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Thank you! You can make fan content if you want, naturally.

Thank you, I appreciate the helpful criticism. I’ll try to make gameplay more appealing in the future.

Thank you kindly! Happy you enjoyed the game, and good work with the video, very fun to watch and well edited!

Thank you, my croatian friend!

Thank you so much!

Yes, my bad about that issue, I originally showed a prompt to use the radio at that moment but it disappeared inexplicably at some point in the production and I didn’t realize it.

I’ll be more careful about these problems in the future ;)

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Thank you, sincerely! I don’t know what to say, I’m very happy that you love the game so much and enjoy looking for small details I hid inside. I put a lot of efforts into this game, so it’s truly awesome to see players getting invested in it.

I had never thought of opening a Discord server; I don’t see the point for now, but maybe I’ll open one in the future. In the meantime, do not hesitate to DM me, my Discord ID is on my profile page, I’d be delighted!

Thank you Aniizul! Glad to see you enjoying the game and picking up the little details :) More games to come!

Of course! Honestly, huge thanks for your investment in my games! I understand how you feel about the balance, and you’re completely right. It’s something I’ll be more cautious about in the future :) Many thanks for playing and for the review!

Thank you and great video! Loved seeing you get excited!

It makes me happy when people pick up these small details and try to piece out information from them :) So thank you.

Thank you for the critique!

True, I didn’t try too much to balance the game difficulty since the gameplay is only secondary to the most important aspect of the game, which is roleplaying Specter 8.

As for the gun sounding weak, it’s because it is a small caliber submachine gun with a silencer.

I’m happy you enjoyed the game beyond these observations, and hope to see you around for my next games!

Thank you so much for the excellent video Hanabal, I loved every second of it! It’s always such a pleasure to watch someone being so excited and invested in the game. Super glad you enjoyed it!

Of course! And a big thank you for the playthrough videos, they’re very clean and I love reading the comments!

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Hm… what are your frame per second? It’s possible that you shoot slower if they are low.

Otherwise, I think the bullets do work even though you cannot see them (the particles may not show at low fps) but perhaps you tried to shoot when the monster was too far away : the bullets can only hit as far as what you see on the screen.

Please confirm that you did try to shoot a full clip into the enemy while it is on screen. If that fails, I’ll have a look at the code to try and figure out what goes wrong.

Oh wow, that’s an honor! Yes, of course, Nerdspartan is fine for the name :) Thank you!

Thanks for playing! Yes, the password is written somewhere in the facility in plain sight ;)

Thank you, I’m honestly very glad you like these games. The sequel took a lot of efforts, and comments like yours really help me stay motivated.

LOL Very accurate!

Thanks! Glad you liked their latest mission! Good luck with the lore ;)

Oooh, something about your game did feel quite familiar, with the radio transmissions and the SCP stuff going on. I’m very happy and pleasantly surprised I could inspire you! Many thanks for the praise :)

Thank you for your concern, but with the game being already free, that’s not too much of an issue.

That’s worrisome. Are you running the game at low fps?

Normally, the bullets should still hit the enemy even if you can’t see them. Are you sure you have tried to shoot the enemy enough time? It should take about 30 shots or so.

Thank you kindly for the comment! Coming from a veteran like you, it must mean I did something right :D

Hi, it’s told you need to dodge his attacks by rolling.

Thank you sincerely! Yes it is possible: the password is written somewhere in plain sight in the facility :)

Thank you for telling me. I reported it and hopefully it will be taken down soon.

Thank you so much for the comment, I'm super glad you liked it, it means a lot to me! 

Thank you for this! It's really awesome to see that many people liked the game. There are plans for another game in the same universe but I won't say more :)

Yeah, this game rocks! Really fun and awesome. I love travelling at the speed of sound with Rain by run-jump-kicking everywhere!

Here are just a few things that I think could use some improvements:

  • Adding a sound cue for when the time switches from day to night, because as it is, the music just abruptly stops into complete silence. 
  • Fixing the boss that looks like the armored warrior from Sekiro in the pyramid dungeon, because he doesn't approach the player. He can be beaten by standing still and shooting him with a ranged hero.
  • Buffing the final boss a lot, because it was a bit too easy for a final boss in my opinion

Everything else was great, especially the pixel art and music.

Nicely done! I too loved playing that game and its sequel when I was young. It was crazy fun!

Thank you! You're allowed to do so if you wish, of course.

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the kind words!

Thanks so much, watching you being so excited while playing was awesome!

Thank you so much for playing my little game and taking the time to write this detailed critique. I really appreciate the feedback and all the kind words, it's super nice!

Thank you ZV!

Hello, the sound is spatialized, which means you need to listen closely to see whether the sound comes from the right or the left. I agree that this is not made very clear in the game.

Thank you for playing and for the nice words, Aniizul!

Nice, thank you for the vid!

Thank you Stylish-1, I appreciate your video!

Thank you for the love!