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Yes. That works

Tried reinstalling the game. Didn't help though. So the issue still exists.

No. Don't worry. It'll get explained in the next level ;)

This was a treat. Loved the humor in this.
Got through the experience like a macho man.

I have won. I have beaten the meaten. And I loved it. This was really tense. Great job :)

Played the updated version. There were no light problems as far as I could tell.

Can't add anything to that. That's exactly how I felt playing this.

Honestly what I get away from this game is that Dig Dug is a really terrifying concept.
Great work ryankann :)

Nice pixelart and soundtrack. However the enemy placement seemed unfair at times. (Mainly with the spiders)

Ah. Yes. That time i realized my daugher was a cultist (DaughterCulti). My favourite anime!

Jokes aside. This game had a really strong presentation with great art direction. Good stuff :)

Absolutely. However:
We got so many games including the terminator. So having rambo in some is also nice. I guess xD

Slender... But with BOMBS!
I like it :)

Great game with an even greater presentation.
The blood forest intrigued me especially.
Great job :)

This was a fun little experience.
I had one problem with this though. The puzzle where you had to push something completely back to the start was a bit too tedious for me.
Also this ran really well in my browser considering it's a unity game!

Nice work naver.
It's honestly impressive how jam packed this game is with content.
Good stuff :)

Do wii even exist? Are you and mii the just a simulation. Is there a point in crying?
Is Mii Wii... or are Wii Mii?

So. I finally got to play your game Will Fish.
And let me just start by saying that this was a great experience overall! It felt really polished for a jam project.

I loved:
- The artstyle
- The sound effects
- General gemplay and feel
- The atmosphere
- And of course minimalistic story

There were some things that you could improve here however:
- Your sprint got slower the more you used it and there wasn't a great indicator on when you can sprint again. There was the breathing soundeffect. But after it ended my sprint was still slow.
- It was a shame that there weren't any interactable objects outside of the keycard and the trains. I could definitely see some potential in interacting with the computers, or throwing desks over to stop the enemies.

Also there was one big thing that really bugged me.
The game window was called "Made with Gamemaker" and didn't have any favicon. That just felt off with how polished this experience was.

Still. This is some great stuff!

This was quite a lot of fun :)
Loved the artstyle, and the gameplay.

I had some problems with the controls. Using a controller didn't work for aiming.
Also when aiming with the mouse, it never seemed to aim at where I was pointing. It was always about 10 degrees off.

Here are some ideas to flesh this more out:
- Give the player at least a highscore to motivate him to keep on playing. (e.g. Zombiecount + Time survived?)
- If you want to make this competitive maybe add an online scoreboard to it as well.
- Maybe add some zombie variants to this so it doesn't get stale after playing for 10 minutes.

You're very welcome :)

This was a great experience. Loved the lack of jumpscares in this.

I found 2 bugs:
1. The walking puppet will get stuck if you sprint away from it.
2. The wooden baricades didn't open for me.

It's like a haunted version of red light green light. But with nice art.

I love it! :)

Great concept. Had some problems with orientation because of the field of view though.

(1 edit)

This looks great.
However. I think i speak for most of the jammers by stating that a jam submission should not cost anything just to be able to rate it.

Loved the easthetic. Reminds me a lot of Downwell.
However I think this game would have been massively improved if there was a short text based introduction to the scenario and what you'd have to do.
Also. Just like the other guys already said. The jump needs to be fixed :)

I wouldn't say you lack in writing skills. It's just that good stories need time to be fleshed out.

If you wan't some inspiration I'd recommend an old submisson from regular ScreamJamer @fiaglas :

Firstly the things i loved:
- The creepy version of mr. sandman is great!
- I loved the art and the screen distortion effects.

There were some things that bugged me however:

- The text wasn't easily readable at the start (because white and light red doesn't contrast that well)
- The text was way to big for an enjoyable reading experience.
- It was really distracting that the name of the characters always got written letter by letter.

Hope this feedback helps you out :)

The story definitely has some potential.
However, the broken English really put me out of the experience.

If you let someone check over the script and flesh this out a bit, then this could turn into something great.

Thanks! Glad you had some fun with this :)

Thanks for the feedback. 

We actually already implemented a representation of the recharge in the UI. Your player character glows once you can shoot.
But it seems like this wasn't clear enough for most people. So definitely something we can work on :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Gave it my best. But I was only able to find the number 7. Keep on working on this and it will turn into something great :)

Same for me. Waited a minute but it was stuck at 85%

Looking forward to the game once you'll be able to finish it :)

Yes. Sadly unity files can only be opened in unity. So for us this is unplayable.

Here's the official unity documentation on how to publish/export builds:

Huh... Well that was an experience.

Definitely liked it, so keep at it. We need more weird experiences :)

This was a weird experience. But in the best way possible!
I still don't know how to feel about this even after experiencing what I believe to be all the endings.
Great work!

Very nice and cute for your first game.
Keep on at it!

Can't add anything to that. Great experience!

This could be expanded into a full game with many levels and a story. Would definitely play this!

Nice little game. Definitely has potential to improve! :)

Here's some feedback:
The game crashes when you die.
I think the player should have less health, because 1 round of this game goes on for way to long.
- It would be nice if the character would automatically look into the direction he's running towards.
To improve replayability maybe add a scoreboard at the end.
Loved that you added controller support. Thank you for this!