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We need your feedback to make the game the best it can be! Send us you suggestions and criticisms here :)

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Strategize in a unique Puzzle-Tactics combat system that rewards creativity over luck!

Our four central mechanisms - stunning, armor, action points, and morale - create a mechanically rich system that both encourages experimentation and requires players to stretch out their abilities to the fullest. Our morale system injects characterization into combat. Characters on low morale might fall into their unique weakness, but characters can also encourage each other to push through!

Moonrise Hope also features a character-driven story and charming, lore-filled overworld.

Moonrise Hope is currently in late Alpha. Our Demo includes the prologue and 6 encounters.

Get it here :

Very nice :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing my game! I'm happy that it was fun :). And thank you for the high praise!

I'm a bit surprised the sprint wasn't more clear. I was worried about the clarity of a lot of the systems but I thought the sprint was intuitive. Your stamina SHOULD be nearly if not full by the time your character stops breathing. Did you mean heavy breathing or light breathing in your comment? If I had time I would have made an "exhausted" idle animation as well. Do you think a sound effect and visual cue when your stamina is full or would that have detracted from immersion too much?

Thank you! I'm always surprised how well my game is being received
More content definitely. However I LOST TIME playing board games Friday of the jam and so there is only 1 level.
I should have realized people would wait for the trains (or think about waiting). My intention was for them to be hard to get to in time, so you'd never really be waiting. I wanted the level to be larger too, so it'd actually be useful to use the trains. In hind sight I should have gone with a different time oriented mechanic.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

A quick question : aside from the time element and some details, I thought this was a pretty standard horror stealth game - how do you think this game defied tropes?

As for your suggestions : I agree completely with environmental storytelling aspect. I wanted to flesh out and decorate the level more, but I had only an few hours by the time I got to actually making the props. In the future, I think I should probably prioritize level detail a little bit more. As for time elements - my intention with this design WAS for the player to manage their time. I thought I could due this by encouraging the player to catch the trains (which run on a schedule), but for that to be effective it needs a large and fine-tuned level to go with it. In the end time management did not end up being very important. If I were to make this again, I'd definitely go with your suggestion of multiple objectives before the trains.

Thank you!

Being sad post reveal is fine. It could even be good, it subverts exceptions and that might be interesting to players. But I'd probably try to emphasize the scary tone or the sad tone.

Unfortunately I don't know where the bug happened. I was playing around with options in the final scene. If I remember correctly, it had to do with using the window after a certain set of choices, but I don't remember exactly what I picked.

As for me calling early characterization "cliche" that wasn't the great choice of words. It's obvious this game plays into the slasher flick tropes to be almost intentionally campy, and this is something it does very well. Using tropes and cliches exist for a reason, and you can use them well, which you did. I guess my problem with the early characterization is the characters feel too... stereotyped. It's like -- here's the smart kid, here's the tomboy, here's the goof, etc. I understand these archetypes are very helpful for letting audience get to know the basis of a character from the get go, but for me it drew me out in this instance. I had trouble relating the characters in the beginning, they felt more like story structures rather than people.

Notably this changed. Even though you maintained the archetypes, seeing their responses to the various situations that came up made them feel more real. In fairness, establishing their archetype early on did positively color their personality later in the story. It gave context to their words and actions I wouldn't otherwise had. However, some characters never felt more than their archetype, namely Brian.

Let me repeat that ya'll did very well with this. I'm just giving detailed criticism because I think it might be helpful. 

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Warning : Some spoilers. Play before reading

+ Constantly asks for player choice, and the player has a impact on story.
+ Branching  narrative done well
- While the reload features are nice, the game lacks a sense of permanence because of it which detracts from immersion
+ wow, good length!

+ Plays well into all the teenage gang tropes
+ Get to know each character well, especially in second half
+ descriptions of fear and anxiety on point
- Not entirely sure why the gang thought they wouldn't be safe outside of the graveyard/farmhouse
- Begins a bit slow.
- Early characterization of the character was a bit to cliche for me, though this improved in the second half.

+ Environments are greatly detailed in a very strong aesthetic. Very good work here

+ 3 Tracks in total, used in the story to convey different emotions, all good
+ SFX used at important parts in story, increasing the narrative impact
     - I didn't like the scream SFX used (it sounded canned compared to what I would have imagined), but otherwise all of them were great and appropriate

- Some weirdness in the story concerning choices. For example, I always seemed to have a hatchet in the final part regardless of what I choose to bring
- I experience a crash at one point in the final part, not sure what caused it

Misc Note
= the game implies there is a true ending but I wasn't able to find it

Impressive work here guys, it was a pleasure playing it

You already got my feedback but for everyone else
The writing is dope and relatable
The gameplay is fun and the boss patterns good, though the some player convenience tweaks need to be made such as a smaller hitbox (or maybe I'm just bad) and more satisfying way to portray bullet  charging time.
Good work :)

and oh yeah, it was fun. Good work on this one

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+ : Positive
- : Negative
= : Neutral Suggestion
+ Line based puzzles is unique and cool mechanic
+ Good difficulty ramp and progression through levels
- Most of the puzzles to me felt too obvious - they didn't pose enough challenge to be interesting, or at least didn't subvert expectations. I noticed that each puzzle did have an "obvious" solution which would turn out to be incorrect and a real solution which was the obvious solution changed very slightly. This is typically good puzzle design imo, but the two solutions were immediately visible to me from the onset of each level. It might be due to the limited number of variables with your current mechanics. But hey, puzzles are extremely difficult to design, and while yours didn't hit the mark for me, they definitely are going in the right direction.

+ Good Assets
+ Like the added scenery for each level
+ UI clean and understandable
- While parts are individually good, the game is missing a strong overall aesthetic, if that makes sense

+ Has SFX for everything! Too many games skim on sound
= That being said, I don't feel strongly either way about the sounds being used. While they definitely add to the game, I think you could be more creative in this category.

+ None Found, Good job!


+ pretty spooked at beginning
+ liked the level, how it weaved on itself. Felt like a house
- stopped being as spooked after reveal, no longer felt threatened

+ I like the assets
- The darkness is honestly a bit too oppressive here. Making the lamp a bit stronger would have been nice
+ The art and the use of blue lighting contribute to spookiness, haunted house vibe

+ Lots of good atmospheric sfx, good job in this category
+ Definitely added to the spookiness

+ No Found, good job

Wow! Thank you, it means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Skiers need to improve their skill at skiing
I hope they're all ok - they took some pretty hard hits to the trees

The pious lantern was trying to protect us

2-4 platformer party game
At least two gamepads needed. Everything uses the gamepad except the menu, just click new game with your mouse.
Race against your friends to top of five different levels, or fight them to prevent them from finishing!

Fun and quick bullet-hell style boss rush game.

Bosses are creative and varied, and fit with their themes very well. The game controls well and attack telegraphs are clear, making gameplay very enjoyable.