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Escape the lab before its too late...
Submitted by Will Fish (@Riverwolf_dev) โ€” 11 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME (GENERAL)#44.1004.100
SCARIEST GAME#93.7003.700

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It felt like being trapped in a nightmare. The voices were creepy and the sounds in general created a pretty creepy atmosphere. That thing chasing me made me feel on edge. Pretty cool concept I like it! 


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)


This game is my favourite of the the jam so far.  The graphics, the animations, the sound design and the setting are excellent. I think it could benefit from more content, and perhaps a slight game design revision (because waiting two full minutes for a train is pretty unepic). But overall, this was a great and very enjoyable experience.


Thank you! I'm always surprised how well my game is being received
More content definitely. However I LOST TIME playing board games Friday of the jam and so there is only 1 level.
I should have realized people would wait for the trains (or think about waiting). My intention was for them to be hard to get to in time, so you'd never really be waiting. I wanted the level to be larger too, so it'd actually be useful to use the trains. In hind sight I should have gone with a different time oriented mechanic.


So. I finally got to play your game Will Fish.
And let me just start by saying that this was a great experience overall! It felt really polished for a jam project.

I loved:
- The artstyle
- The sound effects
- General gemplay and feel
- The atmosphere
- And of course minimalistic story

There were some things that you could improve here however:
- Your sprint got slower the more you used it and there wasn't a great indicator on when you can sprint again. There was the breathing soundeffect. But after it ended my sprint was still slow.
- It was a shame that there weren't any interactable objects outside of the keycard and the trains. I could definitely see some potential in interacting with the computers, or throwing desks over to stop the enemies.

Also there was one big thing that really bugged me.
The game window was called "Made with Gamemaker" and didn't have any favicon. That just felt off with how polished this experience was.

Still. This is some great stuff!


Thanks for playing my game! I'm happy that it was fun :). And thank you for the high praise!

I'm a bit surprised the sprint wasn't more clear. I was worried about the clarity of a lot of the systems but I thought the sprint was intuitive. Your stamina SHOULD be nearly if not full by the time your character stops breathing. Did you mean heavy breathing or light breathing in your comment? If I had time I would have made an "exhausted" idle animation as well. Do you think a sound effect and visual cue when your stamina is full or would that have detracted from immersion too much?


There's lots of things that indicate that so many cool ideas and polish has gone into making this game! The sound design is fantastic from the garbled dialog to the otherworldly noises used when being chased by enemies. The overlay UI is a cool addition and reinforces the idea that time is a central motif of the game. The concept is original and defies a lot of the tropes that usually go into the jam. 

As far as improving the approach, I think a greater degree of environmental storytelling and use of unique props / notes left around to diversify the interior could flesh out the exploration element of the game. The time element could be made more explicit by having multiple objectives, leading players to manage their time. This is definitely a game I see easily being extended further into something brilliant! 

Thanks for submitting this game to the SCREAM JAM!



Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

A quick question : aside from the time element and some details, I thought this was a pretty standard horror stealth game - how do you think this game defied tropes?

As for your suggestions : I agree completely with environmental storytelling aspect. I wanted to flesh out and decorate the level more, but I had only an few hours by the time I got to actually making the props. In the future, I think I should probably prioritize level detail a little bit more. As for time elements - my intention with this design WAS for the player to manage their time. I thought I could due this by encouraging the player to catch the trains (which run on a schedule), but for that to be effective it needs a large and fine-tuned level to go with it. In the end time management did not end up being very important. If I were to make this again, I'd definitely go with your suggestion of multiple objectives before the trains.


You're welcome! It was a pleasure to play. And in response to your question, I mostly mean that the theme of the game, rather than the gameplay, is pretty original :)


Really nice game, cool animations, atmospheric sound effects and well placed light sources. 


Thank you!


This game oozes charm. From the voice effects, to the gorgeous animations, to the extra little things like the trains and the minimap/watch. I expect this will be one of my favourites of the jam!


Wow! Thank you, it means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)