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do you have audio connected? there is an introduction sequence that is audio only. After this the game begins.

It says I don't have permission to open the app (Mac). I will try later on windows.

but the zip only contains a .exe file that cannot be run on Mac.

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moving packages is the gist of it. After a while you choose upgrades but mostly its a simulation you can watch with minimal input. perhaps its too minimal

Didn't expect anyone to reach the 4th warehouse bay! I suppose the game was intended to be casual but maybe I could have started off with 2 shipping and receiving bays so there's always a truck coming in. The issues with zooming i believe are from using em over px units in css.

True, I would have added warehouse building tile by tile but was limited by time

Thanks, speed up button is a good idea

Its a short but sweet game with a nice feel to it and level of reward. The text is funny at times and made me want to try explore all the scenarios. Impressively a bigger game than first seemed.

I don't quite understand the game, and the encyclopaedic instructions were overwhelming. Also the game is sized wrong within the frame unless you go fullscreen. I do like the art style and the drag and drop mechanics seem pretty solid.

It's fun for a while but the manual speed gets tedious and could benefit from some automation or upgrades to better fit the idle clicker genre.

A satisfying puzzler with shockingly good visuals and audio. The calm music and sci-fi warble were very fitting. My only complaint might be that the win-only simulation aspect had a heavy focus on puzzle mechanics with little to no attached simulation.

I couldn't play this in browser due to the error:

Unable to parse Build/FPS_0_1_web_a.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

The graphics and sounds were excellent. The gameplay was a little too fast paced and while simple was sped up and quite repetitive. Nicely made level transitions were interesting to see.

The audio was the best part of the experience. The simulation was mostly user controlled but maybe a more traditional turn based approach would have made more sense. The units appearing above the UI was quite jarring.

The simulation was pretty good but I think the plane should tilt back to center over time after releasing the tilt keys. Also I would like to be able to do a barrel roll but the range of movement seemed limited. There was a long pause after click the start button to get into the content where a loading screen may have been beneficial.

did you upload the executable for Mac and Linux? I only see windows and the web version isn't working.

This is a nice full UI with a seemingly rich simulation behind it, however the screen cut off at the bottom missing the important description of the dish washer's state which felt like an oversight. Maybe this would have worked better as a restaurant simulation.

I like the sound effects on the keypad and buzzer although I think it would have been better as a logic puzzle, for instance which digits were correct or something.

The simulation starts off really solid taking hints from plague inc  but with a more economic focus. I would doubt the accuracy of the simulation after a while the profit varied hugely from day to day from +240k to -300k? The tooltips and menus were really neat although the text was a bit blurry.

It was an interesting simulation of a sentient self moving cannon  I suppose. Maybe a guy wheeling around the cannon may have added to the realism. But I can't fault the actual physics interactions. Would be nice to have a voxel building generator to destroy or something.  

Once I got the hang of this it was pretty fun! I didn't see the purpose of the watering can or trash can, and the levels played too fast to make buying new seeds worth it. Perhaps unlocking a free mode sandbox after the second level may be a good idea.

did you click the yellow and grey rectangles? Please note only desktop browsers are supported, tested with chrome, edge and safari.

It was a good game but the menu was a little hard to read. The mechanics are a twist to papers please but what I found confusing was the mix of language in the UI: the instructions in English but the tickets are something else. Also some of the menus maybe used the space inefficiently.

This has really solid mechanics and graphics, but the controls are too spammy, for some reason holding the arrow keys didn't work. And the rather slow movement made it quite difficult to complete.

A promising start with the bank name personalisation. But I felt it could have benefitted from auto clicker mechanics for a better hook and scale better.

I enjoy pumpkins around but seeming them have legs and jump around was a surprise. I'm not sure if you were going for a farming simulation or more of an animation feature 

Unfortunately the web page was quite laggy. The addition of a mute button I assume was for sound, however I didn't hear anything.

I got a webgl error, something about build compression. I did enjoy the cover image though. It was a nice use of color and shading.

It didn't take long for the stats to get out of hand. Shortly I filled the screen with singers and was just spamming the concerts. Maybe you were going for the cookie clicker style idle automation simulation? Nice concept but it could have benefited from a way to scale up your choir enterprise. The tutorial was very thorough and an interesting touch not many  jam games typically have.

Nice survival simulation, stats display seemed friendly. Maybe the cards were overly spaced out when a 2nd one pops up, making the cursor pointing harder but maybe that was intentional. The game may have benefited from a visual of the person being simulated as he eats the apples and water.

Entertaining to be a duck. I have always wanted to relate and now had the chance.

The audio loop was pretty short, and I went into -2000 score by opening the shop.

web version failed to load for me 

Really well designed puzzle game. The controls were relatively quick to understand. But I'm stuck on level 3! Will definitely spend more time on this

very nice artwork!

very fun

I like the feeling of gravity on the movement!

very nice implementation of the theme 😅 

Sorry that the live demo didn't work for you. I have tested it on modern safari and chrome. If you did want to run the demo locally it is atm pointing to the cloud server anyhow due to some last minute tweaking 🤭 which might be why you can't connect. Changing USE_CLOUD_SERVER to false in src/utils/constants.js should do the trick, and re-build before starting.

Just remembered, you probably have to in your browser and accept the security certificate. As an oversight I didn't register a domain name. This was my first cloud hosted game so still a lot to learn!

Thanks for trying though!

2 people must connect at the same time to create a game session.