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Nice game, I got 7.81 highscore

Nicely themed platformed with great visual effects. The backgrounds reminded me of the android live wallpapers.

I liked the fact that almost everything was animated, it definitely shows well. Music was also really fun and set the space mood. Mechanics were really thorough and well thoughtout.

Overall an awesome game!

This game had really nice mechanics that I understood straight away, but took time to get better at.

I find it easiest to move with WASD. And aim by dragging mouse in a direction then press and release right click quickly.

Aiming with IJKL is for keyboard-only "hacker" mode.

I am having trouble launching this. "Could not load game data at path '.'"


The tkinter module is part of the standard Python library so it is extremely usual that you do not have it (neither tkinter nor Tkinter). You may have renamed the tkinter file. The only think I can think of then is to reinstall Python.

I'm sorry you weren't able to play the game without troubles. I'll make sure to pack my game into a directly executable file next time.

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You are using Python 2.x. 

In this version the tkinter module is called Tkinter (note the capital T). You can either download version 3.x, or rewrite in the files where you see tkinter to Tkinter. 

Awesome visuals I greatly enjoyed the looks


Very fun, I got to 1362 score

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll go for a better UI next time.

As I said in the game description, this is a Python file, so you will need python installed.  You can download the version for your OS here:  Make sure you download version 3.x (the latest is 3.7), as it will not work with version 2.x (sorry).

Extract the file attached to the game into a folder. Make sure all three included files are present.

  • From the command line navigate to this folder and run  `python`.
  • Without any command line, you open IDLE (preinstalled with python). Use File->Open (Ctrl + O hotkey) and choose you extracted. Then in the new window, Run -> Run Module (F5 hotkey).

I have not used any external libraries so you should definitely be OK to run it as long as you have a normal installation of Python.

You can also play the game using this link:

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Thanks for the feedback!


I appreciate your feedback

maybe you should try making a winning game first

Thank you buddy, my game will be really good now!

Please show me some examples

Please update the themes and constraint in the Overview.

You said

Next month's jam will be slightly different than our previous jams. We will be hosting our first Optical Optimize! This is a jam specifically for optimizing/improving/adding on to a game you already have submitted to the jam.

Does the original game have to have been submitted to the Optical Jam, or can it be a submission from any other jam?


We appreciate your feedback and hope you have a fun time with your friends!