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It was an informative experience where I think I learned something despite it not being too obviously an education game. Lack of any review or summary of the responses left the game feeling a little incomplete.

Interesting exploration game but the frequent loading screens were distracting.

The game started in an unusual way being played through a computer. I expected the computer to have a whole OS behind it but the visual novel seemed to be playing fullscreen. The artwork with large brush strokes was fascinating but made the background difficult to comprehend.

I like the combination of text revealing in steps and intuitive mechanics which were engaging but some audio may have helped immersion.

Really cool mix of light and dark around the moon area, but I couldn't quite concentrate on the fish movement and reading the copy at the same time.

I really enjoyed scrolling through all the  water color drawings. But maybe some sounds would help immersion even more, and the main menu seemed to skip automatically.

I am making a story game for if on a summer night a game designer... jam and would greatly appreciate any artists willing to join. The game is a short experience of a folktale. The shots have been organised and ready for an artist 👩‍🎨 to help make the environment and actors.

Ideally the game would be entirely 3d but the backgrounds could be 2d instead.

hello. I am a programmer looking for a 3d artist for a game jam. Are you interested in this?

The Two Hunchbacks from Italian Folktales is the only elf story I could find.

The elves are typically depicted as tiny men and are my favourite fairy creature type for their nonsense but usually kind behaviour.

My game will feature a click mechanic to let the player go to the next page in the story. The main feature is subtitles, for the story text to be delivered in tandem with narration for audio users. The camera will be slightly rotatable to give the player an unprecented ability to look at what they want in the scene.

I wanted to have more "gameplay" elements but decided to keep it like reading a book with minor enhancements.

A neat puzzle game with an interesting take on sliding, being icey physics movement on the blocks. I enjoyed played the first few levels, and the art style stuck out as one of the strong points. The levels were challenging enough that restarting was necessary, but it felt the physics was explored more than the player's strategy. Despite having a strange mismatch of cleanly scaled-up low-resolution textures and blurry text, the game at times had the look of old tapes and the menu graphics with PCBs helped place me in the robot's world. The music was a suitably retro but soon lost its rhythm and became a bit of a mess. Given the short loop, the repetition was made quite noticeable. Sound effects on colliding with the blocks were missing.

An excellent entry with a complete game experience, lacking some polish in the menu interaction like some buttons not having hover indicators.

wow really impressive game. the worm movement looks so natural and the physics is perfect. the gameplay of a maze escape was a bit basic and could have incorporated the theme better, such as by using spring colors rather than brown mud everywhere

awesome entry!

nice environment and simple survival have mechanics. the light point was following the theme I suppose. Impressive work to create a survival game in such short time

Awesome visuals and effects in this game. Audio was on point across the board, with appropriately intense music and effects. The gameplay mechanics relying on the player freezing time is an interesting interpretation of the theme, although it could have benefitted from having the slow down activate if the player presses it and is about to be hit, as more of a dodge mechanic, as it reduced the flow of the action otherwise. The environment's colors were overly dark, making the bright neon materials a little harsh.

Overall an excellent submission!

woah, cool cinematics in game. It looks like a really impressive action game! Although the lack of music was quite jarring

very interesting use of split screen. It was a challenge to wrap my head around navigating using both spaces and a fun idea

This is a bit of a difficult have but I think I understand you have to collect the skulls. That's an interesting twist of the theme for the character to be the one collecting, not collected!

Wow that background effect is awesome

Really nice use of colors and having the light color as the background is more authentic I believe. 

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I am a big fan of towers and I wasn't expecting someone to create a tower game in this highly restrictive jam. Well done!

great looking game, I think the music is really nice and helps create the authentic mood.

I enjoyed the combat mechanic and sound effects!

fun mechanics and good controls although the music loop was a bit repetitive

fun mechanics and good controls although the music loop was a bit repetitive

Fun animations and really nice artwork

Interesting concept of assembling and very impressive artwork

Vvery fun to play and assemble a marble track although I found the block removal to be inaccurate

This is the best multiplayer game I came across so far. It's great how simple the control mechanism is its printed on the start screen! Nice work!

Excellent level of polish all round, I'll share this with friends for sure! The music is still in my head, and I thought the art was really cute!

Loved the attention to detail, especially on the hud text. Remind me of medieval fancy handwriting, but with a modern twist.

I liked the color scheme but I'd change the keyboard controls to something more accessible than q and e

nice link of zombies and santa!

nice colours for the buildings it made the game stand out!

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Driving a truck to make deliveries around the city

The player has to drive his truck to the factory to collect a payload, then drive to the destination and offload cargo.


WASD - move (top down mode)

AD - move (side view mode)

F - confirm action

Scroll Wheel - zoom

Left Click - operate menu

I accidentally misnamed the dialogue audio files for some of the contracts in the build - please consider renaming the files inside "truckgame\dialogue\" folder:

contract_construction.wavConstruction Site_contract_start.wav
contact_nuclear.wavNuclear Treatment_contract_start.wav

This will enable you to play all missions with audio.

Alternatively I have a build with the correct filenames (this is all I changed!)

I reached the locked door and had to go back to the start, but I kept accidentally completing levels the wrong way and I couldn't figure out how to go back to a previous level.

Neat puzzle game with a great concept and creative use of themes. The handrawn art and music adds to the relaxation. I enjoyed playing it a lot.

Nice game, I got 7.81 highscore

Nicely themed platformed with great visual effects. The backgrounds reminded me of the android live wallpapers.