo probablemente. Gracias por la valoración :D

Gracias por la valoración :D

El orden de las acciones es importante. El juego termina una vez tomas el libro de la casa fuera del bosque pero depende del orden de tus acciones podrás ver diálogos diferentes.

La composición visual es tremenda. Muy buena elección. Me falló que los finales fueran tan similares, pero puede que sea porque no he entendido algo

He querido dejarlo cortito por la naturaleza de la Jam, pero desde luego me habría gustado expandirlo. La poesía de Miguel Hernández vale la pena explorarla

Conlang Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic Theme?

Is there already a theme?

That is surely an option. I started doing it like that, with unique names, but some people wanted to create nodes with the same name XD I’m still working on making it easier to use.

Yeah, it is written in the itchio post but not in the docs. However it opens and closes itself in a second. Maybe it’s a porting problem for windows 10?

Those are the first additions I want to make :D

Looks good, I’d like to try it out but trying to execute the file opens the app but closes it instantly.

Thanks for the suggestion :D I will add it if I find some free time

Tales by Fireside community · Created a new topic Concept

I really like this concept of showing a specific mechanic for a game as a sticker. I might copy it :P

Space Vultures community · Created a new topic Feedback

All feedback is appreciated :D

Harder than any Souls game

Thanks a lot :D it’s my second time uploading something like this

I have a question. In what way does your background affect advancing and experience? I think in the SRD is a bit unclear

Experience is like Background, except not as broad. It’s gained when players share how their character learns from a Consequence. For example, if a character with enhanced strength already pulled a muscle after lifting incorrectly, they might go out of their way to speak with a personal trainer. If a character burns themself after throwing a fireball, they can practice pulling heat away from things so they can do it for their skin next time.

This is an open board for anyone to speak out about refugees, support chains and any NGO you collaborate with. The purpose of this game is to raise awareness about refugees and their current status.

Estaba esperando ya un juego sobre mi tierra!

Fimbulwinter (ESP) community · Created a new topic Feedback

Por favor dejad vuestra opinión sobre el juego y los sistemas. Este juego está en constante evolución gracias al feedback hasta que llegue la versión 1.0

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Windows has an error message when opening the zip file “the file is corrupted”. I use Windows 10, 64 bits

This one was made using Unity

Thanks for the comment! I will re-upload all of them in png too when I have more maps to add

Will the program be open source any time soon? It would be good to be able to mod it as updates are slow and it is a great tool to use.

This looks very cool! Great job making it. 

It's a pity to lose the bonus to woodcutting from the axe upgrades. There is no market to trade the extra wood so it was not really unbalanced.

A bit too difficult for me, would be easier with checkpoint, but it was fun to play. Movement was smooth and level design is well thought. Great job :)

Thanks for your comment. We would have wanted to make a bit more of context but the game jam limitations are there.

Hope you had a good time :)