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The crash happened when talking to the first mystery man thar tells you how the mystery man painting works. I talked to him after completing the maze where you had to stand still and the rabbit chase. I also entered but then left the BOB stage without completing it at first.

But again. I don't know if it's reproducable. I also used ALT+Tab to switch out if the game a few times. Maybe that had an influence too.

Honestly this is the best twine story I've ever experienced.
I've seen you getting kinda nervous about this game on twitter over the last few weeks.
Let me ensure you, you didn't have to. You are an absolutely talented writer and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!

Recommended this game to some friends, hope it gets a bit more attention by that.

Good, in that case I don't have to ask the same question. Maybe add credits or anything there that tells the player the game is over.

Other than that: Great game! Loved the pixel art and atmosphere :)

Can't wait for the finished game. Keep on rhyming! :)

Looking nice! Glad you got a bit more coding experience. 
You even made a little remix of spooky scary skelletons for this. Well done Toast :)

I have to agree with fia glas here. There are amazing "rage" games out there like super meat boy for example, which let you restart the level you were in imediately after dying. Implementing this could make your game much more enjoyable.

Glad you liked it!

I'm planing on completely reworking this game. With a nicer artstyle, some deeper bowling mechanics, story and endless mode and much more. So your feedback will definitely influence that.

And don't worry, I won't remove the skeleton ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll look into the speed problem.
As for the hitting elves part: I originally intended a secret ending if you don't kill anyone. But because of a lack of time I cut it off and made it impossible to not kill anyone. So I'm glad that communicating this through gameplay worked :)

Couldn't agree with you more.

Great job guys.

Wasn't able to finish the game because I gave up after trying to beat BOB for about 30 minutes. But I did beat everything else though. I loved the duck character you guys put in every level!
If there's ever an update to this game patching in a skeleton I'll definitely come back to this :)

As for constructive criticism:
- If you died in the maze level near the supermarket you got reset back to the door. The walk back into the maze and having to go through it all again was very tedious. There are two ways to solve this issue.
Solution 1: Move the spawn point into the middle of the maze.
Solution 2: Add a sprint button

I also encountered a bug during my playtime:
I beat the maze (supermarket), then the rabbit chase, and then went to the mystery man. When talking to him the game closed itself. I don't know if this bug is reproducible, but I still wanted to mention it.

From your description I thought this would be a trash experience. But no, it clearly isn't. This is a great basis for a game!

Some feedback if you want to continue working on this: 

- Try to explain the game inside the game. When I originally started the game I didn't even know that you could pick up stuff. Needing to read the downloadpage is never a good sign.

- Please don't close the game if you die. Just open a startscreen so I can get back into it again.

- Implement some kind of healthbar. I didn't know at first if the zombies even hit me or not

And finally, if you want to expand on this, maybe implement some kind of score / an online leaderboard.

Again, I had a great time playing this, so don't discourage yourself :)

I normally tend to get bored with these kinds of games. But your writing style kept me engaged the whole way through. Great job! I loved the sarcastic prick approach you took. 

It's amazing how you made me connect to the main character and actually care about her in this small story.

Generally speaking, this was a great experience.

There was only one thing I didn't like. And that was the character portraits. They never fitted the actual character sprite. If you revisit this game, please replace or completely remove the portraits. They just hinder the experience.

I did not expect to experience such a gem here. This was well polished, thought out and just felt nice to play.

I loved the different monster types. The monster with the long legs scared me the most.

I saw some monuments in the screenshots but I don't think I encountered them in the game. Was there supposed to be an emphasis on exploration? If so, maybe communicate that better to the player. I though you had to stay near the fireplace for most of the playtime.

Same here. Absolutely loved it. 

And for a first try at 3d you did a great job!

The link has expired. Maybe create a link that doesn't expire for people that will join later on.


Hi guys!

Is there an easy way to communicate to the others during the jam and learn more about the creators of this jam. Maybe build teams e.g.
Like a Discord, TeamSpeak or Skype Server / Group?

If not, could something be provided?


Something interesting would be "time" as a smaller theme. 
Just imagine a game where you actually see the impacts of your actions by skipping some years into the future.
Or you could be a time traveler. Traveling through time and space to help improve earth.
There could be so many possibilities with that theme.

Hi Cabbagera
Just wanted to tell you that my new bullethell game just got released here:
All your feedback was implemented, so have fun ;)

Totally not ;)

Honestly quite fun!
One criticism: Please use the word 'Okay' less. Nearly all the sentences contain that word ;)

I implemented that ending skip so it doesn't get tideous for players to replay the game. What if someone died over and over again and every time he had to play through the game again for 10 minutes. That'd be awfull!
After all games should be way more fun than frustrating ;)

First of all thank you for the constructive feedback.
I'm planing on either fleshing out this game or develop a new bullet hell game with the engine I built here.
Your feedback will influence that game and I'll try to fix all those issues.
Player shots will definitely get faster and there will be a nicer hud with life bars and other nice little features!
So stay tuned for that ;)

Thanks for the feedback!
And it's sad to hear that you had lag issues. I never got them when playtesting on different tier PCs.
That lag probably comes from a weak computer combined with a lot of objects moving at once. So sadly I don't think I'll be able to fix that :(

Now I finally know what to do when I'd meet the devil. Just feed him pizza!

Loved the secret skeleton room ;)

Most horrifying experience of the bunch. Definitely worth a play.

Why did I wait so long to play this?!
This is truly amazing. Maybe even the best game in this jam!
Good job!

Great stuff. Reminds me a lot of the goosebumps novels :)

Great, honestly just great.
Amazing work for such a short amount of time!

Nice little platformer!
But was kinda hoping for more content.

More fun than expected :)

Definitely an interesting concept, good work :)

Nice work. It's the first game I played from this jam that actually spooked me out a bit. Well done :)

One wish: If you guys keep on working on this game, please tell the player in a better way what he has to do.

Nice work man!

Player 1: WASD
Player 2: Up, Down, Left, Right (Arrow keys)

(1 edit)

And yes, it is the first "real" game I developed. BUT I have a lot of experience in software development. 
If you wan't to know what mini projects I did before this game, then just visit my website: :)

Skelly brawl!!!

Thanks so much Carson :)

At the end of the credits I give you hints on how to get the other endings, shouldn't be that difficult.
When visited by the murderer just look out for "a way out" ;)

Nearly threw my keyboard against the wall. The game name is accurate.
Satisfying to beat though. Well done Mr Chicken ;)